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How to Walk Like a Catwalk Model

Three Parts:Setting Your Facial ExpressionWalking and PostureWorking an Attitude

Walking like a catwalk model is simple to start; however, it is an art to perfect. Don’t worry though, because practicing is half the fun! Find out how to work on your walking technique in heels keeping your feet one foot in front of the other. Next learn about the techniques for keeping your facial expression focused and poised. And finally, work your personality into your strut with rhythm and confidence.

Part 1
Setting Your Facial Expression

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    Set your chin facing slightly down. Don’t hang or droop your head- act like you have the invisible string attached at the top of your head holding you up. Because you will be above the audience on the catwalk, keeping your chin facing slightly down will let the audience see more of your face. Additionally, keeping your chin slightly tilted down will add angle to your face and will help lend you a little bit of attitude. [1]
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    Don’t smile, and keep your mouth closed in a natural position. You don't want to distract from the clothes you are wearing with a smile. Look in the mirror and try to hold your mouth naturally to see how it looks and feels. Ask someone else how your facial expressions look. Sometimes other people will be able to see things that you don’t notice.
    • For example, ask your friend “Do I look fierce?”.
    • If your lips slightly part naturally, you don’t have to force your lips closed.
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    Keep your eyes focused on something ahead of you. When it comes to making a good supermodel facial expression, the emphasis in the facial expression is on the eyes and eyebrows. Keep your eyes fixed on a point, and do not look around you. Stay concentrated on where you are going, and look alert and at attention. Focus on something that gives you purpose, and it will show in your eyes.
    • It may be tempting to make eye contact with someone in the audience; however, hold your facial expression, and avoid eye contact.
    • Be careful not to trip as you are walking. You should occasionally check your walk with your eyes only to keep yourself balanced and confident in your walk.
    • Use a mirror or a friend to double-check how your look is coming across. Keep trying with different looks until you find one that works as a supermodel look while feeling natural for you.

Part 2
Walking and Posture

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    Stand up straight! Imagine that there is an invisible string holding you up from your spine to the top of your head. Keep your shoulders slightly back, and stand up as straight as you possibly can. This posture is what is going to sell the model presence the most, even if you are not actually tall like a model. [2]
    • Keep your body loose while you stand tall. You do not have to hold your body stiff in order to stay tall. Practice appearing comfortable while walking tall by practicing in front of a mirror. [3]
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    Place one foot in front of the other and walk with long strides. Imagine that you are walking on a rope by keeping one foot in front of the other walk, which will allow your hips to swing from side to side in that classic model way. As you strut forward, try to project confidence with your walk. [4] If you are doing male style modeling, you do not have to place one foot directly in front of the other, instead, you can walk more naturally with your feet placed more side by side than one foot in front of the other. [5]
    • Don’t go overboard with swinging your hips. You don’t have to be afraid of letting your hips move; however, do not exaggerate the motion intentionally.[6]
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    Allow your arms to hang at your sides, and keep your hands relaxed. You do not need to swing your arms quite as much as your body will naturally. Let your arms hang and swing only slightly. This will make you look cool and composed as you walk down the catwalk. Likewise, keep your hands relaxed so that they are loosely cupped and slightly open. Also, don’t hold your fingers together too closely. There can be a 1/4 inch of space between your fingers. [7]
    • Don’t make your arms too stiff, let them bend and sway slightly with your body.
    • Try not to move your hands too much or ball them up as this will make you appear nervous.
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    Practice walking with your heels on. No catwalk strut is complete without a tall pair of heels to give you height. But, if you are not practiced in walking in high heels it can take some getting used to. Put on your heels in the morning while you are getting ready. Strut around to get used to walking like a model and walking in high heels at the same time.[8]

Part 3
Working an Attitude

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    Get a rhythm down, and keep it consistent with your step. Listen to music with a strong beat that has an attitude that you like while you are practicing strutting with your heels on. Try to concentrate on the attitude that you want to project, and sustain that look for as long as you can while walking. If you can put a rhythm and attitude in your step, your walk will come to life and exude a fantastic supermodel energy.[9]
    • Think flirty and confident as you step to a rhythm.
    • When you are on the catwalk, imagine the music that puts you in your groove and follow that groove.
    • While you are stepping to the beat, remember to keep your shoulders back and body composed in the posture of a supermodel.
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    Strike your pose. Once you get to the end of the walk, wait a beat, and then lean onto one hip with all of your confidence and poise. You can look down at the audience now and break your focus for a moment. You don’t have to move your head much- your look should come mostly from the eyes.[10] Then compose yourself in the same facial expression and walk as before, and walk off stage.
    • Practice your pose in the mirror. Be especially aware of how long you break to pose and make eye contact with your audience. When you are in front of an audience your nervousness can make a few seconds seem much longer. Get used to holding your pose for a couple of seconds in the mirror so that you have muscle memory to rely on in front of the audience.
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    Walk like a predator down the catwalk. There are a few signature supermodel walks and Karlie Koss' has one that is famous for its predator like style .[11] Make your walk down the runway more swift by quickly bringing your knees up slightly more than normal and keeping one foot in front of the other. This should create a jaunty step in your walk. Put more swing in your hips because your walk is faster. Your arms will also swing from side to side more. Gently move your head back and forth with the movement of your body as you strut down the catwalk.
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    Strut with attitude down the catwalk like Naomi Campbell. Pump your legs up and down in deliberate steps down the catwalk with determination and attitude. Let your body bounce up and down as you walk. Your shoulders will move slightly up and down as you walk. Because you have more motion, you will swing your hips more. Let your hands bounce and fling back and forth however they naturally move with your walk. Keep your head ever so slightly tilted to one side and only slightly moving with your shoulders as your walk. [12]
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    Make your walk a march like Sasha Pivovarova. With this walk your arms are almost still at your sides as you walk. With this walk, your feet do not go quite as much one in front of the other as the traditional catwalk strut instead they stay more side by side. Gently stomp your way down the walkway, but keep your body mostly still and composed. Do not move your head much or arms much. Think calm and determined as you walk.[13]

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