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At 20:19, Mar 01, 2014

Lynnsie-SevoichLynnsie Sevoich said:

my first time enter today i learn new thing

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At 21:00, Mar 01, 2014

Jazzy787Jazzy787 said:

Thank You oliver!!

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At 21:06, Mar 01, 2014

WikiguideWikiguide said:

I didn't just make so that people would help new community members, I made it so that people that are bored can have something to do.

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At 21:09, Mar 01, 2014

Catherine143Catherine143 said:

Thanks aim doing arts and crafts for a group of adults I've just learnt how to draw a face of here if I can do these things with guided steps then they can thank you cathy

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At 21:09, Mar 01, 2014

Owlgirl57Owlgirl57 said:


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At 21:21, Mar 01, 2014

Ngahahe-UazengaNgahahe Uazenga said:

Hi Sir thanks indeed for welcoming me and give me more information about this communication how is working then?

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At 21:33, Mar 01, 2014

AnameraAnamera said:

thnx oliver

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At 21:33, Mar 01, 2014

AnameraAnamera said:


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At 21:47, Mar 01, 2014

LifeistobelivedLifeistobelived said:

Thank you Oliver :)

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At 17:22, Mar 03, 2014

1000RainbowCranes1000RainbowCranes said:

Look I did it right

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At 03:20, Mar 09, 2014

StephiiStephanie said:

Thanks for that but at the moment I have no questions but I will ask when I need to :)

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At 11:18, Mar 21, 2014

StephiiStephanie said:

Hi Oliver, I would like to know how to access my article because I forgot what its called so I can't search it. Thanks

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At 17:26, Mar 25, 2014

Liz-wharmbyLiz wharmby said:

Thanks:) I appreciate it a lot:) <3

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At 20:41, Mar 28, 2014

Glenys-MedinaGlenys Medina said:

Thank you... I'm happy to have found this page... :-)

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At 20:42, Mar 28, 2014

MayaSaraMayaSara said:

Thanks for the greetings.

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At 20:55, Mar 28, 2014

Haigaz-Z.-SoghomonianHaigaz Z. Soghomonian said:

Thank you

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At 21:44, Mar 28, 2014

PavlowPavlow said:

can you add friends on here???

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At 23:32, Mar 28, 2014

PenguinoyajPenguinoyaj said:


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At 01:17, Mar 29, 2014

Jaiden-HambyJaiden Hamby said:


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At 01:21, Mar 29, 2014

UsmcUsmc said:

Hi Oliver, Thank you for you welcome greeting.

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At 01:53, Mar 29, 2014

Newboni1Newboni1 said:

I must thanks the promotors of this helpful tool.

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At 02:52, Mar 29, 2014

Maduri-HansanieMaduri Hansanie said:


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At 04:44, Mar 29, 2014

Shahbaz-aliShahbaz ali said:

how can we learn drawing? i did not experience about this.

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At 04:49, Mar 29, 2014

Girl_baddGirl_badd said:


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At 05:23, Mar 29, 2014

SuzzieMeaSuzzieMea said:

Thanks Oliver can I write any article I want like how to make spring rolls or are there set articles

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At 05:26, Mar 29, 2014

Kaviraj63Kaviraj63 said:

thanks oliver.

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At 06:12, Mar 29, 2014

Ashy34Ashy34 said:

Hi and thanks for the welcome.(:

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At 06:37, Mar 29, 2014

Farhat-AliFarhat Ali said:

thank you oliver for comferting me but do not know how to use wikihow

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At 07:13, Mar 29, 2014

BluyitechBluyitech said:

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At 08:16, Mar 29, 2014

Adithi-Reddy-ChadaAmrutha Snigda said:

Thank you Oliver, now i have no questions i'll be asking you

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At 08:56, Mar 29, 2014

DinhamtaDinhamta said:

Oliver, Could you tell me, this website talk about what? I don't know exactly. I just want to learn English and I founded it and then I joined.

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At 12:03, Mar 29, 2014

TaylahTaylah said:

Do you have a girlfriend

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At 12:04, Mar 29, 2014

TaylahTaylah said:

Tell me

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At 12:07, Mar 29, 2014

HelpingHand123HelpingHand123 said:

Thank you Oliver for giving me a warm welcome I won't let you down ☺️😃

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At 12:17, Mar 29, 2014

WilgaxWilgax said:

tell me

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At 12:29, Mar 29, 2014

VinayaksonarVinayaksonar said:

Thanks oliver , which is simple way of passive income

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At 12:57, Mar 29, 2014

CristinecuratoCristine Curato said:

Thank you so much for having me here, i'm so ready to answer and help those peoples questions :)

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At 13:50, Mar 29, 2014

Sarah453Sarah453 said:

hi oliver thanks for welcoming me your so kind so how will I post an article

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At 13:55, Mar 29, 2014

Mero_bouffonMero_bouffon said:


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At 14:13, Mar 29, 2014

Aiowb-MosbahAiowb Mosbah said:


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At 14:15, Mar 29, 2014

Aiowb-MosbahAiowb Mosbah said:

how are you ?

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At 15:11, Mar 29, 2014

Dianeisabella_Dianeisabella_ said:

Hello, how are you? I hope your doing great, have a nice day!

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At 15:15, Mar 29, 2014

Fgeorge03Fgeorge03 said:

Thank you Oliver!

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At 15:35, Mar 29, 2014

Lydia-JohnsonLydia said:

Thank you Oliver! :)

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At 15:47, Mar 29, 2014

Mabdsalam12Mabdsalam12 said:


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At 16:14, Mar 29, 2014

Glemar-JohnGlemar John said:

thank you oliver :D

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At 17:14, Mar 29, 2014

Behiyabahiya said:

thanx ^_^

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At 17:20, Mar 29, 2014

Mohaiminul-MomenMohaiminul Momen said:

It's my pleasure to being with you....

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At 17:21, Mar 29, 2014

Jenifer-175Jenifer 175 said:

Thankyou oliver

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At 17:46, Mar 29, 2014

WhitneydancerweirdoWhitneydancerweirdo said:

how do you delete a page

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At 18:24, Mar 29, 2014

KellywineKellywine said:

am happy being your friend on wiki

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At 19:47, Mar 29, 2014

Ivan1030Ivan1030 said:

how i make money?

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At 19:54, Mar 29, 2014

Lovebug1244Lovebug1244 said:

thanks i will let you know

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At 20:34, Mar 29, 2014

Slizer246Slizer246 said:

hi oliver thanks for welcoming me in its great to be here

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At 21:04, Mar 29, 2014

Lex-skylandlex skyland said:

hi oliver thanks! :)

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At 21:35, Mar 29, 2014

Rahaf-HammashRahaf Hammash said:

Thank's you. I hope enjoy in this program

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At 21:42, Mar 29, 2014

Thomas-ThornstromThomas Thornstrom said:

How do I find friends

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At 22:12, Mar 29, 2014

Megan-HigginsMegan Higgins said:

thinks oliver

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At 22:15, Mar 29, 2014

Supermodel1Supermodel1 said:

how can i change my name

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At 00:55, Mar 30, 2014

Hammok1kaylee hammond said:

cna i chage my name add me dude

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At 03:22, Mar 30, 2014

MissIntelligentMissIntelligent said:

I created an account on here because I was bored...

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At 03:36, Mar 30, 2014

Halakhalilhalafahmy said:

thank you for adding ,

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At 04:06, Mar 30, 2014

Agha-mehrdadAgha mehrdad said:

hello. oliver thanks.

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At 05:20, Mar 30, 2014

Ramsha-FatimaRamsha Fatima said:

thanks Oliver i am basically from India so ask anything about the country

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At 06:10, Mar 30, 2014

Anbarasu-ArsauAnbarasu Arsau said:


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At 07:13, Mar 30, 2014

Nurnabila03Nurnabila03 said:

hom can i block my old facebook

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At 08:06, Mar 30, 2014

Indina-aliindina ali said:

i wanted to ask how to check that what r the most requested topics? by people on which i can write

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At 08:07, Mar 30, 2014

Indina-aliindina ali said:

plzzz help me guys i really need a good topic to write on. the most requested topic

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At 09:01, Mar 30, 2014

Devshree-lopamudradevshree lopamudra said:

thanks a lot Oliver! i will definitely write!

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At 23:18, Apr 05, 2014

Jenifer-175Jenifer 175 said:

Hi oliver

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At 01:35, Apr 09, 2014

Cowgirl-answersCowgirl answers said:

Can you please delete the deletion to my article? I already talked to hailey girges about it

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At 05:16, Apr 11, 2014

CookiesandcreamsodeliciousCookiesandcreamsodelicious said:

Hey! I was wondering, when I write an article and people edit it, can I see the edits the people made? If someone makes an incorrect edit, can I delete it?

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At 06:49, Apr 12, 2014

VinayaksonarVinayaksonar said:

Thank for reply oliver...

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At 11:13, May 19, 2014

Bordon-wikihowBordon wikihow said:

Thanks for joining our community, I was about to change my name, you may not recognize me after that

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At 18:41, Jul 01, 2014

BinaryMatrixProReviewBinaryMatrixProReview said:

i want to remove my article please help me (Use-Binary-Matrix-Pro-Softwre)

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At 13:47, Jul 10, 2014

LvrogovayaLyubov Vitalievna Rogovaya said:

Hi, I am an en>ru translator and I am now working with the article which you and several other people have edited (or maybe created): http://www.wikihow.com/Choose-a-Hook-for-Saltwater-Fishing I cannot understand one sentence, in particular what does the sign "#" mean in the context of a sentence: "For example if your leader line is 20# test, test the knot at 8# of pressure." I want to make an accurate translation that is why I will appreciate your help. Thank you.

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At 22:52, Jul 27, 2014

LollapaloozaLollapalooza said:

Hi Oliver, The article I have written has been edited quite a few times by others, there are photos added to it that I don't like too much. Is there any privacy policy to the articles one writes? Once I corrected a spelling of an article written by someone, the author expressed anger and I think his anger was justified. Bottom line, I'm really uncomfortable with someone editing my sentences, I have my own view to a certain topic and too many edits would not keep my idea original. It is very disappointing to realize that by adding photos, someone is taking credit to my ideas. I hope you come up with a solution to this and not disappoint me, I don't want to argue with other users/ article editors like a low class bitch.

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At 19:44, Aug 11, 2014


Thanks Oliver. Perhaps you can tell me a bit how to create an interactive page with videos that i can add from youtube. Thanks


At 01:33, Aug 23, 2014

Lotus1011Lotus1011 said:

Hi, I was wondering if you knew how I could fit all my school supplies, binder, gym clothes, and books in my messenger bag. I heard they were a bit too small, but I don't really like backpacks and the messenger is really cute for school. Please help

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At 18:04, Sep 25, 2014

Neijagriffin1789neijagriffin said:

hey what is your real mame and text me right now on my wikihow page.

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At 19:10, Nov 17, 2014

AnnaAnna said:

Hey Oliver!

I just wanted to give you a heads-up about this forum post and wish you a happy wikiBirthday! Congratulations on the milestone, and thanks for all your great contributions here - hope you're doing well :)

At 02:11, Mar 22, 2015

Raeamiller37Raea said:

Lol even though I got this message about 2 years ago thanks Oliver and I am gonna be more frequent on her :)

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At 12:08, Aug 27, 2015 said:

hi oliver can you help me???? plaese plaese!!!!!

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At 13:35, Jan 16, 2016

Pets123Pets123 said:

hi oliver

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At 23:07, Jan 29, 2016

GP_102637476684324743130GP_102637476684324743130 said:

Is it possible to change the title of my wikihow? Someone requested a title change that I think would be better than the original.

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