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At 22:14, Jun 23, 2009

Super_writeSuper_write said:


Do tell: the WikiWar: why you create the war here on the HowOfWiki? Sadness rains down from the sky like birds getting ill and having death mid-flight, or perhaps after be happen a hit by the fixed wing aircraft (aeroplane). Either way of occurance, the rain down does still occur.

EditIf you have no like of my User Page you have no requirement to visit and read

  1. I search long and hard, down and up, back and front, side to the other side, long and hard to find the policy of the WikiOfHow to say that the user one shall have no links to the user two on the user page of the user one.

It is for reason currently listed above in text that I must say that I, Super_write find no reason anywhere here which does say that "no, Super_write: you can not link to the page of the WikiWarMaker please." so I must assert that you do a refrain from continual "be the vandal" of my userpage thankyou.!

No contribute by you for to enhance my user page thankyou. Please for all edit by you as current is a detract


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At 03:34, Jun 24, 2009

Super_writeSuper_write said:

No vandal on my user home page please. thankyou - Super_write

Please post a link to the policy which talks about where I can not have a link to a user page from my user page.

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At 07:38, Jun 24, 2009

CloventtCloventt said:

I've left a message on Super_write's page, explaining to him that flaming and arguing here on wikiHow is not a useful addition to the community. I've explained to Super_write why he should remove posts about you from his user page as well.

Can you please keep this in mind too? If the problem continues, don't flame him, ask him nicely, and try to keep your temper. You've been great at dealing with this so far, but it seems the user doesn't quite understand how things work here at wikiHow yet (eg, removing the NFD tags), so try to be tolerant. You did the right thing by informing him of his mistake. I know new users can be irritating and frustrating, but try not to make the situation worse than he is making it.

Personally, I'm on your side of the argument. Super_write doesn't seem to have made a huge number of valuable contributions so far, and seems to spend more time on his user page than anywhere else. And I agree with you that his English is none too good, but if he has good information to add, I'd be happy to decipher and correct his grammar. Give it some time, and try to be courteous and kind.


At 15:13, Jun 24, 2009

Spinarama, tsuna(mi)ke !? said:

Hey, question for you. I was on RC Patrol, when I noticed alittle spam, which turned out to be one piece in a very large spat. Can you tell me what the deal is between: Comrade 1917, Byzantine Knight, and Cardinal Vali?

Cause, I can see you handled it before, and now they're at each others jugulars again, forcing religion on each other. I talked to Byzantine Knight, mostly cause he was online, and he said they attack him. I told him if that was the case to contact an admin.

It's the other two I have a problem with. They're attacking each others religions hardcore. I think one of them called the other's religion a bunch of followers of "Gay Puppets" or something, (I don't know. I reverted the message cause it was spamming) and now they're actually bringing in YouTube links.

So, apparantly you've handled this before and warned them all. What do we do now?

Mike 15:13, 24 June 2009 (GMT)

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At 00:00, Jun 25, 2009

Super_writeSuper_write said:

Hello User (I won't mention your name because I know you don't like it to be mentioned, much akin to the native people of the land in which I do currently live)

I have noticed that on my article Do the upgrade to version 1 of VLC from standard package of 0.9 in 9.04 Jaunty Ubuntu linux based operating system, you have put a notice saying that it confuses you. Please tell me where the confuse is, for I did the upmost best to ensure of that each step-by step instruction was very simple. No big complex instruction here, fellow writer!

Are you sure you are in the state of confuse because you lack the understanding of the operating system other than the Microsoft attempt? Is that box of notice saying that you are confused akin to me putting a box of notice of confuse on a page of "use a wood saw" because I know nothing about wood work?

Perhaps it is because you do not have knowledge of synaptic package managment for the deployment of pre-compiled binary code that you are in a state of bemused. If you like, I do the write of How of to create an understand of the synaptic package managment utilised by debian and related *nix projects?

I think I shall do this for you, as it will grow the understanding of the entire community.

I look forward to your reply, User:Super_write

ps. I have a conversation to User:Cloventt about the remove of NFD message from my page due to the discussion you may have missed on Discussion:Be an Imperialist - SW

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At 04:01, Jun 25, 2009

TtrimmTeresa said:

WikiWarrior, you need to stop with the insults.

At 04:04, Jun 25, 2009

TtrimmTeresa said:

Beautiful Tools 8137.jpg

Thanks for your great idea! Please feel free to click on an Edit tab to improve an article rather than have someone else do it for you. You see, wikiHow is edited by volunteers. Don't worry if your first attempt is not perfect as others will improve your work. For questions, feel free to contact the Help Team. Thanks again!

At 05:23, Jun 25, 2009

TtrimmTeresa said:

Two different points of reference. I was referring to your mocking someone's English and the second was a template (I didn't word it), that says if something bothers you and you don't like it...fix it!

At 05:33, Jun 25, 2009

TtrimmTeresa said:

You can state it in a kinder way. Maybe you aren't aware of it, but it came out in a very insulting manner. Maybe transposing articles may not be your strength, but we work with people around the world. I also happen to know that you told him/her to learn English before they messaged you. There is no reason for that treatment.

At 05:37, Jun 25, 2009

TtrimmTeresa said:

Ok. if you say so

At 06:41, Jun 25, 2009

Jane_BJane_B said:

Hello WikiWarrior.

I notice you chastise foreigners on their English composition, grammar and so fourth. Do you see any problem with the following comment:

WikiWarrior said:
You have no idea what your talking about

I'd like to use the above quote to point out that no-one is perfect. In this case you should have used you're: the abbreviation for you are. Your sentence does not make sense. Perhaps you could lighten up on your criticism of others, perhaps help out by correcting them instead.


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At 12:57, Jun 25, 2009

Sand%26sunloveeP.Lynn said:

hi do you know how to delete and article?

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At 00:43, Jul 03, 2009

GarsheppGarshepp said:

About the grammar topic broached here and there:

The teacher was introducing a new vocabulary/spelling word:


they all "sounded it out" together, but no one seemed to know the word as correctly pronounced.

Finally, one child asked: "Oooh, ya' mean suhm'uhn?"

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At 00:54, Jul 03, 2009

GarsheppGarshepp said:

"Native borne," English speakers, at that...

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At 20:33, Jul 06, 2009

TrippleHTrippleH said:

ya sure i guess we could get along but the article is differnt the other was Anyone

Mine is people you normally dont get along with

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At 20:37, Jul 06, 2009

TrippleHTrippleH said:

hey about your userpage is that a recipe? if so wat does it make?

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At 15:39, Jul 07, 2009

GarsheppGarshepp said:

I just saw your helpful edits to Give New Life to a Faded Wicker Basket. Thanks for the good contributions.

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At 15:56, Jul 07, 2009

GarsheppGarshepp said:

A slight bit of info: Leverage a Business With Other People's Money that might be of interest. I've done those kinds of things. I wrote it all "off the top of my head" and later found "Trump U." and the definitions. See the discussion ref.

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At 15:29, Aug 24, 2009 said:

not that it matters anymore, as the article has been changed, but the fact that jews and muslims believe in g-d was kindof the point.. the article previously specified christianity as a way to be a happy teen girl, and obviously more than one religion worships g-d.

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At 18:26, Oct 06, 2009

GSNGSN said:

User Page Contest

It's back on!

Feel free to enter any User page.

Be sure to vote for whose page is the best in the land!

Come vote now!

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At 00:14, Dec 22, 2009

KirbyMeta Knight said:


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At 21:37, Jan 01, 2010

KirbyMeta Knight said:

I see you speak another language.

Here at wikiHow, we have articles written in multiple languages.

If you would like to participate,

take a look at the wikiHow Language Project to learn more.


Hi WikiWarrior, I noticed you spoke in Vietnamese to Eric Nguyen. If you would like, you can join the Vietnamese Project to contribute.

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At 01:42, Nov 27, 2010

WikiDoctorWikiDoctor said:

hello. i see you like limes. O.O

At 02:59, Jun 12, 2011

KirbyMeta Knight said:

Hey!!! :) Remember me?? ^_^

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