How to Visit Disneyland with Kids

Getting to Disneyland by yourself is quite a chore, but when you add in visiting Disneyland with your kids - that's even worse than a chore! If you wish to debunk this issue, this article should be for you.


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    Determine the dates for your vacation. Although any days of the year should work, most people travel to Disneyland during the summer.
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    Determine which of the two Disneyland parks you could find you and your kids observing. Not all tastes will be enjoyed by all. Whether it be the whimsical world of Disneyland park, or the wilder side known as Disneyland's California Adventure park, there's something for every age group.
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    Determine which rides each person thinks about being "fun". Whether it's the "it's a small world" ride, the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, the Haunted Mansion or whatever, find out a little about each of the rides existing there and explain what each ride will do.
    • Have several meetings with each family member. Explain rides that may be able to be tailored to their age group. Keep a list of what you expect to see written down along with their respective "land" they are featured in available nearby.
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    Sample each ride on YouTube, to know what to expect. Get to know the ride and what your kids could expect to see. Ask yourself the following questions about the POV ride experience: Is the ride an indoor ride, or will it go outdoors? Does the ride vehicle travel fast or does it travel rather slow?
    • If you're not into rides, this step might not be for you. Not many character greetings on the walkway paths are ever taped for YouTube itself.
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    Get to know theme park prices for what things can cost. Whether it's from a food vendor or it's a piece of clothing or other piece of merchandise, you'll need to know exactly what your kids might be enticed into asking you to purchase. While some age kids are free with a paying adult, some are a smaller additional charge. Know these things before you leave, and potentially even purchase your tickets or ticket package. (Plan this part at least one month before your intended arrival in the Anaheim, California area.)
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    Travel towards the Anaheim area. Whether it's by car, bus, airplane, train or if you are only a few blocks away (by walking), it's impossible not to be able to arrive in the area of Disneyland.
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    Walk up to the turnstiles with your kid (or kids) nearby (probably tugging at your shirt or clothing saying "when are we going to Disneyland?"). Have them either hitch a ride in a stroller or have them walk (if they are over the age of completely being immobilized by the stroller) through the gate with their ticket.
    • Don't give your kids any water or juice jugs as you go through security, but as soon as you get through the turnstiles, it's okay to give them the liquid to drink. Make things easier on the checkpoint person, so they don't have to glance at the kid in an "awkward" way.
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    Grab a park map and Times Guide upon entry to the park. You'll find these just beyond the turnstile gates. If you don't speak much English, recognize that some of these maps come with additional language park map copies.
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    Visit each land that the rides are in. While most people head right for Fantasyland and it's great classic rides (Dumbo and it's a small world), you might want to work the opposite way from Sleeping Beauty Castle starting at Adventureland and working backwards and around the opposite way. There are some other really great rides that exist from Adventureland going around to Tomorrowland.
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    Meet up with some of the Disneyland characters as the day progresses. Make a pass into and out of Toontown USA and eventually into and through Sleeping Beauty Castle.
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    Plan to exit back out of the park using the appropriate park exit gates.


  • If you are planning to tackle the kids' interests only, take in each park separately. Plan for one to two days per park depending on the child's age. Younger children below 4 years old might need two days on each park, while older children might only need 1 day. Calculate how much time you'll think you need once you arrive in the given park and experience each appropriately.
  • Though Disneyland invites the really young kids into their Disneyland park, continuing to entice a kid of that age into visiting an attraction is a tough task. Use some of your parental discretion to see exactly what might make your children scared before letting them on the ride with you or your spouse. For those kids who aren't even close to be ready to ride rides that are too intense for them, they do have parent switch-offs, so the parents can take in the ride separately. Ask a Disneyland employee about the ride's policy.
  • If you hope to do some shopping, you can have your purchases shipped to the park's "package holding area" near the entrance. However, remember to pick up your packages before the time that the park closes that day.
  • While Disneyland has parades galore, the park has few to no nighttime parades. Be careful of the fireworks shows; some kids are liable to get scared by the "booms", "bangs" and "sizzles" of the fireworks that feel like each firework is "coming after them to hurt them", but don't force your kids to interact with things that may haunt them or feel dangerous to them.

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