How to Walk Like a Woman

Walk like a Woman, chances are, you've been doing this since you were sixteen year old. Naturally, not all women walk in exactly the same way. If you are a woman, or you identify yourself as one, and are over 16, and can walk, congratulations, you can walk like a woman, to some extent. As you get out of shape and/or get older, things change, you might, for some inexplicable reason, start walking like a man, or a horse, or a giraffe or something else. If you make a conscious effort, you can get your woman walk back. This article assumes that you are able to walk but does acknowledge that some women with mobility issues may walk in a different, but no less womanly, way. Get started at step number one below.


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    Learn a bit about the process. As you become a heavier woman, or a pregnant woman or any of a number of things, your center of gravity changes. Because of that, your stance broadens and your gait may begin to resemble that of a pregnant women or an overweight woman. Don't let what others think about this bother you. You are a woman, you are still walking like a woman. If it bothers you, try not to plod. Walk with purpose, even when you are strolling. Keep your head up and stand up tall as you can. That's how to walk like a woman. If you wish, while you are perfecting your preferred walk, develop the habit of holding in your stomach. Be conscious of your posture when you walk, for your health, well-being and confidence levels.
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    Practice. If walking the way you want to is becoming a struggle due to deteriorating fitness levels or weight gain or muscle loss, try walking more frequently. You can strengthen your walking muscles by using them more and lighten the load on your legs, especially your knee and ankle joints, if you walk frequently enough to lose some weight through it. If you already walk like a woman, which you almost certainly do if you are one, you can maintain your preferred walk by walking. 10,000 steps per day is a great target to aim for if you can conceivably achieve it.
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    Walk in a way that you can endure. You may feel that to walk like a woman, you must have your feet land almost in front of each other and not take strides that are over-long. You may also believe you need to move your hips from side to side. You can do this if you wish, but it's not compulsory. Walk like the woman you are, not like the stereotypical woman that society thinks you should be.
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    Make sure that as soon as you realise you have a signature walk that you feel comfortable doing and that reflects your style, you keep doing it. Don't fall back into your old ways. Keep walking tall, standing proud and walking with purpose. We walk to do some pretty mundane things, if you are trudging to the supermarket or dragging the kids to school, it's easy to loose focus on walking in a way you're proud of. Walk well as much as you possibly can, do it until it becomes unnatural to you to plod, or dawdle or drag your feet.
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    Understand that if you dramatically increase how much walking you are doing, you will feel it! Walking is a good exercise for most of your body. Your feet, knees, hips and buttocks may ache after increased use. Aching muscles isn't necessarily a bad thing. Know your limits, don't end up in pain for more than half of the next day. Minimize discomfort by wearing shoes and clothing that you feel comfortable in. Some women can walk for hours in heels, if you are one of these women, and you can do it without suffering or harming your feet, do so! If you can't do this, or don't want to, don't. A lack of ability to walk in heels doesn't make you any less of a woman.
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    Be aware that there's no right or wrong way to walk like a woman. You can skip, swagger, prance, mince, strut, stride, power walk, speed walk, use a stick, use crutches, or use walking poles if you want. If you get around with your feet and identify yourself as a woman, you walk like a woman.

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