How to Volunteer at UNICEF

UNICEF is a global organization that seeks to improve the lives and health of children, especially those children who live in poverty and developing countries. The organization works in areas such as Africa, Asia and Central America to support communities of people improve their health and their lives. UNICEF helps children get the immunizations they need to ward off preventable diseases, educates communities and villages on nutrition, and provides many other programs and services to those in need. Volunteering with the organization is a good way to serve and to get experience working with a global charity. Volunteer at UNICEF by registering with them online, and working in whatever capacity they need you.


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    Educate yourself about the UNICEF mission and the work the organization does.
    • Check the organization's website or read their materials to learn about their mission and program areas. Their website is
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    Become a registered volunteer. UNICEF uses an online volunteer center to manage all of the organization's volunteers.
    • Register on the UNICEF website. You must be at least 13 years old and a resident of the United States. Provide your name and contact information. If you are not a U.S. resident, check the website page labeled "Info by Country" and click on the country you live in.
    • Set up a user name for when you login, and choose a password. Look for confirmation details in your email inbox.
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    Read the "Grassroots Volunteer Policies and Procedures" for UNICEF. You can download the document from the website, or request a printed copy from the organization.
    • Pay attention to the section which outlines your role as a volunteer, as well as the functions and activities you can elect to take part in. These include fundraising, advocating for the organization and educating people on the work UNICEF does.
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    Read the "Volunteer Job Description" provided by UNICEF. This can be downloaded from the website as well.
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    Participate in the online volunteer trainings offered by UNICEF. This will help prepare you for many different tasks that volunteers engage in.
    • Look for the link to trainings and tutorials on the volunteer page of the UNICEF website.
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    Get involved in the online volunteer community on UNICEF's site.
    • Read the blogs, comment on what you learned through your trainings, and interact with other volunteers.
    • Review the resources available to volunteers online.
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    Choose the volunteer activities that interest you the most. You can elect to get involved in fundraising, advocacy, education or campus initiatives.
    • Consider how many hours you have to volunteer. Most UNICEF volunteers give between 5 and 10 hours every month, and some activities require a certain commitment.
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    Volunteer in the office, if you live in New York. UNICEF is located in New York City, and welcomes administrative help from volunteers who live in the area.
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    Encourage others to volunteer with you. UNICEF asks their volunteers to spread the word about the organization and recruit additional people to help them meet their goals.


  • Remember that UNICEF does not deploy its volunteers overseas to work in the field with their aid workers. If you are interested in working "hands-on" in a different country, check into the United National Volunteer Program (

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