How to Wait on Christmas Morning to Open Presents

Three Parts:Staying in bedDoing thingsGetting up

Awake at 4:00 AM on Christmas morning, dying to open those exciting presents? If you're not allowed to open anything until the whole family is together, this article will tell you all about how to cope until it comes to the right time to go downstairs and tear open those gifts!

Part 1
Staying in bed

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    Try to fall back asleep for about 30 minutes or more. Think about something calming and just breathe in and out slowly. Avoid thinking about presents or anything that reminds you of them because it will make you more anxious to open them.
    • To help you try to sleep again, focus your mind on a non-Christmas related, somewhat unusual topic, or just simply relax your body. If you are genuinely too excited to sleep, read on.
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    Read in bed. Attempt to read a slightly difficult book to read. If you read a difficult or boring book, there may be a chance of going back to bed. Also, reading in bed instead of a couch will help out, because you will be in a more comfortable position to fall asleep. If you cannot fall asleep with this method, just grab an interesting book that you can get stuck into and read for a while.
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    Stretch. You can just sit in bed doing head rolls and even yoga positions for fun. They will relax the body and make you less anxious and tense.

Part 2
Doing things

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    Write a short story. Thinking about the story line will definitely pass the time. Try not to associate anything about Christmas into the story, making you, once again, more anxious. You can also draw.
    • On the other hand, maybe it's a good idea to set your mind on writing a short story (or even a novel) with a Christmas theme to it. Be sure to write out the blurb, who its written by, and include the illustrations and front cover.
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    Go on the internet. If you have a laptop in your room, surf the web for a bit. You might get pre-occupied with what you're doing and may lose track of time. Just avoid looking at your computer's clock (if it's on your taskbar). Even better, you can take the clock off your taskbar so you don't have a clock to look at.
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    Watch TV or a DVD. Preferably choose something interesting. Try to avoid stations with Christmas movie marathons, because this will obviously make you think of Christmas. If you are allowed to use on-demand, rent a movie or two. Preferably something you wanted to see when it came out in theaters, or an action movie.
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    Play games. Put on your headphones, turn on a game console and play on it for a lengthy amount of time.
    • If you're waiting for a new game that leads on from an existing game, play that game to ensure you've completed all levels and tasks on it, or just to remind yourself of how fun the game is.
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    Clean your room. If your room is already spotless, you can dust and polish the surfaces in your room and make sure it seems spotless. Put away clothes or color coordinate them. Be sure to finish off with some heavily scented air freshener. This may seem boring, but this definitely passes time.
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    Do homework. Still got pages of homework to do before January? Now's the time to finish it all off!
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    Make last minute Christmas gifts for family members or the pets.
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    Watch a movie. It doesn't have to be a Christmas movie. You could also watch youtube videos.

Part 3
Getting up

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    Get ready for your big day! Get dressed, style your hair, put on make up (if you wear it) and try out different deodorants and perfumes. You want to be perfect for the camera. If you like, practice smiling in front of a mirror and what you'll say.
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    Make yourself a festive holiday breakfast. Try using foods like mince pies, carrots, cookies and milk to get yourself into the wonderful Christmas spirit!
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    Check the food you left out for Santa Claus and his reindeer. Also, perhaps scan the room to check if he has left you a letter!
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    Look for your stocking. If you have your parent's permission, open your stocking. Do this very slowly and carefully, examining every single one of the items to pass time.
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    Wake up any siblings and have some fun with them as you wait to open your presents! If you have no siblings, simply play a game for a while. After all this, it's bound to be time to open up those extraordinary gifts! Merry Christmas!


  • If you can, go to bed a little later on Christmas Eve. It will make you more tired and you will want to stay in bed. Also, take a nap during the day so you can make up for lost time.
  • Don't be tempted to rip open small presents a little bit, otherwise it'll ruin the surprise.
  • Watch a movie - they usually run for a long time which will make the time feel like it's going faster.
  • Stock up on interesting things before you wake up. Make sure you have the Things You'll Need items, then anything else you find interesting.
  • Make sure to ask your parents about what time they want you to open presents at. Don't go downstairs any earlier or you might be in trouble.
  • Ask the night before if you can open your stocking in the morning.
  • If you are afraid of needing to go to the bathroom, and the only bathroom is near the presents' location, go to the bathroom before you go to sleep. Don't drink too much or eat too much before bedtime.
  • Bookmark this article in case you wake up early and don't know what to do!
  • Don't go to sleep early.


  • Never sneak downstairs and open your presents before you're allowed to; you'll get into a lot of trouble.
  • Don't panic! those gifts will still be under the tree no matter what time your parents decide to let you downstairs.
  • Try not to pester you parents to wake up, they'll either get annoyed or just stay asleep for longer to wind you up.

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  • Paper and pencil (for writing a story)
  • Laptop, TV, DVD player, etc. (optional)

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