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At 14:04, Nov 01, 2014

AlabasterAlabaster said:


I made a change to your proposed template and thought you should know. - That is, if you ever stop back by. (I hope you do, and, if so, Serendipitee is now operating as Alabaster.)

I hope and trust all is well in your life.

At 22:52, Nov 27, 2014

Sarah_the_gymnastSarah_the_gymnast said:

Happy thanksgiving!
Happy THanksgiving.png
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At 03:30, Dec 14, 2014

Sarah_the_gymnastSarah_the_gymnast said:

On this beautiful day of

09:43 UTC
wikiHow has 193,218 articles.
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At 05:43, Dec 14, 2014

DoviconDovicon said:

happy holidays

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At 06:39, Jan 23, 2015


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At 03:49, Jan 24, 2015

Anny12342004Anny12342004 said:

hello I was wondering how to create a um thing

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At 19:04, Apr 11, 2015

Sarah_the_gymnastSarah said:

Hey Shinako ! I wrote this new article called Use Life Hacks. Do you think it has the potential to be a featured article? I spent a lot of time putting in the photos, weaving links, etc

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At 12:58, Aug 04, 2015

EbdEbd said:

oh yeah thanks i am good

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At 04:07, Aug 17, 2015 said:


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