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I'm taking a wikiBreak!

If you leave a message, I may not reply.

Sorry, but wikiHow will have to wait.

At 05:05, May 06, 2011

WhimawaySarah Eliza said:

Thanks for helping out adding images :)

Welcome, MattIntellectual!

Lily 9691.jpg
Hello, MattIntellectual!

Thanks for signing up at wikiHow, a free, edit-able how-to manual! I personally delivered this message to you and am not a machine. As such I would be delighted to answer any questions you have about wikiHow. If you prefer you can of course use the search feature in the upper right-hand corner or look at some of the helpful links below. If you would like to ask me a question or just say hello, you can reply to this message at my talk page.

~ Sarah Eliza

If you're interested, there are wikiHows in different languages:
Português - Español - Français - Nederlands - Deutsch - العربية - Italiano - 日本語

Getting Started
Getting Help
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  • wikiHow User's Manual

At 04:10, May 07, 2011

MaluniuMaluniu said:

Thanks for helping out on Recent Changes Patrol!

Patrolling is wikiHow's first line of Quality Control, and it's awesome you want to lend a hand! There's a lot to learn when you start patrolling, but a few guides can help:

How to Patrol Recent Changes
Interactive RCP Tutorial
How to Do a Manual Revert
Expert Tips & Advice on Patrolling

Some Patrolling Basics to Get You Started:

  • Article edits: If they're accurate and helpful additions, hit Mark as Patrolled. If they're vandalism or involve unnecessary inclusions of brand names or external links, hit Rollback. If they are helpful but are not in wikiHow style or format, or the edit contains mistakes, do a Quick Edit to fix the change.
  • Articles needing lots of help: If you come across an article with many mistakes, you can use Quick Edit to fix them up, or add templates for further editing. If you're not sure what needs fixing, just go ahead and skip it so someone else can add any necessary templates.
  • Talk pages: Generally, messages between talk pages that aren't vandalism or abuse are fine, too. You can mark them as patrolled, most of the time.
  • Discussion pages: Generally, most comments here are fine to patrol, but if you see obvious or repeat spamming, abusive or offensive content, you can remove it.
  • User pages: Most edits here are okay. Only rollback or question the edit if it's clearly vandalism by another editor or contains abusive content.

If you have questions, just let me know, or you can ask the Help Team. Thanks for helping out!

At 22:03, May 07, 2011

JKL1234JKL1234 said:

Good job patrolling Recent Changes! Template:GJ!

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At 04:30, May 08, 2011

Pink_StarPink_Star said:

Thanks for categorizing so many edits, including Become a Beta Test Member ( Club Penguin ). Awesome job! Keep it up!

P.S. - I gave you a thumbs up for this edit too!

At 05:31, May 08, 2011

JKL1234JKL1234 said:

You Make our wikiWorld
Go Around!

Thanks for your impressive edits today and everyday in wikiHow! You're helping create an even more beautiful place to be!


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At 21:25, May 08, 2011 said:

Hey, could you please add photos and a video to the wikihow article "How to Prevent Suspension From wikihow" and understand that it shouldn't be merged because of the reason that I stated in the discussion page.

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At 02:06, May 09, 2011

Pink_StarPink_Star said:

No problem! I'm glad to hear that you're committed to improving wikiHow! :-)

- Pink_Star

At 03:00, May 09, 2011

Pj-minTOHGIN minako said:


Welcome, MattIntellectual!
And thanks for helping!

At 22:23, May 09, 2011

JD1398JD1398 said:

I was just patrolling your edit on Kiss a Boy for the First Time in recent changes. Great job! Thank you.

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At 22:26, May 09, 2011

JD1398JD1398 said:

Hello MattIntellectual. I just stumbled upon your edit to Make a Haiku Poem as I was doing recent changes patrol and I undid it because I think it violates one of wikiHow's policies. I'd be happy to explain in further detail, if you'd like to know. I'm also willing to consider that I misunderstood your edit, and that maybe it isn't against policy after all. Write back if you think that's the case. Really? You turned this article into something unnesicary

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At 23:33, May 09, 2011 said:

Thank you for adding an intro picture to "Prevent Suspension from Wikihow".

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At 23:47, May 09, 2011

JD1398JD1398 said:

Well Matt. In that case I am quite sorry. The modifacation was a great article was taken and replaced with, ' i love waffles' Quite sorry about the post

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At 02:43, May 10, 2011

JackHerrickJack Herrick said:

Thanks for your edits on Fix a Keyboard That Has the Wrong Characters. Even little improvements like that help improve wikiHow! Thanks!

At 16:15, May 10, 2011

Lilmisspimpin36Lilmisspimpin36 said:

idk if you deleted something off my article since you were the last person who edited it or not but i foyu did could you please stop doing it. it is really annoying and i am sick of re-typing. that was just if you deleted it.

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At 00:46, May 12, 2011

Pink_StarPink_Star said:

Hi there, MattIntellectual!

Again, I'm really glad that you're taking such an interest in getting involved in wikiHow.
About the clubs (AKA Projects and Teams), you can find a list of every wikiHow club/project/team here. I would suggest joining only the ones that you have a great interest in and that you feel you can commit to and do work towards. For example, since you seem to enjoy patrolling, you could join the Recent Changes Patrollers. If you want to join a team, their page will give you specific instructions on how to join. Those clubs are really fun, I've joined quite a few and even created my own. You also meet lots of wikiHowians with the same interests as yourself through the projects/teams/clubs.

As for your question about nominating articles for deletion, you can, in fact, nominate articles for deletion. Anyone can nominate an article, but only Admins (basically wikiHow staff) can actually delete it. Read the Deletion Policy to find out more about nominating articles for deletion. Once you've nominated an article for deletion, users of wikiHow will vote via the article's Discussion Page about whether the article should be kept or deleted. If a concensus for deletion is achieved, an Admin will delete the article. If not, an Admin will remove the NFD (Nominated for Deletion) template.

I hope that my answer hasn't been too confusing for you! I wanted to be thorough with it, but it's turned into a novel... :-).
If you have any other questions, feel free to ask me!

- Pink_Star

At 21:26, May 13, 2011

NraninNranin said:

Your edit on Bind Books is great! :)

P.S. - I gave you a thumbs up for this edit too!

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At 00:01, May 14, 2011

BRBR said:

Just out of curiosity, why are you removing harmless talkpage messages from my talkpage? It only adds another edit to be patrolled....

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At 00:16, May 14, 2011 said:

My friend made an account on wikihow and I want to find it but I don't know how. Could you please explain to me how?

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At 00:29, May 14, 2011

Natty-DreadzAbdullrahman Abdullrasooly said:

hi...can you teach me how to write story???????????

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At 10:35, May 14, 2011

SilverSparkzSilverSparkz said:

IMG_4315 2 7286.jpg
Thanks for bringing life into wikiHow...
Congratulations on Becoming a wikiHow Author Congratulations! You have made your first handful of edits on wikiHow and are now a co-author of our shared how-to manual. Of the millions of people who read wikiHow every month, very few overcome their initial fear of participation to make it this far. I, and the other volunteer editors here hope you will continue editing and help us fulfill our mission of building a complete, high quality, multilingual how-to manual. Again, congratulations on becoming a wikiHow author!

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At 16:13, May 14, 2011

AtiliabrownDaniel Fass said:

What's up,Matll?Friends?

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At 19:39, May 14, 2011

JKL1234JKL1234 said:

Nice job patroling RC!

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At 23:00, May 14, 2011

Brielle4evaBrielle4eva said:

Thanks for the thumbs up!

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At 23:47, May 14, 2011

Zebra225Zebra225 said:

I thought your edit to Make Your Own Stickers (Contact Method) was great. Thanks for chipping in.

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At 00:28, May 15, 2011

Zebra225Zebra225 said:

Hey, When i patrolled a recent change, it had a banner on top of the screen. Can you tell me how to do that??

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At 07:49, May 15, 2011

DavecrosbyDave Crosby said:

Americana Washington DC 3072.jpg
Thanks for riding along on patrol today!

At 23:50, May 16, 2011

Spyagent101Spyagent said:

Thanks for patrolling!

At 01:00, May 17, 2011

Ashley_Lover3299Ashley_Lover3299 said:

Ok I'm ok with all that your saying Matt. Lol but it's getting an awfull amount of views and some of the info could be useful. Just keep that in mind when you are deleting it. Oh nd I made both dealing with frenimies things so I feel that I have some say into which one goes and which one stays. I did create both articles therefore I OWN those articles and I have the call. Jesus there's so much freaking drama on wikihow! Lol who knew! I go through this much drama in school lol. Whatever it's all bs anyways…

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At 01:15, May 17, 2011

Ashley_Lover3299Ashley_Lover3299 said:

Dude what was up with that website u gave me? I made an account on it nd its useless idk how to work it it's kinda spammy lol whatever

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At 23:48, May 17, 2011

KrystleKrystle said:

Hey Matt! I just came across your profile and wondered why I hadn't bumped into you yet, then I saw that you've been here only two weeks. Hard to believe because you've made a lot of contributions and seem like a natural! I'm impressed :) I enjoyed reading your essay about how you become more interested in wikiHow. It was especially cool to see that the community dashboard had a lot to do with that. It was developed specifically for that purpose - to show new people hey, there's a whole bunch of stuff you can do to help out!

Anyway, welcome and hello!

At 15:40, May 18, 2011

JackHerrickJack Herrick said:

Hey Matt,

I just read: how cool! It's fantastic to see you really diving into helping wikiHow so much, so quickly!

At 23:51, May 20, 2011

Connor-FlemingConnor said:

Picking up trash from the park 7364.jpg

Thanks for cleaning up wikiHow's trash!

At 23:45, May 24, 2011

KrystleKrystle said:

I was wondering, would it be alright if I featured you in our "Meet a Community Member" widget, which shows in the right siderail of most pages on wikiHow? It would show your avatar, along with a short description written by me. And if so, could you upload an avatar of yourself? It doesn't have to be a close-up (for example mine doesn't show my face) but I find that since the widget is about meeting people, visitors really enjoy seeing a photograph of the person in the widget :)


I like to feature a mix of new community members who are doing great things, mixed with veterans who've been around for a while and are still doing great things! I'll be rotating people sporadically, so I can't say how long you'll be in the widget, but probably for at least a week.

Let me know if this is okay with you!


At 21:56, May 25, 2011

KrystleKrystle said:

Great, let me know and I'll put you in!

At 23:27, Jul 15, 2011

Zebra225Zebra225 said:

Ok thanks for helping me!

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At 10:30, Mar 12, 2012 said:

hehehe,maybe nice too if U read my comment @Camera ....I got 50 $ from my raesch engine ads when I login in my AdSense account on 26 juny'09...then I login again on 1 july'09 and my AdSense account got disabled cos there are many invalid clicks and impressions....Hehe,1 question from me...How to speedingup invalid clicks and impressions ??

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