How to Visualize Your New Chat Room Friend

So you are out cruising the internet, sending messages to strangers and just looking for some new people to talk to. Here is how to imagine what the hottie you are communicating with might look like in real life.


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    Think realistically. You have never met this person. You have no reason to trust this person. This person could be anyone at all, with any motive. Might be a boy of your age, might be an old lady or man. Might be your little sister's twerp related friend. You just don't know because they are incognito. Could be someone much older than you, with interesting ideas about what to expect from you.
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    Know that many people create an online persona which is nothing like the true self. They just want to hide their true personality.
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    Understand that your friend might not be what you are dreaming about, but might look something like one of the following.
    • Maybe your friend is the serious type.
    • Maybe she/he is the active type.
    • Maybe she is burly and strong, while you are very little and don't have a lot of muscles.
    • Perhaps the reason she/he is online so much is that she/he is home recuperating from knee replacement surgery.
    • Maybe he/she does this kind of thing.
    • Maybe she/he does not really want you to see his/her eyes.
    • Maybe she/he can't stop making weird expressions.
    • Maybe you are talking to an older man?


  • These tips are here for a reason: you never know what you're dealing with online, so don't give out any personal information to them.

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