How to Warm Up for Crossfit

Every person is different. We all have mobility hotspots, pre-existing injuries, or tight muscles in different areas that prevent us from reaching our full potential. If you have trouble warming up or just don't know where to start, follow the outline below and you should be loosey-goosey when it comes time to hit the WOD.


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    Get your muscles warm. Here you want to elevate your heart rate and start to break a little sweat. Getting your heart rate up allows you to alleviate some soreness and loosen up stiff muscles before targeted mobility work. Try doing some calisthenics (high knees, shuffle, turf jogs) or rowing/running/biking for around five minutes.
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    Start foam rolling. If you have some areas that are especially stiff, hit them with the foam roller. The foam roller allows you to put extra pressure on problem areas to release myofascial tissue and break up stiff muscle.
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    Do targeted mobility work. This is where you can attack areas of your body that are limiting you from achieving your optimal performance.
    • Use a lacrosse ball to put more pressure on hotspots than a foam roller can.
    • Use different elastic bands to perform band-resisted static and dynamic stretches. This should allow you to break up stiffness in these areas and get as close to end-range as possible.
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    Try a movement-specific warm-up. By now you should be sweating and feeling good to go. It's time to get a barbell in your hand and warm up your movements. Depending on the movement you're doing, break it down to its components and warm each of them up. Let's say you're cleaning that day. Work on the dip and drive portion from the hip, the second pull, do some hang cleans, some front squats, and you should be good to go.

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