How to Visit a Disney Park In Search of Only Hidden Mickeys

Many people who commonly visit or hear about the Disney parks know that these parks are full of Hidden Mickeys. If you've visited the Disney Parks before, you probably haven't gotten good results yet. If you're looking for a new way to visit the parks, try visiting them only in search of these small (almost inconspicuous) creatures that might have been bypassed by others just because they weren't looking close-enough. This article can explain how to visit them, just in search of these things the Disney Parks call "Hidden Mickeys".


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    Gather as many sources as humanely possible of information regarding the locations of Hidden Mickeys around the park you'll be visiting. Although some books directly relating to the subject appear on store shelves at most Barnes and Noble retailers, there are several lists online that prevail in listing locations (however, these are sometimes seldom updated so be careful).
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    Plan your trip to the Disney Park of your choice. With destinations in Florida and California, as well as France, Hong Kong and a few other places, you'll find plenty of Disney-inspired Hidden Mickey's to discover all over the Disney parks and resort locations.
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    Look high and low and with a careful eye to detail, to spot those Hidden Mickeys that no one else has ever mentioned before.
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    Look even into the entrances and "back-alleys" in some of the resorts, as some may be in places you wouldn't have thought to have even checked otherwise. Although you may come off as some weirdo, make sure to check around in some places most people wouldn't have even thought about looking for them. Just don't enter anyone's room without asking the guest's permission to look around in.
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    Walk around each park jotting down exactly how the hidden Mickey was formed, and try to be as descriptive as possible. These lists can be parts of your mementos from your trip.


  • If you live around Celebration, FL, look into this city. There are a few Hidden Mickey's you would never have thought to exist. However, don't spend too much time, if you don't possibly have the time on hand.
  • Keep your eye on the Disney Parks Blog to see if any information on new Hidden Mickeys might have accidentally slipped by their filters of their employees who report their findings.
  • Don't count the Disney-inspired towel setup as Hidden Mickeys from inside of Disney resort rooms. They are not Hidden Mickeys, since they are out in the open for everyone to see.
  • You may even want to photograph some of the Hidden Mickeys in up-close photographs, for memento purposes. But so there is no possibility of spoiling another possible guests' experience, try to never post any of these Hidden Mickey pictures on social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter.
  • New Hidden Mickeys come out every single year and in spots you'd never think imaginable. Always wait to see what comes up in the list, right around Mickey's official birthday in near the middle third of November.[1]
  • Join in the social media chatter, and see what other sources you can come up with, that exist on YouTube. Watch some of the videos that result following a search on "Hidden Mickeys in (Disneyland or Walt Disney World or Disneyland Paris or etc.)". You'll be sure to take notes from some unknown spots that most places don't traditionally mention, or that only exist on others ideas. Some users are even mentioning them in some videos, but are keeping these findings low-key.[2]


  • Kids younger than 9 or 10 years old, tend not to care too much about Hidden Mickeys and their placement. To avoid boring them, don't plan to visit them only in mind to spot these. Plan a regular Disney Vacation, or if you don't mind spotting a bunch less, look around as you walk through the parks mentioning to your significant other what you've spotted.

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