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Eric Wester said:
Get ready to dive into some fun!
Hey Whimaway,

It's great to see that you have signed up for an account here at wikiHow! Before I give you some information on getting started, I would just like to let you know that I am a real person and not a computer generated response system of any kind.

I have been a contributor here at wikiHow for quite a while now, and I can probably answer most any questions that you may have. I will start you off with a couple of links that you may find useful before getting started here. - Eric Wester

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At 02:15, Oct 02, 2007

Maniac18Maniac said:

Please express your concerns about tags (such as a title tag) on an article's talk page, instead of removing the tag itself. :) Thanks!


At 18:52, Oct 02, 2007

Maniac18Maniac said:

It's best just to leave the tag once you add it, for discussion. :) Your choice of a title change was a good one, so I felt no need for it to be removed --

At 04:24, Oct 15, 2007

DvortygirlDvortygirl said:

Thanks for calling attention to several very poor articles tonight. You'll notice that some of them are already gone.

If you find an article that's so bad that it's not worth keeping it around long enough to discuss, you can use {{speedy}}. For example, if the article contains essentially no content or if it has content that is inappropriate to the point of being offensive, try the speedy tag.

At 12:12, Oct 25, 2007

Penguincow8Penguincow8 said:


At 01:34, Oct 29, 2007

Phenixphire76phenixphire76 said:

Whenever I try looking for my created page i cant find it

At 22:51, Oct 29, 2007

Penguincow8Penguincow8 said:

hello... again

At 20:11, Nov 04, 2007

ElocinaNicole Willson said:

Good copyedits today :).

At 01:20, Nov 07, 2007

KrystleKrystle said:

Hey there!

Thanks for uploading images on how to French braid hair. I see that you asked for permission from the copyright holder - did they respond? If so, could you send a copy of that response to Permissions -at- ? Let me know, thanks!

At 20:41, Nov 07, 2007

Devon_lynnDevon_lynn said:

I got the image off google. I just typed in 'raviolis and sauce' (or something to that effect) and that's what I found 1 or 2 pages later.

At 04:11, Nov 10, 2007

Dreamgal2Sondra C said:

At 12:38, Nov 10, 2007

ChicablogChicablog said:

Americana Washington DC 3072.jpg
Thanks for riding along on patrol today!

At 14:03, Nov 10, 2007

Eric-WFreunde said:

Thank You

Thank you for taking down the bad guys by helping out with Recent Changes Patrol today. Everyone really appreciates your hard work!

At 14:05, Nov 10, 2007

Dreamgal2Sondra C said:

You are most welcome

At 17:48, Nov 10, 2007

JohnDVegasJohnDVegas said:

Thanks for moving that to the appropriate section. I was thinking about it and was going to do that too. I appreciate people collaborating and helping my article How to Get What You Want from a Bureaucrat to survive and grow. I'd also appreciate it if you could add a tip or two that has helped you with a bureaucrat, but just wanted to say thanks for helping.

At 21:34, Nov 10, 2007

Maniac18Maniac said:

Police horses in the high street 3820.jpg

Thank you for all your hard work patrolling.

Your work fighting spam and vandalism has been noticed.

Keep up the great work!

At 17:56, Nov 13, 2007

JackHerrickJack H said:

Fantastic fix and photos for the album artwork for your iPod article! Thanks!

At 03:06, Nov 14, 2007 said:

I aggree

At 20:24, Nov 15, 2007

JackHerrickJack H said:

wikiBeauty Award
Another Dandy 8974.jpg
A salute for your
random acts of beauty.

Your contributions are appreciated.
Thanks for making wikiHow a special place to be.

For taking the time to take fantastic screen shots to show people how to get album artwork on an iPod. -- Jack H

At 04:18, Nov 16, 2007

CalCal said:


Thanks for the great vandalism reverting.

At 20:10, Nov 16, 2007

ThomaspalmerThomaspalmer said:



At 20:12, Nov 16, 2007

ThomaspalmerThomaspalmer said:

um, i've heard it a lot, but what exactly does "wotcher" mean?

At 13:56, Nov 17, 2007

ThomaspalmerThomaspalmer said:

yeah, i've noticed

At 19:12, Nov 18, 2007

KrystleKrystle said:

Hey Ally!

Thanks for adding those fantastic images to How to Do Needlepoint. I noticed that you mentioned you had asked the copyright holder for permission - did you actually receive permission? If so, feel free to clarify that on the image pages and on the article, so that it's clear we have obtained permission to use the images. You can write something like "[link] Original source, shared with permission". Anyway, thanks for the good stuff you're doing around here. You're really bringing articles up a huge notch with your contributions!


At 21:30, Nov 30, 2007

DeeDuck3Dominique said:

Hey there!

I just want to ask you a little question: why did you revert my edits on How To Become a Pharmacist? I noticed it just now and I was wondering what did I do wrong so I can make sure not to do it again.

Thanks ~~Dee

At 02:35, Dec 02, 2007

DeeDuck3Dominique said:

Ohhhhh... ok
Thanks you!!

At 23:49, Dec 02, 2007

JackHerrickJack H said:

Thanks for all your help in the hair section. You are really making that section of the site much better!

At 01:35, Dec 03, 2007

HollistergirlHollistergirl said:

Have you heard about the song-writing contest in the forum? Go check it out!

Duet 7324.jpg

At 18:58, Dec 03, 2007

JackHerrickJack H said:

More helpful edits today. Many thanks!

At 00:53, Dec 10, 2007

Toothistoothis said:

At 01:42, Dec 10, 2007

Toothistoothis said:

you kept changing my red s to a bold black s. Is red not allowed?

At 01:50, Dec 10, 2007

Toothistoothis said:

Thank you, Waterlily16.

At 01:24, Dec 11, 2007

ElocinaNicole Willson said:

Hi! Just an FYI -- the spammer tag is for people who put external links in the text of articles and not for spambots. Also, there was no need to send the user the tag since I had already blocked them for 3 months for spamming and notified the user of that in the message before yours.

At 01:34, Dec 11, 2007

FlicketyFlickety said:

Thanks for your question Ally. I was a little surprised that it mattered so much to the next editor to undo the effort I went to in making what I thought was an enhancing edit. I just happen to think it looked nicer but it's your call, the articles are everybody's.


At 01:37, Dec 11, 2007

ElocinaNicole Willson said:

No problem. Great patrols otherwise :).

At 22:13, Dec 11, 2007

BodenbadgerBodenbadger said:

They are all definitely self made. I will add the Image by: Uploader
License: Creative Commons thing next time I upload pictures. Thank you.

At 04:24, Dec 14, 2007

JackHerrickJack H said:

Thanks for doing a great job patrolling the FAs.  :)

At 05:20, Dec 14, 2007

JackHerrickJack H said:


Thank you so much for your GREAT work on RC patrol.

BTW, in the process of patrolling RC myself, I noticed that you rolled back a few edits that were not vandalism as far as I can tell.

Yes, neither of those edits was perfect, but they certainly weren't terrible. Since we want to encourage new editors, it is best to leave edits like this and tidy them up or tag them for further cleanup.

I'm sure you just missed these things in the process of doing rapid fire RC patrol. Very easy mistake to make. I do want to thank you again. You really are doing great work on RC patrol. Please keep it up!

At 06:58, Dec 14, 2007

JackHerrickJack H said:

Actually, thank you! Your work on RC patrol is much appreciated!

At 03:06, Dec 18, 2007

XmissxvampyrexXmissxvampyrex said:

hi do you have any tips on creating a good page?

At 16:08, Dec 19, 2007

Kartik0604Kartik0604 said:

hi im new. Peace

At 22:18, Dec 21, 2007

JackHerrickJack H said:

thanks for fixing the pt link!

At 15:26, Dec 22, 2007

FlicketyFlickety said:

Whimaway: A High Quality Author
Refill Waterman 6404.jpg

Recognizing your continuing, excellent high-quality contributions that you make to wikiHow: Thanks for your superb, clear instructions helping educate thousands or millions. Your dedication to high quality is a shining example to all at wikiHow in your vital part of wikiHow's mission, as you continue sharing your expertise so freely.

At 20:27, Dec 24, 2007

ChoicefreshChoicefresh said:

Please only use one NFD tag per article. If you have more than one reason, include them both in one tag.


At 18:00, Dec 30, 2007 said:


I've been coming to WikiHow for the articles for a while now but i have never edited or participated till now. I want to know how to quote someone in a talk page. Can you help?


At 20:14, Dec 30, 2007 said:

Thanks but we'll see.

I was considering creating an account a few months back, and I may return to do so later. I really don’t know.

Sadly, the reason I wanted to know how to quote, was things people I knew were saying before Christmas left me a little confused. And when I checked the site and found out it was true, a lot disappointed. Maybe it wouldn’t have made much difference. I don’t know.


At 04:24, Jan 02, 2008

SoccerocketSoccerocket said:

how do delete your account

At 18:49, Jan 03, 2008

FehFeh said:

Hi, thanks for telling me how to welcome users!

At 04:49, Jan 04, 2008

Mash317MA said:

That's because I removed the commercial link. Need to have a non-commerical link in the article.


At 05:00, Jan 04, 2008

Mash317MA said:

You bet! I wouldn't mind anything from Web MD, Dr. Koop, etc. as they are not out fishing for business directly. Also, there is ADAM too.

At 01:47, Jan 05, 2008

Acute_crazy6Acute_crazy6 said:

Hello thanx for inviting me i guess or welcoming in!It is really nice of you.Ummm i pretty much no how 2 get around but could you give me sum advice my grades are dropping low and i have to go to Saturday school!!Wut shood i do? plz help me plz and thank u!!

At 22:11, Jan 05, 2008

CherryCokeRox08Danielle said:

What did I do something wrong???

At 00:19, Jan 06, 2008

CherryCokeRox08Danielle said:

Oh ok sorry im just REALLY tired and sick and I'm kinda out of it. =D

At 00:27, Jan 06, 2008

CherryCokeRox08Danielle said:

Oh ok well thanks!!!

At 00:30, Jan 06, 2008

CherryCokeRox08Danielle said:

Can i ask you a question?

At 00:42, Jan 06, 2008

CherryCokeRox08Danielle said:

Well my dream is to be a fashion designer and live in nyc when i grow up i know people think its crazy but thats my dream. Im not bad or great at drawing but.... I donno do you have any advice??? =D

At 21:32, Jan 06, 2008 said:

I was just wondering what nfd stands for?

At 02:30, Jan 07, 2008

CherryCokeRox08Danielle said:

Thanks a lot [=[

At 03:49, Jan 10, 2008

Isle15Bob Fernicola said:

Hi,I cant figure out how to delete the first article abot dog food for german shepards.Please tag the make your own dog food article thanks

At 04:57, Jan 11, 2008

Ashok-VigneshVignesh said:


At 19:57, Jan 11, 2008

FehFeh said:

Hey, Thanks a bunch for the info! I really needed it! Feh

At 20:09, Jan 12, 2008

Kairi1361997Kairi1361997 said:

thanks i`ll need that

At 23:13, Jan 12, 2008

KageRulez98KageRulez98 said:

Thats so cool! My fav line from any of the Lemony Snicket books is "The world is quiet here"

At 23:14, Jan 12, 2008

KageRulez98KageRulez98 said:

AND Harry and the potters. Now that is just TOO cool. I Like the song Fourth Triwizard champion. Search google for The Remus Lupins for some more HP bands.

At 23:17, Jan 12, 2008

KageRulez98KageRulez98 said:

wow. Your page just keeps surprising me. I love Phillip Pullman and I am working on reading The golden compass right now.

At 23:19, Jan 12, 2008

KageRulez98KageRulez98 said:

I saw the movie. Thats it.

At 23:34, Jan 12, 2008

MrsBMrsB said:

Ah! Sorry about that - my finger slipped! Have undone my revert.

At 00:49, Jan 13, 2008

ZackZack said:

"Examples of names that would be in direct violation are: -Names that might imply a position of authority on wikiHow, such as admin, wikiHow...
Examples Of Violating Names
-Names that violate the username policy:
o wikiHowsysop...
o wikiStopper..."

At 00:52, Jan 13, 2008

ZackZack said:

Everyone here is a wikHow user, but we all must agree to follow the policies.

At 01:24, Jan 13, 2008

FehFeh said:

Hi, I am trying to import an image from Flikr (pressing import free photos) but it just says "Does not find images with the criteria" but anything I type it cant find. Is this the same with you?

At 02:34, Jan 13, 2008

FehFeh said:

Oh okay... Thanks!

At 03:12, Jan 13, 2008

FelicitaFelicita said:

thank you for your help on the pictures!

At 03:36, Jan 13, 2008

FehFeh said:

Hi, Someone named User:The-voice is trying to edit your userpage. I reverted it because I dont know if they have your authorization to do so. Shall I stop them from editing your page or will I roll it back to The-Voice's edit?

Thanks. Feh

At 03:49, Jan 13, 2008

FehFeh said:

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