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At 00:08, May 10, 2008

CloventtCloventt said:

Hello my fellow wikiMonkeys! Just to let you know, I've archived my talk page. Follow the above link to get to it if you want to see what I've been chatting about.

At 22:10, May 19, 2008

KrystleKrystle said:

Hey Cloventt,

Thanks for all the work you've been doing around here. I recently un-merged Shave a Mustache and noticed your name in the page history, so I just wanted to explain why. I agree that the content in Shave a Mustache is not really specific to mustaches and isn't very helpful at all. The thing is, we only merge articles when the titles are interchangeable. If the content is similar, a "stub" tag or even a nomination for deletion is usually a better solution. The reason is that if we tie up a distinct title in a redirect, no one will ever be able to use that title in the future, even if they do have specific info that would make it a good article. At least, that's what it says in the wikiHow:Merge Policy. I hope you understand--I didn't want you to think that I un-merged it for no good reason. Thanks again for your help and--if you disagree with my decision, please let me know! I might be overlooking something.

At 21:50, May 21, 2008

TwilightauroramistMerciless Rainbow said:

On your comment on Make 800K Everynight W/O Playing:

The game in question is Maplestory. Yes the article's title didn't tell you what game it was but the article was in the category Maplestory. (I'm not saying I like the article. It not only needs to be "cleaned up" but it has to be changed to Wikihow Format.)

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At 02:09, May 24, 2008

TwilightauroramistMerciless Rainbow said:

You're welcome. The article is messed up.

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At 21:25, Aug 16, 2008

FlicketyFlickety said:

Cloventt: All-Rounder Extraordinaire
Smarties Inverted Double Spiral ( 1,2) 6977.jpg

You're an incredible All-Rounder!

You've been helping in a myriad of ways.
Thanks for being such a great member of the wikiHow community!
You're dedicated to at least three of the following:

Creating articles or fixing stubs.
Categorizing, copyediting or formatting.
Removing personal references.
Checking for accuracy or copyright issues.
Weaving links or adding relateds.
Adding images, videos or illustrations.
Patrolling or boosting new articles.
Participating in the forum or helping others.
Awarding others and appreciating their efforts.

At 00:21, Aug 30, 2008 said:

have you ever done a ding dong ditch

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At 01:15, Oct 05, 2008 said:

you are really dumb this is how you spell it AIPOM

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At 05:29, Feb 02, 2009

JackHerrickJack H said:

Logo 50000 sr 9253.png
50,000 thanks.
Because of your dedication, inspiration and hard work, our community just accomplished something amazing. We created 50,000 articles that have educated over 124 million people last year. Wikis are a collaboration of talented, generous individuals. And you are one of the important people who make this magic possible. Thank you for making the world's how-to manual possible.

At 17:14, Mar 30, 2009

PearlcandyPearlcandy said:

Use proper grammar you silly creature

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At 14:56, Jun 01, 2009 said:

it's aipom idiot

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At 15:59, Jun 16, 2009

Adam-Lambert-fan!Adam Lambert fan! said:

Aipom like pokemon aipom?

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At 16:55, Jun 17, 2009

Chris-HChris Hadley said:

Wow, thanks for the patrolling. I haven't seen your name on the list for some time. Welcome back :)

At 03:12, Jun 19, 2009

Drew1228Drew said:

I didn't clear it, but I sure am glad it's gone! It was weird... I personally think that user should be blocked, just in case...

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At 03:18, Jun 19, 2009

MaluniuMaluniu said:

Sorry this is a few days late; saw your name in RC.

Alpha Xi Delta Welcome Back Rock 8.25.10.jpg

Glad you're back.
Missed you!

At 03:19, Jun 19, 2009

Drew1228Drew said:

I think so. I mean, that was his/her only contribution so far, but it is a weird one. Maybe just observing him/her would be best for now. I don't know. What do you think?

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At 00:55, Jun 20, 2009

DeflectionDeflection said:

Thank you, Cloventt. I registered as you requested.

-How to become an atheist-guy.

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At 01:15, Jun 20, 2009

JackHerrickJack H said:

Hey Clovenett! Welcome back. I hadn't seen you in a while. So happy to have you back here. Thanks for your help on RC patrol. Did you notice the new "quick edit" feature? If so, did you like it?

At 02:06, Jun 20, 2009

DavjohnDavjohn said:

Thank you. It means a lot hearing kudos. I'm trying to get into wikiHow as much as I can, but not get overwhelmed. Thanks for the notice.

At 02:30, Jun 20, 2009

MaluniuMaluniu said:

Thanks =)

At 03:51, Jun 20, 2009

JackHerrickJack H said:

The best practice is to just ignore chatters. When we roll them back or revert them we create a really negative atmosphere on the wiki. It is better to just tolerate them. :)

At 00:25, Jun 22, 2009

Lillian-MayLillian May said:

Just removing whitespace after receiving a note from Webster. He said: "just make sure the "noinclude" tags are right next to the intended template contents." So I was fixing my previous edits.

At 00:29, Jun 22, 2009

Lillian-MayLillian May said:

you're a good patroller - thanks for checking it out...

At 01:25, Jun 23, 2009

GluttedGlutted said:

Thanks for the thanks. Would you like me to leave more patrols for you and your friends? Or would you enjoy being able to do other things?

At 18:06, Jun 24, 2009

Lillian-MayLillian May said:


At 20:20, Jun 24, 2009

KaminLKaminL said:


The Neutrality Project

We promote neutrality and eliminate bias.
If you see such an article, add it to our page.

Your help is appreciated!
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At 23:42, Jun 24, 2009

Super_writeSuper_write said:

Hello Writer Cloventt: I thank you for the mediation and the understanding that you did provide to myself and the person whose username I shall not mention. (I have no problem with the link just above to my userpage, btw, you do not have to do the remove).

And for your offer of answer question: why - great thankyou! I find many helpful people here, with much good intent. I have discovered only one person who constantly harass all my contribution, the person whose username I shall not mention.

My first question to you is: There was an instance in the article of Be an Imperialist where there was great collaboration on the Discussion:Be an Imperialist page, where it had been decided to not do the delete of the article. And hence, in according to the HowofWiki's Be Bold policy, I did the remove of the NFD tag. And then, the person whose username I am not allowed to mention quickly put the Tag of NFD back, along with the warning on my talk page.

Now I have the stigma of belonging to the category Users who do the remove of the NFD tags: - which, in this case, I do not think is just.

Especially, in the case of that which did happen: another writer on this, the Wiki of How, did come along and re-remove the NFD tag - the writer User:Eric W. Now because it was not me, User:Super_write, the person whose username I shall not mention did not mind at all! Where in the policy does it say that once an NFD tag on the article, must always be the NFD tag on the article? The collaboration on the topic was done with the decision to remove NFD tag... Did the person whose username I shall not mention even have bother to check the page of discuss before revert my edit and leave my with the message of warn? I do not think so.

For what, to settle this, I would like to happen is this: Please do the remove from my user_talk of the message that is the warning about the remove of the NFD because the community was in agreeance - I was not of the mind to try to hide an article that was to be deleted. I was not the vandal. I made the contribute to be bold and do as the community wanted, as per the page of introduction to How the Wiki.

I send you much thankyou for your time dedicated to the discuss, Super_write

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At 04:40, Jun 25, 2009

Super_writeSuper_write said:

Ah, why thanks to you kind Sir: User:Cloventt, for now I have the understanding of "not remove some tags".

I take not that other tags say, "clear up this issue/problem/suggestion then the tag is yours to remove" - such as clarify

Perhaps the tag NFD could be changed to suggest that only administrators should remove the tag - this would save some confusion and errors like mine from reoccuring in the future.?

Thankyou very much for you time.

You may take interest in new article: How of Do the upgrade to version 1 of VLC from standard package of 0.9 in 9.04 Jaunty Ubuntu linux based operating system


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At 21:03, Jun 25, 2009

Super_writeSuper_write said:

Hello Writer of the How of Wiki:

Writer:Cloventt - Yes, I see the article has had a "make title to a different one", and that is good for it shows interest of collaboration and the spirit of the HowWiki to make the articles increase of usefullness to our viewers out there on the world wide of the internet.

As Jane does the write on my user 'talk to the Super_write' page of discussion: While this title isn't as precise as yours was, I think you'll agree it is easier to link to, and people will gain an understanding of what the article is about after visiting it. - her write does hit the dot on the centre mark of the dot, in which I mean it has a high level of precision.


Your friend and mine,

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