How to Walk in a Wedding Dress

Walking in a wedding dress is not the easiest of feats for many brides, especially when the gown has a full skirt that touches the floor. If you want to look natural and confident in your dress, then learning to walk in a wedding dress is definitely something you want to strive for. There are a number of steps you can consider to brush up on the skill, and if you allow yourself the time to prepare, then the walk down the aisle and around the reception room should not be a concern.


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    Select a dress that bustles the train up and out of the way so you can walk safely and elegantly in your wedding gown during your reception. Many dresses have detachable trains so this would not be an issue. Just make sure you can still move around comfortably if the length of the skirt meets the floor.
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    Opt for comfortable shoes and lower heels if you cannot walk in high heels. It is better to be comfortable and safe than it is to add height to your structure. And remember to break your shoes in so that you are not in pain on your big day. If you do decide to wear heels, make sure that you are comfortable doing so and practice as much as necessary so you can glide down the aisle, rather than hobble.
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    Make sure that the wedding gown you choose fits perfectly with your shoes on. In order to ensure that this happens, you will have to bring your shoes with you to your fittings.
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    Consider having your gown hemmed at least 12 inch (1.3 cm) above the floor so you can walk comfortably in your bridal dress. This room will allow for various types of ground and floor covering, including rocks and carpeting, and reduce the risk of soiling.
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    Learn how to walk with a good posture when walking in your bridal gown. Your shoulders should be back, your chin up, and your back straight. By maintaining a perfect posture, you will ensure that the gown is fitted correctly and will hang correctly as you walk. Additionally, a good posture portrays elegance and confidence in a bride.
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    Wear your shoes and underskirt around your home so you get used to them. If possible, try your dress on too and practice sitting and walking. You can do this as often as it is necessary to feel comfortable.
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    Practice holding up the sides of your gown elegantly as you climb stairs. You will want to practice this so that you don't bunch up the dress or look like you are hitching up your skirt too high in an unattractive manner.
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    Allow yourself to relax on the big day. If you have done all you can to prepare, then all you can do is take a deep breath and enjoy your day. Don't be too conscious about walking perfectly or standing straight. By doing so, you may end up looking too stiff or artificial. A beautiful bride is a natural one. So do all your stressing, fussing and practicing before the wedding day so that walking in your gown becomes second nature on your big day.


  • If your full-skirted gown does touch the floor, practice walking with slight kicks that stop your dress from tripping you. When done correctly, these kicks will go unnoticed, but save you from soiling your dress or falling on your face.
  • Consider scuffing the soles of a new pair of shoes. This can be done with sandpaper or by wearing your shoes and twisting the soles against an asphalt or cement ground.

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