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At 21:28, May 13, 2009

RockyRaccoonRockyRaccoon said:

I'm sure you get this a lot, but... ;)

Americana Washington DC 3072.jpg
Thanks for riding along on patrol today!

At 21:33, May 13, 2009

RockyRaccoonRockyRaccoon said:

Nick said he already put my name in the nominations... he's been oh-so-subtly hinting (more accurately, nagging :P) for a while, and I finally decided to go for it. :)

At 22:14, May 14, 2009

Eric-WEric Wester said:

hahaha, you crack me up. Do I have any nick names, like maybe the little little junior boss? Just kidding! Have a great night, BR!

At 23:42, May 14, 2009

KirbyMeta Knight said:

At 23:51, May 14, 2009

KirbyMeta Knight said:

Just a reminder...

I'm not trying to be mean!

At 22:12, May 16, 2009

AllyandabiAlly said:

Hello! Great work in RC patrol today. I can not keep up with you. You are bumber one in my time zone, I am a meerly close number 2:-)

Americana Washington DC 3072.jpg
Thanks for riding along on patrol today!

At 22:18, May 16, 2009

AllyandabiAlly said:

hehe:) You know what I meant! Any ways, prepare to face RC defeat! Although, I am sure when you get back you will casually rightfully claim the number one spot again:)



At 14:00, May 17, 2009

AllyandabiAlly said:

Hehe! I finally beat you last night. Yesterday was my best patrol day! I patrolled over 500 edits!!! Yay!

At 00:36, May 18, 2009

TheHowToGuruTheHowToGuru said:


Thanks for your message and sending me details of your guidelines.

I do have an avid both interest and experience in various topics that have a seious impact on our daily lives as per my contributions.

I look forward to placing further contributions.

Once again,thank you for writing to me.

Have a nice day!

At 00:54, May 18, 2009

TheHowToGuruTheHowToGuru said:


Thanks for your response and kind words.

At 04:23, May 18, 2009

Nic-Franklinnicole said:

arent you a big boy for ignoring me!!!

(that, btw, was blatant sarcasm)

At 04:30, May 18, 2009

KirbyMeta Knight said:

The Patroller's Barnstar
BR, thank you so much for your outstanding contributions by patrolling! Without you, wikiHow would be vandalized all over the place! Keep up the good work! Again, thanks so much for your excellent patrolling! - Meta Knight

At 19:15, May 18, 2009

TheAnimalBATISTA ROX said:

hi umm i was wondering how do u merge because my new article is NFD for neednig merged but i think that the two articles are differnt one is how to and mine is how to know when. please help

At 23:46, May 18, 2009

Mimi-LiangMimi L. said:

Thanks for reverting and fixing up the nasty vandalism here.


At 17:55, May 19, 2009

Cupcake101kelly said:

i still dont understand the real me thing like how do you put ur picture up there or can u not???

At 22:31, May 19, 2009

Cupcake101kelly said:

ok thanks :]

At 00:34, May 22, 2009

Mash317MA said:

Airplane 4582.jpg
Thanks for flying with wikiHow!
Sending friendly thoughts your way...

At 01:10, May 22, 2009

Chris-HChris Hadley said:

Hey, Bob. Thanks for helping bring RC back under control!

At 23:59, May 22, 2009

KirbyMeta Knight said:

The Patroller's Barnstar
BR, thanks for patrolling (people usually give you a {{patrol}}, but I will give you this because it will be a little bit boring, don't you think?)! Your excellent patrolling is helping wikiHow a lot! Keep it up! - Meta Knight

At 01:05, May 23, 2009

JFK_fan060JFK_fan060 said:

Someone wrote something REALLY inappropriate on my page "How to collect gemstones" It said multiple thing that were horrible. After these 'changes' were added to my account it said it was last edited by BR.

At 01:11, May 25, 2009

AlfaprimaJP said:

Hi BR, well, thanks for your indicating me the rules. I'm having a good time here, and perhaps will make some mistakes, but having so many issues to post keeps me busy. See you around!

At 01:49, May 25, 2009

SarawsmnSara Weissman said:

Hi BR, Do we have a schedule for launching the Hebrew project? Thank You, SW

At 02:04, May 25, 2009

KirbyMeta Knight said:

Oh come on, BR! It's no problem


At 02:10, May 25, 2009

SarawsmnSara Weissman said:

Thank You Bob! I'll try to find out what the updates are on this project. Sara

At 16:01, May 25, 2009

BossBlizzerand said:

Americana Washington DC 3072.jpg
Thanks for riding along on patrol today!

At 18:26, May 25, 2009

Chris-HChris Hadley said:

Thanks Bob, I blocked one; the dmbettas user appears to now be 13, so I think everything's OK with that. Appreciate the heads up. Glad to know Florida is wet - I know it's been dryer than usual for a while there.

At 03:58, May 26, 2009

Kreidler2Kreidler2 said:

Thank you very much!

At 11:16, May 26, 2009

DherkesDaniel Herkes said:

Many dryers start to squeal when too many wet clothes are put into the drum. The force needed to turn the drum is greater than the friction caused by the force of the friction of the belt on the drum, idler pulley's and the drive pulley.

Sometimes the belt squeals when the bearing surfaces on the front and rear of the drum wear out. Trapped coins and other metal debris can contribute to the early demise of the Teflon slides than most modern dryers use. These slide bearings can be replaced. I've found that if the belt wears out more than twice, the bearings need replacing too. The idler pulley bearings eventually wear out too.

At 13:25, May 26, 2009

Pj-minTOHGIN minako said:

W cats_205.jpg
Thank you very much for your restoration!
Attach a Clasp to a Cord Choker

At 23:47, May 26, 2009

Mash317MA said:


At 04:14, May 27, 2009

JackHerrickJack H said:

Hey buddy,

Thanks for the work on RC patrol!

At 22:52, May 27, 2009

Ilovepink123Ilovepink123 said:


At 19:40, May 30, 2009

KirbyMeta Knight said:

Rainbows have nothing to hide 7229.jpg

Thank you, BR for being such an AMAZING editor! Your edits are like a pot-of-gold at the end of a rainbow!

wikiHow is head-over-heels in LOVE with your edits! Let's hope the Irish don't come looking for you, because wikiHow wants to keep YOU!

At 22:07, May 30, 2009

Michelle-LynneMichelle Sopko said:


At 22:12, May 30, 2009

Michelle-LynneMichelle Sopko said:

  • giggles* thank you very much, BR! Nice to see you online! I was just spreading some Wiki-Love, and yes, you were correct, I am a new user! I love it here!

At 23:36, Jun 02, 2009

DmbettasMrVampire181 said:

Oh sorry. I didn't know. Thanks for telling me.

At 00:03, Jun 03, 2009

Mash317MA said:

Thanks for your edits on User_talk:

And a cheery hello! Doing a bit of patrol after a busy day doing other things outside of WH.


At 19:56, Jun 07, 2009

WikiWarriorWikiWarrior said:

Americana Washington DC 3072.jpg
Thanks for riding along on patrol today!

At 21:27, Jun 07, 2009 said:

i dont care what u say so stop bothering me get it

At 20:36, Jun 09, 2009

Adam-Lambert-fan!Adam Lambert fan! said:

You're invited to the SOS Project!

We save abandoned stub articles that still have potential. Would you like to join our copyedit, content or nominating team? Consider being the leader of a team!

Feel free to contact me.

At 23:55, Jun 10, 2009 said:

hey there are spotlight articles with lots of sarcasm and irony you havent "paTROLLed"

At 09:14, Jun 11, 2009

MaluniuMaluniu said:

So you're not blocking spambots? =P

At 15:16, Jun 11, 2009

Ilovepink123Ilovepink123 said:


At 17:34, Jun 11, 2009

Adam-Lambert-fan!Adam Lambert fan! said:

Okay, I found you in the admins list and thought you could help me with this, here goes everything,

I want to make a UIB but I can't because I don't know what in heck the UIB articles were talking about. It's all technecally and stuff, which I know exactly NOTHING about.

But just for the heck of it I made one. It wasn't perfect and I wasn't very proud of it, even though I told this person on the site called Ilovepink123 that I was proud of it. Anyways it ended up big but not that big, here this will help,
Adam Mitchel Lambert
This author is an Adam Lambert fan!

I don't want to make another one that looks like this but I don't know how because I told you, I don't know squat about what the UIB articles say. So she (Ilovepink123) sent me a link to admins (and I picked you) and I came here to say will you help me make a UIB?

We've talked before you just don't know it. I was Mitsuki and Wakalaka. I didn't want those users anymore so I asked someone to delete them. It's another long story, and I lollygag because I'm a girl and I want to make a UIB so bad but I can't. So this is my last sentence, Will you help me make a UIB please?

At 18:59, Jun 11, 2009

RockyRaccoonRockyRaccoon said:

Thanks. :)

As for Bmjh, another admin told me via IRC that I needed to "try out my buttons" and they had someone who they thought needed to be blocked... I did take a look at the contribs in order to make my own opinion and I didn't see anything productive towards wikiHow, so I went ahead with the block... but I didn't pay a whole lot of attention to the timestamps. Oops. :P A week off of wikiHow won't hurt that guy anyway, though, IMHO.

At 22:22, Jun 11, 2009 said:

how can you take care of anything?people have their own opinions so whatever you say doesn't always go.Just to let you know,some people on here only leave bad comments to help you improve,It's called tough love

At 23:40, Jun 11, 2009

Adam-Lambert-fan!Adam Lambert fan! said:

I have a 14 year old brother! And I'm and Adam Lambert fan! Yay!

Sorry, that was random. I just got bored. I wish you and your son good happenings! Bye. :)

At 00:41, Jun 12, 2009

Adam-Lambert-fan!Adam Lambert fan! said:

Oh, thats okay! My brother showed me how already. Bye! Thanks for the help though. :)

At 06:53, Jun 16, 2009

KrystleKrystle said:

Heya Bob!

How are ya doing? Is it hot & sticky down there in FL yet? =p It's *still* on the cloudy side up here. Can't wait till that summer drought. =)

Can I get your thoughts on [ these pics]? I asked for and got permission to use 'em, but I'm kind of at a loss for what to do next, since I know about keeping countertops from getting too dirty, but not anything about making them from concrete. =D


At 16:54, Jun 24, 2009

JackHerrickJack H said:

Improver of Featured Articles
Nes fa barnstar_278.png
BR - Your many Featured Articles have educated and informed be about dozens of subjects I previously knew nothing about. Your photographs combined with carefully worded instructions never cease to amaze. Your work has reached millions of readers. Thank you.

At 17:51, Jun 28, 2009

D-raeD rae said:

Hiya BR!
Congrats on the yoyo article - definitely deserves to be SA'ed. Who doesn't love yoyos, hey?
Hope everything's alright on your end. Just felt like dropping by to bother you, is all :)
Happy Sunday

At 09:21, Jun 30, 2009

Chris-HChris Hadley said:

Wow, Bob, you're up early! Good to see you on dawn patrol :)

At 00:36, Jul 02, 2009

Pickleboy1234Pickleboy1234 said:

I'm sorry I trolled on wikihow I want a new start after my year long leave. Please I want to help.

At 22:49, Jul 07, 2009

TrippleHTrippleH said:

hi BR i would like to report Lover-boy he called me a B---h and i think he should be banned cause i did nothing to him for him to start that i did reply to him

At 21:38, Jul 09, 2009

ChiccailovemyfamilyChiccailovemyfamily said:

hi do you know if there are any articles about hermit crabs

At 09:36, Jul 10, 2009

Spawn-ManSpawn Man said:

Hi there,

Sorry to bother you, but I was on IRC tonight and noticed some incivility. This included profanities, calling new users retarded and a miriad of other insults and incivilites, both to myself and the said new user. The firstpart of the conversation was in part fun and games, with I and another user joking around. However, we endevoured to try and answer the new user's comments and another editor began with the incivility.

When I tried to ge the user to stop, he insisted swearing was allowed. I asked if calling people retarded was, and he said that he had been on the IRC for several years and that he was allowed to swear. I looked in the IRC Governance and found that, in addition to the usual civility rules, the line "Swearing, discrimination, hate speech, and other inappropriate content, words, or links are unacceptable."

When I presented this to the user, he stated that the rules on that page had been changed without a vote and that he would get them change. He said that no one would impede him and that he was allowed to curse whenever he liked and that he will continue to do so. He said the rules on WikiHow do not apply to the IRC, despite the link and rules I gave to him. He also said that in Private Chats he also did not have to use the WikiHow civility.

The ordeal was most distressing because not only was the new user shown this horrible side of the IRC, but his queries did not get properly addressed. The user basically thinks he's infalliable and that I, nor anyone can touch him. Since we encourage people to visit IRC for queries and to report vandalism, I personally do not feel this is an appropriate behaviour.

I tried to talk to the user and said that if he ceased the actions, because he stated he had not read the rules before, then I would not take the matter any further. But his insistence to continue in his ways has forced me to report this misconduct and hopefully he is incorrect in his assumption of untouchability.

If you want further information on the issue, contact me via email, my talk page or possibly on IRC if I'm on. I want to see this matter further and I have contacted a few other admins for an opinion.


Spawn Man.

At 09:46, Jul 10, 2009

Spawn-ManSpawn Man said:

Okay, thanks. If you have any advice at all, it'd be appreciated, but yes, it is an annoying issue because some veteran editors think they have a right of some kind to swear and be more incivil than new users. Unfortunately, their weight does not sway with me.

I hope your eyesight gets better! Although it's probably not the same, I squashed my glasses last week and it was horrible not being able to see for a whole weekend lol!

Spawn Man 09:46, 10 July 2009 (GMT)

At 23:58, Jul 12, 2009

JackHerrickJack H said:

So delighted to see your name pop up in the RC widget. Missed seeing you around! How goes?

At 04:18, Jul 17, 2009

HoneygirlHoneygirl said:

Hey BR!

Great job on your contributions.


By the way, do you know where OhioMike is? I recall that you and him were great friends, but he has recently left wikiHow.

At 02:37, Jul 20, 2009

HoneygirlHoneygirl said:

hey, realized that you came onto wikiHow again but didn't respond to my message. Can you please respond? Thanks!


At 01:12, Jul 28, 2009

Eric-WEric Wester said:

Thanks for your edits on Get a Blank Display Name in MSN Messenger. You beat me to it by just a second!

At 08:32, Jul 29, 2009

ElyneElyne said:

A very early good morning to you :D

At 23:46, Jul 29, 2009

AhanhbarbieAhanhbarbie said:

good evening :) take care!

At 01:05, Jul 31, 2009

Chris-HChris Hadley said:

C'mon Bob, a lot of people want to know how to do those things...

(I'm on it :) )

At 01:11, Jul 31, 2009

Chris-HChris Hadley said:

All gone, plus a few others that slipped through the cracks...

At 12:47, Aug 06, 2009 said:

Why did you delete without going through the proper voting channels? Here's my post on the discussion page which was summarily ignored just so you could flex your oh-so-impressive moderator muscles.

When you let your personal power trip go beyond the benefits of Wikihow and genuinely harming it by removing useful information, it may be time to take a step back and more closely examine your moderation policy. Just a thought.

Nominate speedy keep, and a question of possible power abuse on the part of the delete nominator. Inquiring wikihowians NEED to know this stuff, and censoring valuable information like this is fascism of the worst sort.

Why is this even up for discussion? Baffling.

-A Concerned User

At 16:15, Aug 12, 2009

JijigogirlJijigogirl said:

Sorry BR I didnt mean to.

At 16:20, Aug 12, 2009

Chris-HChris Hadley said:

Hey Bob, thanks for the help on RC patrol. It's been quite a while since it's been under control.

At 16:24, Aug 12, 2009

JackHerrickJack H said:

Feels like old times. Here I am leaving you another thank you message for your good work on RC patrol. Thanks!

At 16:32, Aug 12, 2009

9ribbitman49ribbitman4 said:

Hi BR, I am working on an article and I need to embed a video. The video in question is live on Youtube, but the Embed Video search on WikiHow turns up no results for it. I can search the video fine on Youtube, and I am sure I spelled the video title correctly. Can you please help me troubleshoot this?

At 20:07, Aug 18, 2009

5shot5shot said:

Hi Bob,

Thanks for your note.

Just sent this to Kristie. You may find it of interest.

Hi Krystie,

I took a look at the PS article, and it appears that it is more in line with target shooting. Point Shooting in self defense is a different animal. There are different methods as well, Quick Kill, Center Axis Relock or CAR, FAS - for the Fairbairn/Applegate method, and P&S which has been around since 1835. Also the NRA supports the use of PS not sighted for use in close quarters life threat situations. See and

If you have questions, please let me know.


John Veit

At 02:52, Aug 20, 2009

AlchemysticLeunam Negrotemon said:

thanks for the support and for your edits

At 00:34, Sep 02, 2009

Mash317MA said:

Shall I throw my hat in the ring?

And how are you? I'm sure you are busy so I understand.

At 00:42, Sep 02, 2009

Mash317MA said:

I am sure you are in LOVE with DSL. I love mine and wouldn't go back to dial up in a heartbeat. My wikiHow email has been temporarily disabled after receiving a couple nasty grams. You do have my email addy so you know where to find me.

I'll be sending you some funnies soon since I know your DSL can handle them.

At 23:58, Sep 02, 2009

Chris-HChris Hadley said:

Hey Bob, great to see your edits today. Thanks for helping out on patrol. Hope things are going well in sunny Florida!

At 11:16, Sep 03, 2009

WingriderAchuth Arun.R said:

I was just patrolling your edits on Become a Software Engineer in recent changes. You made some great edits on that article. Thank you.

At 03:39, Sep 04, 2009

Mash317MA said:


Could you fix the title on this article: [1]

I was trying to learn something new and futzed it up.


At 14:17, Sep 04, 2009

Mash317MA said:

Thanks for helping wikiHow grow into something beautiful.

Sometimes simple is best: Thank YOU!

At 10:01, Sep 14, 2009

Fragile-girlFragile girl said:

thanks for welcoming me. It's an honor for me to be a part of this site. Such a great site that will help those broken hearted people especially. Nyahaha well, im just a beginner on this site I need to know more about it. Could you perhaps give some tips on how to improve my account? thanks!(^_^)

At 16:16, Sep 19, 2009

WingriderAchuth Arun.R said:

Dear BR,

Can you please tell me how to take credit for an article I started as an anonymous volunteer before joining wikiHow?

Thanks in advance,


At 12:08, Sep 20, 2009

Mountain-DewMountain Dew said:


I recently tried to make the Grow Seedless Watermelons article in French. I managed to publish it, but I think I left the [[en:<articlename>]] in the wrong place. Can you help me figure this out?

P.S.- Here's a link to it:

At 21:33, Sep 22, 2009

Mountain-DewMountain Dew said:

Do you know how to add something that says how many users you've welcomed to your userpage?

At 23:36, Sep 22, 2009

Mash317MA said:

Hey! BR,

I did not put in for admin this time as Jack advised me not to do so. Perhaps next time.

For some surprising, and perhaps exciting news, I put in for a job as an aviation reporter. I've done similar reporting in the past. I wasn't planning on looking for work, but these jobs don't show up that often. I don't have all the qualifications but you never know...and as my mother would say...You don't know unless you try.

At 10:10, Sep 23, 2009

Vatsan34Srivatsan said:

Hey hi, It is a pleasure to be here.Actually I didn't know of such an excellent site as this till today.If i had known before,i would have felt that my vacation was spent in an useful manner by contributing all I can to wikihow.From now on,I will try to send as many books as I can to african kids i.e.,I will try to answer the request for new articles as much as I can. take care!

At 12:40, Sep 23, 2009

Mash317MA said:


Romance is far more important! So get to it!!! As if you needed encouragement :-)

As to the job: I wasn't really looking for work, but it never hurts to apply. I can always say no.

CYA soon!!

At 19:23, Sep 26, 2009 said:

why'd you revert my edits? it was sexist saying you should give up your seat to women. are you suppoirting this sexism?

At 20:10, Sep 26, 2009 said:

please delete my talk page. it was not vandalism. i thought it would be simple. it was sexist, and doen't belong here.

At 10:04, Oct 01, 2009

DwaynieDwayne Augustine said:

i figured it wasnt as quite as you do itbut i just put it in the form of a poem w/ the answer right in it.

At 13:23, Oct 03, 2009

Byzantine-KnightByzantine Knight said:

Pardon me. But by accident my new article is spelled Ba a Monarchists instead of Be a Monarchist. Could you help me change it. I don't quite know how to. Thank you.

At 13:28, Oct 03, 2009

Byzantine-KnightByzantine Knight said:

Thank you. Have a nice day.

At 00:01, Oct 04, 2009

GSNGSN said:

Could you archive my talk page? I'm pretty sure I have to have an admin do it.

At 00:06, Oct 04, 2009

GSNGSN said:

Thanks, I'll do it myself so I can learn for next time.

At 10:34, Oct 06, 2009

ElyneElyne said:

Hey BR,

Just coming by to say hi (I'm so good in rhyming :p ) Hope you are ok. Over here a bit busy and a lot of rain, I never liked Fall :p. See you later :)

At 15:34, Oct 06, 2009

ScrewdriverdelightScrewdriverdelight said:

What does it mean when next to one of my contributions it says, "rollback"? I pressed it by mistake.

At 23:46, Oct 13, 2009

KirbyMeta Knight said:

Eye See You 2550.jpg
Thanks for keeping a look out for changes on wikiHow.

At 20:43, Oct 15, 2009

TabiaTabia said:

Hi, thankyou for the welcome:)

At 21:54, Oct 15, 2009

KirbyMeta Knight said:

That's OK


Thanks though!


At 23:38, Oct 16, 2009

JustisemanJustiseman said:

Americana Washington DC 3072.jpg
Thanks for riding along on patrol today!

At 23:49, Oct 16, 2009

Cb19Cb19 said:


At 00:06, Oct 17, 2009

Memeg666Memeg666 said:

thank you for your consideration, and if i am in need of help, i will contact you.

At 12:53, Oct 17, 2009

7cardcha7cardcha said:

Thanks for your edits on Design an Event Flyer That Gets Attention. thats much better than the other guy thanks

At 10:11, Oct 18, 2009

MilindoMilind said:

Hey, is this [2] good?
AND, could you categorize it too?
AND could you put the steps right?

At 10:19, Oct 18, 2009

MilindoMilind said:


At 23:32, Oct 18, 2009

KrystleKrystle said:

Hiya Bob! How are you?

At 03:16, Oct 20, 2009

JackHerrickJack H said:

So good to see you here on patrol tonight!

At 09:28, Oct 20, 2009

JanjieJanjie said:

hi there! just wondering... i didn't do any edits on my userpage. however, mystats seemed to have become 0 articles and it was just okay a while ago. is the template on mystats have been changed?

At 09:42, Oct 20, 2009

JanjieJanjie said:

i see... thanks!
i'll just check it out later.

At 10:53, Oct 21, 2009

Wingrider94 said:

Thanks for awesome your edits on Be a Singer!

At 05:51, Oct 22, 2009

Silas-CageSilas Cage said:


I apologize for rules and/or guidelines I may have overstepped or broken. I appreciate your kindness in explaining this to me. I was browsing through a few of the topics and decided to share some of the websites that have helped me relative to the topics and, through my ignorance, I obviously disregarded a rule or two. Again, I do apologize and in the future will make sure that it doesn't happen again. Thank you for your help!


At 12:41, Oct 24, 2009

Wingrider94 said:

I am sure you have got this a lot of times but still....... :)


Congrats BR/Archive22,

You're a champion!! Thanks for helping us to get the number of unpatrolled edits Down 2 Zero!! You're receiving this award due to your major role in patrolling. Thank you for watching out for wikiHow!!

P.S. We had no time for a party. We'll let you know about the DOUBLE PARTY!! Hope you'll help out again on our next campaign to patrol! You were great!

At 12:45, Oct 24, 2009

Lemonadestandmaster23Lemonadestandmaster23 said:

hi send me some fan mail

At 15:03, Oct 24, 2009

HelperszHelpersz said:

Hi, BR, I'd like to report Effectsportal for continuously spamming by creating videos - the same ones over and over.


At 15:15, Oct 24, 2009

JackHerrickJack H said:

My hats off to your efforts on RC patrol Mr. BR. Waking up and seeing basically 0 edits patrolled is so great. Many thanks to you and Wingrider!

At 00:49, Oct 27, 2009

Mountain-DewMountain Dew said:

How do you make a table of archives like the one on Dave Crosby's talk page?

At 01:12, Oct 27, 2009

Mountain-DewMountain Dew said:

Alright, I'll try it. Thanks for the help!

At 08:56, Oct 30, 2009

Sakaewiki-L said:

Picking up trash from the park 7364.jpg

Thanks for cleaning up wikiHow's trash!

At 09:23, Oct 30, 2009

FlicketyFlickety said:

Hello! How are you?

At 09:34, Oct 30, 2009

FlicketyFlickety said:

Wow, that's a lot of things to happen these past months! Good for you! Do you have photos of the special occasion? And having a job, that's super news in this climate. And I'm a lot better thanks. Life is full of so many interesting twists & turns, sometimes we just have to roll with them, face the adversity and come out the other side a better soul for it. =)

At 10:06, Oct 30, 2009

FlicketyFlickety said:

Great photos - love is in the air! You've got a lovely family and I can see clearly you all enjoy spending time together. I especially like the pic with your son and the fire - that captured a real "moment". Thanks for sharing these, I feel I know you quite a lot more already! Enjoy the work, catch you later.

At 04:30, Nov 01, 2009

JackHerrickJack H said:

Hey BR,

How goes? :) Fun seeing your edits when I'm patrolling edits.

At 22:16, Nov 01, 2009

ElyneElyne said:

The Patroller's Barnstar
Thanks for patrolling, cleaning up articles and get rid of spammers you do lot of work and just wanted to let you know it isn't unnoticed!, you are a true wikiHero here Bob! Elyne 22:16, 1 November 2009 (GMT)

At 23:11, Nov 01, 2009

Loiswade42Lois Wade said:

Very well deserved Barnstar! Thank you for all you do here!

At 23:24, Nov 01, 2009

Eric-WEric Wester said:

Hey BR. Congrats on the Barnstar! You definitely do a ton of great work here, and we appreciate every bit you do.

At 23:27, Nov 01, 2009

JackHerrickJack H said:


Congrats on this very well deserved Barnstar.  :) Your fantastic service to wikiHow is so very much appreciated.

At 23:43, Nov 01, 2009

ElyneElyne said:

I'm doing fine :) even have some contact from the grumpy guy now and then. Will definitely watch your pictures. You really deserved it :D

At 01:44, Nov 02, 2009

ElyneElyne said:

Really nice pics from your family :) you all seem to look very happy , congrats :D

At 08:58, Nov 02, 2009

FlicketyFlickety said:

Congratulations - you sure do deserve the award. Many times over. It's good knowing wikiHow's in your capable hands - that tricky box thing shows me when you're about and it's comforting. =)

At 01:49, Nov 03, 2009

SuperManMasterSuperManMaster said:

i'm talking about, two with both using welcome links.

At 11:12, Nov 03, 2009

Spyagent101Spyagent said:

Americana Washington DC 3072.jpg
Thanks for riding along on patrol today!

At 22:57, Nov 03, 2009

Lillian-MayLillian May said:


You're a Shining Star at wikiHow!

What a nice Barnstar!!

You deserve it!

At 23:35, Nov 04, 2009

Fruity300Fruity300 said:

Hello I have a question about wikihow!

At 23:42, Nov 04, 2009

GuthrierocksaGuthrierocksa said:

thats ok... i had a feeling that would happen

At 00:22, Nov 05, 2009

Jazzy90210Jazzy90210 said:

Hi, I wrote "How to create an imginary lover." It is flagged for deletion because it is a "joke topic". How is it a joke? Some people have a hard time with real life dating and an imaginary freind can help. Even writers of novels use imaginary people as characters and these people become their "friends". Why not have an imaginary date???? jazzy90210 :) Thanks for the help. And please, help me in fighting loneliness! :)

At 00:30, Nov 05, 2009

Jazzy90210Jazzy90210 said:

Thanks so much! Have a good evening, jazzy

At 00:46, Nov 05, 2009

SakaeLeona said:

Might wanna take care of this IP. They've done nothing but make bad faith edits. I surprised he isn't blocked already.

At 01:24, Nov 05, 2009

Fruity300Fruity300 said:

Hey friend!

Im just wondering if you are a worker here.. If so.. I was just wondering if i could report some bad faithed edits to you???

At 01:31, Nov 05, 2009

Fruity300Fruity300 said:

i feel like since u sent me that message..

that u must be online..

So can i report it to u or not

At 07:09, Nov 05, 2009

Wingrider94 said:

Picking up trash from the park 7364.jpg

Thanks for cleaning up wikiHow's trash!

At 22:33, Nov 05, 2009

KatikaKatika said:

Hey,I'm super new to this, well actually, I've been a long time anonymous user, I stink at spelling sometimes due to the fact that I'm forgetful but besides that... well I'm an English teacher. I loved using wikihow and I'm upset that I can't delete some articles. (that was a joke) But, when I saw the ad for the clean-up toolbar I was like: "thank the lord I can do this.' Unfortunately I was confused, I decided to go with grammar edits and such. obviously with the deleted an entire page, I try to help clean that up. Are there any guide-lines I should follow elsewhere?

At 12:00, Nov 06, 2009

Wingrider94 said:

Americana Washington DC 3072.jpg
Thanks for riding along on patrol today!

At 20:03, Nov 07, 2009

KirbyMeta Knight said:

Eye See You 2550.jpg
Thanks for keeping a look out for changes on wikiHow.

At 00:41, Nov 08, 2009

DifuWuDifu Wu said:

I just saw your helpful edits to Make an Indiana Jones Costume. Thanks for the good contributions.

At 14:10, Nov 08, 2009

SuperspySupershadow said:

I beg you. Please semi protect my userpage!

At 00:48, Nov 09, 2009

DifuWuDifu Wu said:

Nice work on Exercise While Sitting at Your Computer. Thanks for the helpful edits!

At 01:29, Nov 09, 2009

Memeg666Nut-Meg said:

Thank you for blocking Eldehel. He wrote that trolling is fun on his page and vandilized Camelface's. I left a message to another admin. Thanks again for helping wikihow.

At 05:15, Nov 09, 2009

FlicketyFlickety said:

Great article Bob! And the longing I have for a pecan harvest...! It's been years since I helped out the walnut harvest. I digress... I don't see any problem with wikiHow having both articles - they're different methods and both good titles that readers would search for. I'd vote for both being here as distinct articles, only need will be to make sure they're cross-referenced in relateds so that readers can find both. Looking forward to your photos! And send me some pecans, nudge, nudge. If only! ~ Flic

At 06:06, Nov 09, 2009

MelwadeMel said:

Thanks for your work on Shell Pecans!

At 20:08, Nov 10, 2009

LovelyblueheartSparkling Wonder Of The Sky said:

yo waddup wanna be friendssss

At 21:26, Nov 10, 2009

Memeg666Memeg666 said:

High Quality wikiHow Contributor
This barnstar is for being a great editor, author, and admin. You are one of the people who make me want to keep on coming back to WikiHow to contribute. You are the best!

At 00:19, Nov 11, 2009

KrystleKrystle said:

Heya Bob! You tried using the "Embed Video" link on the left sidebar? There are 4 tabs, you have to click on the "YouTube" one to look for videos from "utube" :) Then try typing the exact title of the video into the search box. That should work. If not, just let me know! It's great to hear from you!! I saw that pecan article and it made me miss New Mexico!

At 00:32, Nov 11, 2009

KrystleKrystle said:

Oh, pleeeeease don't give up! I uploaded the videos. They look great! I'm so excited that you're putting up videos!

At 01:09, Nov 12, 2009

Linky1124Linky1124 said:

sorry!I saw it can be edit then I thought that mean I can delete it.I already put it back.

At 02:31, Nov 13, 2009

Linky1124Linky1124 said:

Can I ask a question?
Krystle(another admin)told me that I can advertise like .
My article already imitated that article.
but my article still has a advertise sign.
My question is what can I do to move it away?
English is my second language! So I hope that you can understand what I'm talking about.

At 17:22, Nov 13, 2009

KrystleKrystle said:

Hey Bob!

Yeah, you're right, the page doesn't really need to get deleted. I chimed in and edited a bit.

How was your pecan crop this year, overall?


At 17:23, Nov 13, 2009

KrystleKrystle said:

Hey Bob!

Yeah, you're right, it doesn't really qualify for deletion, so I chimed in and edited a bit.

How was your pecan crop this year overall?


At 22:58, Nov 13, 2009

SuperspySupershadow said:

Great work patrolling!

At 00:44, Nov 14, 2009

SuperspySupershadow said:

30-40kb is WAY too much!!!

At 02:27, Nov 14, 2009

JackHerrickJack H said:


Thanks for your help on RC patrol. It is nice to have RC back under control again. Threee cheers!

At 13:17, Nov 14, 2009

SuperspySupershadow said:

Once again great job patrolling.

At 13:07, Nov 15, 2009

GSNGSN said:

Hey, BR.

I wrote an article a while ago called Play the Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader? DVD Game. It seems whenever you click on the link, it says "How to Play the Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader - does not exist" I think it has somethin to do with the question mark. Can you help me fix the link, change the title or something? I can find no way to access the article.


At 16:57, Nov 15, 2009

GSNGSN said:

I'll contact Travis and see if he knows what to do. If not, I guess I could just re-write the article...

At 20:48, Nov 15, 2009

KrystleKrystle said:

Hey! That was tricky. I still can't figure out how to change the title. I did manage to get to a version of the page that actually shows the page, but my suggestion was to start a new page, sans question mark. Sorry I couldn't be of more help!


At 21:39, Nov 15, 2009

Best-stocksBest stocks said:

Hello Br,

Thank you for advicing me. Look forward to keep contributing.

At 22:01, Nov 16, 2009

Antisockanthony guptill said:

Hey bob is their a easy table opyion for your user page?

At 11:04, Nov 17, 2009

Zoey_zealoticalZoey_zealotical said:

hey there i know this is abot or whatever and most of the messages sent to you dont get read but i would like to know who and why my article was deemed "innapropriate" and deemed to be "speedily deleted" ?? thanks

At 11:07, Nov 17, 2009

Zoey_zealoticalZoey_zealotical said:

I CANT BELIEVE YOU DELETED MY ARTICLE ALREADY! DO YOU KNOW WHO MUCH TIME I SPENT ON THAT????? can i at least please get a copy of it back because i can post it elsewhere if you dont want it here i do not find it in any way offensive or anything else in the deletion policy. my article is hardly deletion worthy! have you even read half the articles on your site? if you had then you would notice that mine is pretty decent! i see nothing wrong with it! i was very proud of it.

At 11:12, Nov 17, 2009

Zoey_zealoticalZoey_zealotical said:

i didnt notice the deletion policy said no swear words

At 23:49, Nov 17, 2009

GSNGSN said:

Thanks for all your good edits today!

At 00:59, Nov 18, 2009

MaluniuMaluniu said:

Our Apple discussion page friend has been blocked for 3 days. I don't think only a day would calm them down. Cheers =)

At 03:01, Nov 18, 2009

Linky1124Linky1124 said:

Could I have you MSN?
I love here so much that I want to make some friend in wikihow.

At 15:41, Nov 18, 2009

Wingrider94 said:


Thanks for taking out the bad guys while on

Recent Changes Patrol.

Your hard work is appreciated!

At 10:20, Nov 21, 2009

Harrypoppyjai said:

...How do templates like {{BASEPAGENAME}} work?

~Thanks, the Martian

At 10:21, Nov 21, 2009

Harrypoppyjai said:

PS, Consider archiving ou page

At 10:23, Nov 21, 2009

MilindoAlienBoy said:

Ooops, sorry, that was me.

Jai is my friends acount. I sometimes use it as a sockpuppet

At 18:40, Nov 21, 2009

GSNGSN said:

Hi, BR.

It seems the hot topic today is a new article, Yell Pickle. Although the article is just nonsense, there seems to be a few people who insist on keeping it (preferably the writer) and we all realize that the article is a joke. I placed a {{speedy}} template at the top of the page in hopes that it will be deleted, and gave the writer a warning + commented on the discussion page.

Please help straighten things out,

At 01:53, Nov 22, 2009

Spyagent101Spyagent said:

great job patrolling!

At 20:08, Nov 22, 2009

Cowlover19Cowlover19 said:

It's Thanksgiving and I wanted to dress up like a pilgrim. I was wondering if there are any articals on this website that could help. thanks! cowlover19

At 20:42, Nov 22, 2009

DifuWuDifu Wu said:

Americana Washington DC 3072.jpg
Thanks for riding along on patrol today!

At 18:25, Nov 23, 2009

Eric-WEric Wester said:

Would you believe it, the next set of admin elections is only about a month and a half away!? I am trying to get our master list of those that hope to participate in the election. In order to make sure that you are included in the next set of admin elections, please read on.

If you received the emails during the last election cycle, there is nothing you need to do - you will be included in this cycle as well.

If you did not receive the emails with information on voting in the last admin election, but you would like to participate in this election, please send me an email or talk page message indicating your interest in participating.

If you were recently made an admin and would like to be included in the next set of admin elections, please let me know so that we can get you included in the next set of elections.

If you were included in the last admin election, but you don't want to participate again this time, please let me know.

At 01:10, Nov 25, 2009

TdubellTdubell said:

Thought that I'd say hi since I have been seeing all the work that you have been doing. I am kinda new here and I thought that you would be a good person to know.  :)

At 22:21, Nov 25, 2009

Christian-DudeChristian Dude said:

Just out of curiosity, why did you uncategorize Do a Professional Looking Photo Shoto at Home?

At 00:05, Nov 26, 2009

DifuWuDifu Wu said:

Thanks Bob!

Happy Thanksgiving 9592.jpg

Happy Thanksgiving!
personal message

At 04:10, Nov 26, 2009

Sbmb101Michael P Serignese said:

Hey, what's up. I'm wondering if I could talk to someone about getting my account deleted. It's like a festering corpse that I have to haul around on my back. It's flesh, partly picked clean from birds and waterfowl, is dirtying my clothing, giving me a bad name so to speak. It crams my smoldered psychosis into a dreaded whirlpool of madness. The current lapping on me feet, I can't hold on much longer.


I don't want it. AT ALL.

Thank you sir.

At 13:33, Nov 26, 2009

Christian-DudeChristian Dude said:

Happy Thanksgiving BR/Archive22!

Be sure to eat plenty of turkey and pie!

And enjoy time with your family and friends!

So once again, a happy Thanksgiving to you!

At 11:49, Nov 27, 2009

Wingrider94 said:

Thanks for reverting my edit on Be a Gamer. I accidentally clicked rollback.

At 11:58, Nov 27, 2009

Wingrider94 said:

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