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Traveling to far locations with the purpose of volunteering is a phenomenon which is catching up fast with people across the world. From gap year students, to professionals on a hiatus, university students, medical interns, philanthropists, housewives and many others opt for volunteering, as it is a very fulfilling way to travel abroad, and at the same contributes in the lives of the impoverished people across the globe. Volunteering in South Africa is good way to discover the southern part of the continent and help a region that is ailing for many years. If you’re game to volunteering in South Africa, follow the mentioned steps and make your volunteering experience a fulfilling one.


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    Decide why you want to volunteer there. First decide why you want to volunteer in South Africa. Do you want to contribute in a project, club traveling with volunteering or hone your professional skills? Set your priorities straight and prepare yourself for your project.
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    Gather information about the place. It's important to gather information about the country. Weather, population, lifestyle, challenges that the country is facing, cultural sensitivities and other such relevant details are important to know before deciding to volunteer in South Africa.
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    Decide on the location where you want to volunteer. One can volunteer in different locations in South Africa, such as Port Elizabeth and Cape Town, among others. Keep the information regarding these places handy and decide as to where you want to volunteer. You can keep the activity and sightseeing options as a deciding factor when zeroing down on the location.
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    Decide on what kind of volunteering projects you want to take up. Be it volunteering in an orphanage or teaching kids, working in a wildlife conservation project or any other project that interests you. Keep your skills and interests in mind before deciding on your volunteering project.
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    Find out which is the best time to volunteer In South Africa. Depending on the weather, health and socio-political conditions in mind, decide which is the best time to volunteer in South Africa and make your travel plan accordingly.
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    Contact an international volunteering placement organization. It is always good to contact an international volunteering placement organization to volunteer abroad since they have the expertise of providing the volunteering project that is relevant to both the volunteers and the recipients of volunteering. It is also always safer to volunteer through such organizations. Cross Cultural Solutions, Volunteering Solutions, and UN Volunteering are some of the organizations that you can contact for good volunteering placements.
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    Prepare for your trip. It is always advisable to prepare for your trip beforehand. Pack the necessities, read about your location, inquire about your volunteering project, make a list of the places that you want to visit, get your vaccinations done and buy your travel insurance. With preparation, you will make the most of your volunteering stint.
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    Give your best to the volunteering project. Volunteering can be a very demanding and challenging exercise, as you’re expected to make a difference in the lives of people who are devoid of the basic facilities in life and are living under abject poverty. You are expected to be committed and dedicated towards your project and must give your best to the project you are volunteering for. Volunteering requires you to be patient, committed and hard working.
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    Explore the place. Apart from the volunteering work, you should not forget to explore the location where you are headed, as it will give you a lasting experience. Living in a volunteer house or with a host family will give you a taste of the local culture and an authentic travel experience.
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    Create memories for life. Volunteering abroad lets you create memories for life as you make new friends while doing so. Going to a new destination, spending time with the locals, sightseeing in the region, and above all, volunteering towards a noble cause are all experiences that will stay with you for years to come.


  • If you organize a volunteering trip all on your own, it will only not be more expensive but also be a very tedious task. You won’t know about the project that needs you the most and hence won’t be able to give or get the most of the volunteering experience. Your safety can also be at risk if you plan to go volunteering all by yourself and not take an organization’s help.

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