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I have gone on a short wikibreak.

You may leave a message, but I won't be able to reply.

If something needs immediate attention,

ask in the Forums or notify the Administrator Notice Board.


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Image Mood2 04.png

My Talk Page Archives (Courtesy of PancakeParty)
Archive 1 Archive 2 Vacation Messages Help Request

Please do not post any nonsense (ex: siofhnekj feifbeuiwe), vandalism (ex: Changing a message into something rude, putting words into peoples' mouths, or changing words without the original poster's permission. Think twice: I RC patrol.), testing (ex: Any codes), or rude comments (ex: "You shut your fat a** mouth and stop being a b***h you little mother f*****!). I will delete them at once and will notice it right away. Feel free to use the control panel, archieve box, or boxes. Thank you!

EditWhat's This?

This is where you can leave me messages while I am on vacation. Only use this for when I am on vacation. If I am, I will leave an early notice. I will get back to you when I can. If you'd like to go to my normal pages and are here by mistake, go to whatever archive you want to go to in the box above. Thank you. I just will leave the wikiBreak there since if you're here, I must be on one. ^o^ Haha.

At 21:28, Jul 11, 2008

OhmigoshcutieOhmigoshcutie said:

Okay, just do whatever you'd do on my normal pages. :) I'll get back to you.

At 22:55, Jan 12, 2009

XAngelx♥MARIAH♥ said:

Play My Very Own Poker Game This is a link that goes straight to my latest article! This article is a fun article to learn how to play a game that I have resently created. I have not yet chosen the name for this game... and I am giving the Wikihowers a chance to choose the title! Just go to the discussion page of this article and type in the name that you think is best.

NOTE: This article is up for deletion as well... to keep it from being deleted, please vote for it to stay up in the discussion area.

Thank you,

♥Mariah♥ (XAngelx)

p.s. I love your userpage it is so cute!

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