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At 15:01, Jun 30, 2016

Michael-OtiMichael Oti said:

Please i want to be your friend

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At 18:45, Aug 13, 2016

Galactic-RadianceAlex said:

Ah, I think you misinterpreted - when I said that they're a no-no, I mean in terms of internet etiquette. I didn't mean they shouldn't be discussed online at all, but honestly, those kinds of arguments are better suited to somewhere like Facebook or email, not wikiHow.

I made the comment about LGBT and disabled people because I am one. (I'm autistic, transgender, and... well, I have no clue what my sexuality is, but it's definitely not straight.) I come here because wikiHow is a safe space; I know that here, I'm not going to get shunned or mocked because I'm different. When politics start getting involved, I start getting scared, because a lot of politics these days revolves around the inclusion or exclusion of LGBT or disabled people, and just minority groups in general. I'm sure that others feel the same way that I do. I come here because I know I am (and others are) safe here, and when politics start getting involved, that's when I start worrying that my safety and the safety of others isn't real.

I apologize for reverting the message, but I still stand firmly by the idea that politics aren't meant for wikiHow. It breaks the peace of mind of many people, and I and many others are not comfortable with those kinds of discussions here. (And if those two have a history of discussing politics on wikiHow, then it's honestly probably time they take it somewhere else!!)

I'm just going to bring up a question here that I have: there's absolutely nothing in policy that says that people can't leave messages that just say "hi". However, most people prefer when a message of this type gets reverted. Why can't the same apply to politics? It's completely okay to rollback chatty messages and ask people to take chatting elsewhere - why is this not the same with politics?

At 20:18, Aug 13, 2016

Galactic-RadianceAlex said:

Ah, okay, okay. I apologize, I didn't understand :/ Although if they continue to discuss politics here when they've been asked to move it elsewhere, then would it be okay to contact an admin?

Also, this is going to sound rude of me, but if somebody is anti-LGBT, they need to not voice their opinion on LGBT people. I haven't met any of our great contributors who are legitimately unsupportive - some of them are confused about it, but none of them are actually unsupportive. It's the twenty-first century - if someone doesn't like LGBT people, they need to go somewhere else, not here. Either that, or they need to learn to be indifferent towards them. We don't need discriminatory attitudes here.

At 21:44, Aug 13, 2016

Galactic-RadianceAlex said:

Now hold on, I'm lost - why is it that we can host articles on things like boycotting hate movements (e.g. Autism Speaks) because they're discriminatory towards groups of people, but when I just say that anti-LGBT people need to not state their anti-LGBT sentiments in an area where there's LGBT people, it's suddenly discriminatory towards anti-LGBT people?

At 16:07, Aug 16, 2016

AnnaAnna said:

Hahaha it totally is, totally is. I texted Krystle part way through: ""Anyone who says they are not a resort person is lying." I mean, I definitely wouldn't want to do the big tourist/resort thing for every vacation but for a honeymoon, it was kind of awesome :P - relaxing by the pool with cocktails, walking on the beach, etc etc.

Definitely a total touristy cliche but a great way to unwind after all the wedding excitement :)

At 16:41, Aug 16, 2016

AnnaAnna said:

Oh yeah, I bet - coming at it with fresh eyes, so much beauty to take in. Geocaching sounds like a good way to do it!

I've heard Kauai is absolutely beautiful - we just wanted the super lazy version this time around, instead of the wonderful long hikes and all, hah. But I think next time we'd probably go somewhere else - perhaps Kauai. My husband (eep!) enjoyed Oahu when he went a few years ago, too. So much more to see... now only if we had the time and money!! ;)

At 09:58, Aug 20, 2016

Md.ImranMd.Imran said:

hi maluniu i want to be your freind on the basis of to learn and teach process to develop the knowledge capacity

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At 01:37, Aug 22, 2016

Lilly24Lilly24 said:

how do i become an admin

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At 18:03, Aug 28, 2016

Abukari-muminAbukari mumin said:


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At 03:44, Aug 29, 2016

BatreeqahBatreeqah said:

Thanks for taking the time to help improve Make an Original Calendar!

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