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At 20:09, Apr 27, 2015

MushyKetchupMushyKetchup said:

Hi Muntashir,

Thanks for joining our community.

Since you're new, feel free to take the wikiHow tour to learn about how things work around here.

Please leave a message on my talk page if you have any questions about contributing to wikiHow!

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At 00:09, Apr 28, 2015

Patrol-CoachPatrol Coach said:

Oops! It looks like you accidentally approved a bad edit in while patrolling recent changes just now. That's okay though; you're still learning. I undid a batch of your recent patrols, to play it safe and have those edits reviewed again. I just want to make sure no bad edits were accepted while you're still learning your way around RC patrol.

If you haven't already, read our article on How to Patrol Recent Changes and give it another try! I'm happy to answer any questions you might have about patrolling. And remember, if you're not sure what to do, just press the "skip" button and you'll do fine :)

The Patrol Coach

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At 00:15, Apr 28, 2015

AnnaAnna said:

Hey Muntashir!

Thanks so much for helping out with patrolling! I know it can be a bit tricky at first, but don't worry - it's normal to get feedback, ask questions, and skip the edits you're not positive about. Do you have any questions so far?

I hope you stick around and keep enjoying editing! What kinds of topics are you most interested in here?

At 01:14, Apr 28, 2015

AnnaAnna said:

Oh neat - always nice to have new folks around who know wiki well! How do your experiences compare so far?

At 01:33, Apr 28, 2015

AnnaAnna said:

Fair enough! Those are a great way to get your feet wet around here anyway. Cheers for chipping in!

At 03:03, Apr 28, 2015

AdelaideAdelaide said:

Hi and welcome! Wow, you made a top-notch call rolling back the vandalism on Freeball in Gym Class :) Kudos!

Also, I see that Anna provided some awesome advice about patrolling. She's a very welcoming contributor and is always happy to help, but if you have any more questions, feel free to let either of us know!

At 15:52, Apr 28, 2015

AnnaAnna said:

No prob :)

At 00:22, Apr 29, 2015

AdelaideAdelaide said:

Sorry, I don't know much about translation. Please email

At 21:05, Apr 29, 2015

Skyler-MccoySkyler Mccoy said:


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At 16:09, Apr 30, 2015

Skyler-MccoySkyler Mccoy said:

How are u

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At 19:49, May 01, 2015

Skyler-MccoySkyler Mccoy said:

What is myth

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At 18:50, Oct 20, 2015

Nur-ShakilNur Shakil said:

Where do I apply for the WikiHow Bangla project ? Make a how to of it pls.. Then more can join. ty

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At 13:40, Jan 21, 2016

Emrul-HasanEmrul Hasan said:

hey! where are u from? are u from bd?

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