How to Wait in Line for an Amusement Park Ride

Sometimes, the most long and boring part of anyone's day at an amusement park is waiting in lines, especially if the line stretches over 2 hours, the lines can sometimes feel like they aren't moving at all. However, if you want to help avoid that feeling, and make the time in line go by fast, then begin reading this article.


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    Prepare yourself in advance. If you already know you're going to a theme park that is known to have long lines, or if you're going there during the peak season (school breaks, summer, etc.), then you should prepare yourself by bringing things for the wait such as a book, mp3 player, magazine, cell phone, etc.
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    Pick out the ride you want to go on. You may see a roller-coaster from a distance that you may think you really want to go on, but you should really get closer to it and take a look at the rules and what it is about. Choose carefully, because you might regret waiting a long time for a ride you found boring.
    • In outdoor rides, if you are unsure whether you should ride the ride, watch it go a couple times. While the entire ride may not be visible to you, parts of it will most likely be. This will aid you in your decision.
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    Get in the line. Before you get in the line, take a look at the wait time sign if they have one, and ask yourself "Is it really worth the wait?" If it is, go ahead and go in the line. If not, leave and find other ride that suits your interests.
    • The amount of time you should wait for a ride really depends on you and anyone else in your group. If you have people with you that you know simply cannot stand waiting, then if the wait seems a bit long, it may be best to skip the ride and come back to it later.
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    Stand in the line. If the sun is blazing, do your best to cover your head. This is because if you're way to hot, you're more likely to realize if the line is moving slowly or not. Your best bet is to check the weather before you leave. If you see it's going to be 100 degrees, then dress lightly and bring a hat. If it's going to rain, bring an umbrella. Weather may not always be correct, but it is better to be safe than sorry.
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    Relax while you wait. If you're over-excited about the ride and want the line to move faster, slip on your headphones and listen to either a slow song, or one of your favorites. Doing this will likely distract you in a good way, because you'll be hearing music instead of focusing on all the people in the line.


  • If you are at the park with friends, bring a deck of cards. Several different card games can be played even when standing without a table. If you don't know a game, then see if you can make one up on the fly.
  • Ask some of the workers who work there what their least busy day is and try to go then. Although the reason why is unknown, for most amusement parks that day is Tuesday.
  • Make friends in the line. You'll have people to talk to and learn more about them and will make the line go faster. If you don't feel comfortable doing that, bring your own friends along with you so you'll have company in every line that you have to wait in.
  • Try daydreaming about a place you'd love to visit one day, or something else you love. It will more than likely make the waiting time fly by.
  • Bring a drink or a snack for the wait. Especially if the wait was long, by the time you get on the ride the food or drink will most likely be finished.
  • Some rides split the line near the end according to what seat you want. If a short wait is your goal, then don't choose the front or back because these are the most popular seats.
  • If the line is too long, wander off to do another ride with a shorter wait time and check back in an hour.


  • Don't bring anything valuable that you would hate to have stolen; most ride operators will have you leave your cell phone, mp3 player etc. in an unattended area during the ride. You can have a friend watch them for you if she/he goes on the ride before or after you do.
  • If you're listening to music or reading, be sure you are paying attention for when the line moves. If you aren't, and you hold up the line, you run the risk of other theme park visitors getting angry with you.
  • Some rides do not allow personal belongings at all, and require you to either rent a locker or leave them with a non rider. If you find this out when you get to the front of the line, then you may be required to step out of line and start all over again, so make sure you know where personal belongings need to be before you step in line.

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