How to Verbally Express Yourself Without Fear

Fear of showing your true self often hampers many people from enjoying life, but you can't let fear hold you back!


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    When thinking of confronting someone(if you have the opportunity), you should always try to organize your thoughts beforehand. know what you wish to achieve with this verbal confrontation, and if possible, anticipate the outcome of the conversation. But above all, the clarity of your intentions must be absolute
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    Anticipate what your opponent may say to certain comments before you speak them, because they may find gaps in your logic and/or find the opportunity to put you down using words that should not have been spoken.
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    As speaking out, and making yourself heard is a common problem among many people this day and time, you must realize that everyone has their own style of speaking. different emphasis on certain areas of your oration speak volumes as to your intent and your intelligence. so make sure you develop your own style! talk to yourself in the mirror, pretending that your reflection is that hateful co-worker or classmate, and decide when you want to raise your voice, and when you wish to be less intimidating.
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    When delivering any kind of public address, realize that everyone feels fear, and the determining factor between great orators and those lesser so, is how they use it. control and use of your emotions is an exemplary tactic for overcoming people who would otherwise look down on you. learn to make people feel what you feel with your WORDS. because no matter How big a mountain may be, it still has cracks, and intimidating people feel the same things as you.


  • Control the setting. if you are in a place that you feel safe, you will be able to concentrate better on the task at hand.
  • Do NOT incorporate violence or insults. many persons will lose their respect for you, and when speaking, that is something you may need.
  • Posture can be the difference between rejection and acceptance. when your goal is to win someones heart, or to make someone leave you alone, DO NOT SLOUCH!!! if you look like you are ashamed to be where-ever you are, people will not listen. make sure you stand up straight, and look the person in the eyes(if trying to get a date, don't stare) and look like you are trying to be somebody!
  • Don't over-inflate your intelligence, many people will take this the wrong way and begin to build a buffer to your speech.
  • Speak clearly and promptly when possible.


  • Avoid using profanity when possible, especially in the presence of your superiors because this may lead to punishment of some sort
  • If your intention is to get the girl that you are too afraid to talk to, then realize that you cannot always talk yourself into her affections. The most powerful thing you can do to win her is your actions, coupled with sounding intelligent in your speech, and still you may be turned down because, this is part of life.
  • Violence should be avoided by all means. If dealing with a person who has threatened you bodily harm, do not provoke them. Go to someone in a place of authority and discuss your situation with them first.

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