How to Volunteer on Earth Day

In the United States, Earth Day is celebrated on April 22. The purpose of Earth Day is to support ways that make the planet healthier and more sustainable. Individuals and organizations celebrate Earth Day in a variety of ways. Some people plant trees, clean up rivers, set up recycling programs and educate others on responsible environmental management. Groups of people in government, schools, religious communities and local organizations get together to celebrate the earth and the future on this day. There are many ways for you to become involved. Volunteer on Earth Day by joining an activity or event that is already planned, or by organizing your own.


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    Educate yourself about Earth Day. Learn about how the Earth Day movement got started and what environmental issues facing the earth are most important.
    • Check out the Earth Day website that was developed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) at
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    Look for Earth Day volunteer opportunities within your local community.
    • Find out what your city or town is planning for Earth Day. Attend a planning meeting, or join an organizing committee. You can also sign up to volunteer for an event on Earth Day.
    • Ask your children what they are doing at school. Many schools plant trees, pick up trash, host speakers and organize field trips on Earth Day. Talk to your child's teacher or school administrators about how you can volunteer to help out.
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    Look for opportunities that national groups offer locally. Environmental groups such as the Sierra Club and the Nature Conservancy have local chapters that hold Earth Day events.
    • Help to clean up Montrose Beach with the Chicago chapter of the Sierra Club or educate friends about the alternatives to coal with the Austin chapter, for example.
    • Visit for a list of events and activities in your area. You can decide how you would like to volunteer, and where. You can also find resources and tips on how to organize your own event.
    • Clean up beaches, start an organic garden, separate trash for recycling, or host a fundraiser for a local group. Most communities and groups have something for everyone.
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    Put together your own Earth Day event. If you do not want to volunteer with an event that is already scheduled, organize your own.
    • Decide what you would like to do to help the earth on this day, and invite a few friends, family members or neighbors to join you. It could be something as simple as cleaning up your neighborhood.
    • Review the Organizer's Guide provided by This will help you plan, promote and execute your Earth Day event.
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    Spread the word. One of the best ways to volunteer on Earth Day is to get more people involved in volunteering their time.
    • Download a "Take Home Kit" from the EPA's Earth Day page. This will show you how to educate others on the importance of Earth Day, and help get more people involved.
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    Get your children involved. If they are not already doing something at school, enlist your kids in your volunteer work on Earth Day. This will teach them how to care for the earth and how to participate in their community.
    • Do something around the house to honor Earth Day with your family. Start recycling, switch to non-toxic cleaning products or replace your light bulbs with environmentally sound bulbs.
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    Consider making a donation to local groups. If you care enough about the earth to volunteer on Earth Day, consider making a financial commitment as well.


  • Remember that your volunteer work does not have to be limited to 1 day. Let Earth Day inspire you to treat the earth and the environment with respect all year long.


  • Prepare to get dirty. Unless you are volunteering in an administrative capacity, or hosting a fundraiser, expect to get your hands dirty when you volunteer on Earth Day. You will probably be outdoors, working with dirt, trash, water and plants. Make sure to be prepared and dressed appropriately.

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