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At 18:00, Dec 07, 2007

D-raeD rae said:

and... we're archived!

At 18:23, Dec 07, 2007

D-raeD rae said:

Party Hat 593.jpg

At 19:45, Dec 07, 2007

BennelliottBennelliott said:


I used this image...... [[Image:732231464_e2ac0d9037_521.jpg] :p

Lovings xxx

At 20:26, Dec 07, 2007

Chris-HChris Hadley said:

Hey D Rae, I just saw that you were on ar.wikihow patrolling changes. That's great :) Is your Arabic good enough to help lead on that project? Bashar and Alaa are great, but they're not nearly as experienced at wikiHow as you are. The site is starting to look pretty good (to me) but I can't read Arabic at all, so it's hard for me to know what needs to be done before we can officially launch it. Regardless, thanks so much for helping out there!


At 00:47, Dec 08, 2007

Dreamgal2Sondra C said:

I finished editing the article. I hope you like it now.

At 03:17, Dec 08, 2007

SlinksterSlinkster said:

Aww, that really stinks about the whole fish thing. Planning on getting any new ones, or is the whole fish thing over for you?

Yes, the scene scene is quite a strange scene-if you see what i mean....

Thanks, the article took quite a while to edit, but it was actually easier than i expected.

Thank you for the whole Wiki-how Contributer thing-very sweet. Good to hear from you!!!

xoxoxox Slinkster

P.S How long should i let my talk page get? It takes a while, since i'm not as popular as you *sniff*, but still...

At 16:16, Dec 08, 2007

CrimsonCrimson said:

The articles look great. I agree about the title change. I can't remember if I told you, but I tagged some more articles. We might need to merge a few. I'll get back to you on that.

At 16:31, Dec 08, 2007

CrimsonCrimson said:

I was looking at Be a Scene Girl and it is a disaster. I'll try to start cleaning it up, but it's really pretty bad.

At 16:44, Dec 08, 2007

BennelliottBennelliott said:

Thanks for helping wikiHow grow into something beautiful.

Hey darlings!
Heeheee thanks, and yeah, I've been editing a lot recently =D
*Big huggles* xxx Love Benn xxxxxxxxxxx

At 16:55, Dec 08, 2007

Dreamgal2Sondra C said:

Great! Glad you liked the improvement.;)

At 17:02, Dec 08, 2007

BennelliottBennelliott said:

Aww ta :D

Yeah I noticed the template on RC XD

What's My Links?

Benn xxx

At 17:15, Dec 08, 2007

BennelliottBennelliott said:

Cheers my dears!

They're not showing up yet..... :S

Benn x

At 17:19, Dec 08, 2007

BennelliottBennelliott said:

Yeayyy! It works XD

Ta darlings! xxx

At 17:26, Dec 08, 2007

Jenora-lia-c.Jenora lia c. said:

hey how old r u?

At 19:06, Dec 08, 2007

Chris-HChris Hadley said:

Glad to know you're interested in helping on Arabic wikiHow, and thanks for the status report :)

What I was thinking of in terms of leading would be asking you to serve as a liaison between English and Arabic wikiHow. Ideally, we need someone with decent skills in both languages, a solid knowledge of wikiHow, and good people skills. I think you're a good fit on all three counts :) and would like to make you an admin on ar.wikihow. This will let you help with translating some of the language file and help keep the site cleaned up if things need to be deleted. You can also be a big help by welcoming and encouraging others, and even just by keeping me and Jack apprised of how things are going on Arabic wikiHow. Because we can't read the language there at all, we can't even really follow recent changes. It would helpful to know what's been done, what's good, what's bad, etc. from a trusted member of our community.

Basically, we could really use your help in whatever capacity you'd like to offer it, and will do what we can to support you!

Thanks :)


At 19:15, Dec 08, 2007

KrystleKrystle said:

Hey! Regarding merging, have you read Merge Pages and Merge Page History? Which articles are you looking to merge? If you want, just give it a shot and let me know when you're done. I can double check and let you know if anything was missed. Since everything is reversible on wikiHow, sometimes the best way to learn is to dive right in and ask someone to look over what you did. =P

At 21:56, Dec 08, 2007

CrimsonCrimson said:

The eye makeup article looks so pretty! =]

At 21:58, Dec 08, 2007

CrimsonCrimson said:

Okay - idea. Since the Scene Girl article is so long, can we not just steal some info on hair and whatnot and smash it into existing articles, then get rid of the bulk of it and make a paragraph with a link to the existing article? Thoughts?

At 22:48, Dec 08, 2007

Kid-ninjaJoshua said:

sounds good

At 00:56, Dec 09, 2007

ChoicefreshChoicefresh said:

At 02:05, Dec 09, 2007

JustplainwierdJustplainwierd said:

Hey D Rae! I just wanted to tell you that when I was patrolling edits, I ran into a ton of edits like this: Hello! Good site! Thank You!vchudavbqwe If you could help, it would be extremely appreciated. Also, I will try to help you guys in the Behavior Saviors project!

At 04:01, Dec 09, 2007

LuckyBearLuckyBear said:

Dear D rae,

Hello there. I have noticed that Jenora lia c. has been asking wikihow contibutors personal information. I feel that Jenora lia c. should be blocked from wikihow for good. I cannot block him/her because I am not an admin, that is why I am asking you. So, may you please block that user from wikihow? Thanks for your time

Sincerely, LuckyBear

At 05:22, Dec 09, 2007

SlinksterSlinkster said:

You poor, heartbroken fish owner...Seriously though, that really is a shame-especially since your fish actually lived through being sick (thanks to me)-most fish cark it once they catch something. Still, i don't want to make you feel bad, so i'll keep my trap shut.

Okay, cool-thanks for that. And yes, you ARE popular-it's plain silly to disagree. Just take a look at your talk page! *tsk tsk*....

Okay, i'll see what i can do to the scene girl article. Thanks for the-ahem, "Huggles", as you call them....Is that snuggles and hugs???


P.S Thanks, once again!!

PP.S Ha ha, bet you thought i wasn't going to give you these:xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxo....

At 05:25, Dec 09, 2007

SlinksterSlinkster said:

Hey again!

I just looked at the scene girl article-it didn't seem to bad to me. I'm sorry though, i don't have enough knowledge on the whole "scene scene" to edit it..*Guilty Sniff* I'm so sorry, i feel so awful....

At 02:29, Dec 10, 2007

KageRulez98KageRulez98 said:

Do you have the new Hannah Montana CD? If so do you like East Northumber High? I LOVE IT!

At 16:04, Dec 10, 2007

BennelliottBennelliott said:

wow darling!

Thankies muchly!

I shall put them on my "mylinks" for easy copy/pasting =D

Lol... i enjoy this RC stuff. :P

Hows you anyway my dears? Benn xxx lovings xxx

At 16:05, Dec 10, 2007

FlicketyFlickety said:

Thanks! They're a weakness of mine... Local store makes them 24/7 can you believe?! Mmmmm all right!


At 16:15, Dec 10, 2007

BennelliottBennelliott said:

Why yes..... you must have picked up that I have a twin from my bebo comments. :P


p.s. Oh.... have you seen the {{tl}} template? I made it, is so useful!

Benn xxx

At 16:21, Dec 10, 2007

BennelliottBennelliott said:

It explains it on its template page... erm... I suppose if you see for yourself what I mean, I used it on the BSP page: [1]

Benn xxx

At 16:28, Dec 10, 2007

BennelliottBennelliott said:

I'm free =D

Also... I've put some examples on there for people... {{tl}} =D

What's up my dears? *HUGS*

At 18:24, Dec 10, 2007

Chris-HChris Hadley said:

Hey D, It's great having your help already :) The traditional/modern Arabic distinction is exactly the sort of thing I wouldn't know about. I'm also not really competent to decide which way we should go. Is one more of the standard than the other on the internet? Maybe Arabic Wikipedia could be a guide. What do you think?

At 20:03, Dec 10, 2007

CrimsonCrimson said:

Oh yeah, merging is sooo much fun ...

At 01:33, Dec 11, 2007

LuckyBearLuckyBear said:

I am so sorry D rae, I thought you were an admin.. my mistake :(

At 05:12, Dec 11, 2007

JadaJada said:

Hi D rae, I noticed how your page is colorful, could you do that with mine? My user name is Jada. I would like the colors red and black. message me about this if you can. Bye! Jada

At 22:15, Dec 11, 2007

BennelliottBennelliott said:

Heya darling ;)

Aw, I'm glad you're better =D

What's doggy? Ah I'm off not this friday but the next, go back in January some time, then I'm seeing Lukey at his University =D

Oh yeah I know about the colours - it's the same template as for the userpage...... and what with the Xmas re-vamp and all that, it suited better in white, and I can't be bothered to add extra parameters just for the talk page - even though it would take me like...... ten seconds.

Love and hugs my darlings, really really really BIG HUGS! Really big hugs....... hugeness hugs.... Benn xxxxxxxxxx

At 14:03, Dec 12, 2007

Loiswade42Lois Wade said:

The title is fixed... enjoy!

Anything else? I'm happy to assist!...

At 15:27, Dec 12, 2007

DavidScottWarrenDavidScottWarren said:

Yo D Rae i need your help yet again<im such a noob>. Im wanting to place a list of articles ive written<only 1 so far but i have another planned...> and articles ive edited<major edits only> but i dont know how to make the text on it links unless i use the html code<im sitting in html class right now>, how do i do it the wikihow way?

At 15:40, Dec 12, 2007

DavidScottWarrenDavidScottWarren said:

ok thanks, i got it...i am kinda used to using html code because i took a class and ive been readin books on it in my spare time<Yes, im nerdy to read programming books in free time> so i have made like 30 web pages and so the html code keeps wanting to pop up. Thanks for your help, you've been the most helpfull person ive talked to so far.

At 17:39, Dec 12, 2007

BennelliottBennelliott said:


Yeah I'll take a look at that article for you - yes, Loiswade42 moved it to Apply Scene Eye Makeup due to the spelling mistake in "makup" ;)

What has doggy done then lol?..... does he need a good dealing with or a bad dealing with? =P

Oh I love that... hugs on steroids.... loving it XD

Oh and btw... just to prove to you that I'm never too darn cool to do something - I'm gonna change it - just for you my darlings =D

Lovings and huggage xxx Benn xxx

At 19:00, Dec 12, 2007

FlicketyFlickety said:

Woo hoo! You added the mint chutney to go with the samosas! Way to go! Thanks for contributing such a great article.


At 19:03, Dec 12, 2007

Loiswade42Lois Wade said:

Did a minor CE and format. Would have nominated it FAC, but someone beat me to it. Nice job!

At 23:19, Dec 12, 2007

SlinksterSlinkster said:

Alright, from now on, it's a total tabboo word...

Thanks, that's sweet of you. Yeah, it's pretty tough to handle, that article-almost sent me running...*wipes swet from brow* but i'm good...

Cool-i like your vocabulary...

xoxoxoxo thanks for all the snuggles and stuff-i feel loved....


At 23:22, Dec 12, 2007

SlinksterSlinkster said:

P.S Sorry for the spelling mistake/s, i'm getting lazy these days!! And thanks for the Happy Birthday Message-very sweet of you.

At 23:26, Dec 12, 2007

Chris-HChris Hadley said:

Hey D Rae, Thanks for checking out the Traditional/Modern Arabic question  :) I've mentioned this in my latest email to the editors there. I think they'll be doing some more work on the site shortly, so I may have some more questions for you soon. Hope you don't mind :) I'd really like to see the Arabic wikiHow project continue moving forward and have you be able to edit if needed. To that end, I'd be willing to arrange for you to get an Arabic keyboard if it would help you to contribute there. Thanks for everything :)


P.S. They're right - the chutney article does look great!

At 04:13, Dec 13, 2007

JadaJada said:

Thanks, I dont mind if it makes a while. Bye!

At 09:55, Dec 13, 2007

KalsikumKalsikum said:

Thanks, thanks, thanks... hehe... =)

At 11:48, Dec 13, 2007

ElocinaNicole Willson said:

wikiBeauty Award
Another Dandy 8974.jpg
A salute for your
random acts of beauty.

Your contributions are appreciated.
Thanks for making wikiHow a special place to be.

Thank you for all your thoughtful edits to the teen culture and LGBT articles articles. Your love of people and of wikiHow really shines through everything that you do here.

At 11:57, Dec 13, 2007

ElocinaNicole Willson said:

Just giving credit where it's due really :).

Btw, have you heard of [Be Like Kat Frappacino Kat Frappacino]. According to a new article, she's the hottest new scene queen and I want to make sure this isn't something somebody made up. I'm also going to do the google test, but I thought you might know.

At 12:18, Dec 13, 2007

ElocinaNicole Willson said:

I'm wondering though if we need to notability requirements for the "Be Like" articles. Is the fact that someone has a popular stickam/buzznet profile enough?

At 15:37, Dec 13, 2007

DoggyLover2008DoggyLover2008 said:

please tell me how to be a page designer i love that stuff! please d rae id love it i will do a good job, everyone whos userpage i have done say it is brilliant so hook me up with a job please!!!!!!!!!!

At 17:15, Dec 13, 2007

BennelliottBennelliott said:

Hey love!

"D.... needs to be dealt with; technically, she's harassing users. I'll have a go, but if I come out useless, I'm calling you!" - of course you can darling! =D
I took a look at that callaloo article for you - I haven't done much, but mmmmmmmmmmmmm.... what's yanking your chain with it?

I see what you mean about the aforementioned little nuisance... ¬_¬

Big hugs and lovings to you too my dears xxx

At 17:19, Dec 13, 2007

Chris-HChris Hadley said:

Hey there, Here's Radiantguy's message about the classic/modern Arabic thing. Sounds like he's thinking along the same lines as your suggestion:

Actually there is not a modern or traditional Arabic, there is classic Arabic (I guess that what she ment by traditional Arabic) which is similar to the Qur'anic Arabic and that's more complex than the classic Arabic used these days, plus most Arab uses their own dialects in everyday life.

Wikipedia is using what I like to call simplified classic Arabic and I am trying to do the same on wikihow, it's true sometimes I might embed unconsciously a word of modern Arab dialects here or there but I do fix it when I notice it, I might miss them so if she could point them out I would be happy to fix them.

Thanks for everything, and please keep me in the loop if there's any support I or Jack can offer with this :)

At 18:07, Dec 13, 2007

CrimsonCrimson said:

It's so much shorter now! Way better than before, no comparison.

At 20:40, Dec 13, 2007

BennelliottBennelliott said:

Oh my god... oh my god.... oh my god - wow - someone that I have never even met respects me some much. Well. I am flattered to be frankly honest =D *embarrassed*

Oh I took a look at that dress! Well... imho... the material is great but I'm not sure on that red colour, it seems to clash a bit too much with the grey - but that grey material looks wonderful! I'm not too keen on cartoony animals on clothing myself but.... hmmmm....... I don't know love. I love the train on it, I reckon it would look so nice with white fimbriations, but with a lot less of those monkeys, but that's just my opinion =D

Ahh cool, although - I hope she doesn't bother too many people again.

Lots of lovings xxx *hugs* xxx Benn xxx

At 20:43, Dec 13, 2007

Blabla96Blabla96 said:

Oh yeah!!! The driver turned the radio on. Rox!!!

At 21:13, Dec 13, 2007

BennelliottBennelliott said:


Yes of course I shall copy-edit that for you my darlings :)

Oh...... I'd feel so incredibly guilty if you sent me anything - I keep saying I don't want anything for my birthday but people always disagree with me :P I'd feel so guilty, I don't need anything my dears - all I want is Luke (although he hasn't offered to buy me anything yet..... hmmmm.... ;) )

Are you sure my dears? The only thing I could do with is some more books of squared and lined paper and a new biro - I keep chewing mine to pieces lol XD

  • Big huggles* xxxxxxxxxx Benn xxx

At 21:58, Dec 13, 2007

KestrelladawsonaAnne Dawson said:

hey, for some reason when I click to edit "grow old and be happy doing so" under the un-categorized pages, it tells me that the page hasn't been created. However, the article itself comes up as being written with a full intro, steps etc. Just wondered if you could help.


At 00:00, Dec 14, 2007

SlinksterSlinkster said:

Yes, he's adorable...Oh, you don't have to worry about the snails-one of 'em got shell cancer and it turns out that it's hideously contagious. However, i do like the look of stick insects...what d'you think? Should i get a fresh army?

Yeah, you're pretty worser than i worse-and cool is that...ha ha, i beat you in the grammar lacking department!!!

I reckon you should get a kitty-i just love cats. They're easier to look after than dogs, but they still give you something to love-plus, they're like little (in some cases, big) balls of fluff-or fuzz. They're just purrfect...that joke is so old but oh well.




At 02:13, Dec 14, 2007

JadaJada said:


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