How to Volunteer for a Women's Empowerment Project

There a lot of volunteer projects available around the globe. A women's empowerment project is one such project that requires sound people skills, sensitivity and a strong will to make a difference. Women have been subject to unfair treatment in many countries which has consequently resulted in their stunted growth and low literacy levels. Volunteering for underprivileged women is a great way to contribute towards the growth of a country as empowering women benefits the whole family. Since volunteering for a women empowerment project is a big responsibility, the following steps should be kept in mind before attempting the same.


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    Choose the right program. Choosing the right program requires choosing the right location, the right organization and the right placement opportunity. Read about your responsibilities and duties as a volunteer and then pick the right program that you can give your best to.
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    Develop flexibility and patience. Volunteering requires a great deal of flexibility depending on the program, location, people, local culture and traditions. The volunteers must be willing to accommodate and adjust since meaningful work and contribution requires flexibility and adjustment.
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    Prepare educative lessons. Working in a women’s empowerment program consists of preparing lessons, spending time with the women folk, sharing anecdotes and preparing them for a bright future ahead. To encourage them, educative lessons will go a long way since it will hone their professional skills. Lessons must be prepared with focus and should prove to be valuable for the women receiving the volunteering.
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    Share valuable life lessons. Volunteering for a women’s empowerment program also requires the volunteers to share valuable life lessons with the women folk as it enables them to face the outside world and learn independence and self-sufficiency. As you share your life experiences with the women you’re volunteering for, you prepare them for a better life ahead.
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    Respect cultural sensitivities. Every nation has their distinct cultural sensitivities which need to be respected and taken care of while you’re volunteering abroad. The behavioral patterns and code of conduct is unique and extra caution should be taken while volunteering for women in a new location.
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    Make friendships for life. The women for whom the volunteering is being done for are usually aged between 16-22 years of age and it is possible for develop lasting friendships with them. Developing a one-to-one bond encourages these women and adds meaning to the volunteering.


  • Volunteering for women’s empowerment is a big responsibility and must be handled with care. The usual behavioral pattern, the cultural sensitivities, traditions and customs should be kept in mind before volunteering for a smooth sailing of the volunteering project.

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