How to Walk on Your Kneecaps

Walking on your kneecaps involves going into a pretzel position and setting yourself upright, then walking on your kneecaps. It's a good demonstration of both flexibility and balance (and quite entertaining to children) but it can be painful if done incorrectly.


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    Sit with your legs outstretched. You should be sitting on the floor with your legs straight and flat. Make sure there is something to grab in case you start to fall on your sides, and that there's nothing in your way. You don't need things on your side to grasp unless you are not experienced in doing this. You will need to build up your balance before you can walk without support.
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    Put your right foot on your left thigh. If you're not flexible, this is when you may start to "feel the burn". It might hurt a little, but this is just because you are stretching your leg in a way that isn't too commonly done. If it hurts too much, take a break and try again later.
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    Put your left foot on your right thigh. Your left leg should be resting over your right. This part is where it will probably be a smidge uncomfortable. If you don't think you can go on, don't.
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    Put down your hand. Now you'll need something for support as you pick yourself up. Put both of your hands firmly behind you, and make sure that you're steady. If you don't have good balance, you probably won't be able to do this and will fall over. This is okay, just wait a while and try again. If you want, you can also put your hands in front of you. Some people prefer this.
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    Prop yourself up. This is one of the hardest parts. You'll most likely fall over, whether you're good at balancing or not. Most people do on the first try, but then they get it on the third or fourth try. Once you're standing on your kneecaps, just lift one kneecap up at a time, and gently move it forward a few inches. You should be able to take at least two steps before falling and getting back up.


  • It's hard at first, just don't give up. Make sure you have something to hold on to, especially if it's your first time!


  • Don't sit in the pretzel position for too long, as it will start to hurt.
  • If you're not flexible, it's best to not force your legs into these positions.
  • If you're a beginner, it's best to surround yourself with pillows on your first few tries.

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