How to View the History of a wikiHow Article

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Do you want to see what edits people have made on an article you started? Or, maybe you are just interested in finding out who added all that useful information to an article you love, or even which dirty, rotten scoundrel vandalised a page. Luckily, each article on wikiHow has an easily-accessed History which shows all the previous versions of that article along with who did what to the article and when! Just scroll down to Step 1 to learn how to use this feature.

Method 1
When Signed in

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    Click on the History section of the article you have in mind. This will show a list of all of the edits made to that particular article since it was created. Note that the history opens with a default of the last fifty versions of the article. To see further back, navigate to the bottom of the history and select a viewing option.
    • If you are an anonymous user, the "History" tab won't show up, but you can still view the history. Just go to, and you'll be able to see the history.
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    Examine the list of article versions. For each edit it will show which user or IP address made it, the time and date, and any edit summaries they left. It will also show the number of bytes for each revision of the page, so you can see at a glance how much information was added to or removed from an article.
    • For example, if somebody removed a lot of the information from a page, you would be able to see a large drop in the number of bytes the article contains. This is a good indicator of whether the article has been vandalised.
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    Find the versions you would like to compare. You will need to choose two different versions before you can look at the differences between them. The most recent versions of the article will be listed at the top of the page, going downwards.
    • Once you have found the two article versions, you will need to select the radio buttons next to them on the left hand side. First select the radio button next to the older version of the article, and then a second set of radio buttons should pop up to the right of that. From the right set of buttons, select the one next to the newer version of the article.
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    Click to compare. Once you have selected the radio buttons next to the two versions you would like to compare, just hit Enter on your keyboard or press Compare selected versions at the top or bottom of the page to see the difference between them.
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    Alternatively, use the shortcut links, if desired. There are a few handy shortcuts you can use here, too. If you look on the history page of an article, you should see a few links labelled (cur| and |last) on the left of each version.
    • Clicking (cur| will take you to a page showing the differences between that version and the most current version, without having to scroll all the way back to the top for the radio button.
    • Clicking |last) will instantly allow you to see the differences between that version and the version before it. This can be used to quickly and easily see what changes a user made to an article - simply scroll down until you see their name, click on |last) next to that version, and you will be shown what changes they made in that edit.
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    View the changes between the two versions. When you have selected the versions to compare, or used the shortcut links - (cur| or |last), you will be taken to a page where you can see the differences between the two. The old version will be on the left, and the new version on the right.
    • These differences are called diffs, a term you will see often in help articles and in messages. At the top of each diff (on the left of Old Revision (full edit) and on the right of Current Revision (full edit)) are shortcut arrows which allow you to navigate forward and backward through the diffs one at a time.
    • If something was removed between the two versions shown in the diff, that section will have a yellow box/border on the left.
    • If something was added or changed, that section will have a blue box/border on the right.
    • Any text that was changed will be highlighted.
    • If you scroll down under the difference between the two versions, the page will show a preview of what the newest version you selected would look like.

Method 2
When Signed Out/Anonymous

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    Open the article that you'd like to view the history of. With anonymous editors, the History button is disabled, but you can still get to the page with a few more steps.
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    Look at the title bar. You'll see a line of text either like or
  3. 3
    Add the history parameter. Place your cursor at the end of the URL line and type either ?action=history or &action=history.
    • If the address has no ? in it already, add ?action=history. So your new address will be:
    • If the address has a ? in it already, add &action=history. So your new address will be:
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    Press the Enter button to submit your search to arrive at the History page of the article.

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