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On 14:57, 25 October 2008

D-raeD rae said:

Lol, some kids just have too much free time :P But at least all the nonsense brings her closer to the block template, eh?

You handled it well :D

On 19:21, October 25, 2008

MeaghannElyne said:

Shining Star Award

Thank you for all your contributions.
Your dedication is an inspiration to others!

You deserve it Elyne

On 19:28, 25 October 2008

Knowledge-JunkieKnowledge Junkie said:

Thanks. I like to help out.

On 19:34, 25 October 2008

Knowledge-JunkieKnowledge Junkie said:

Thanks. Personal messages are always worth a lot more.

On 19:37, October 25, 2008

MeaghannElyne said:

LOL. Pretty pictures ^_^ and of course I still have your link, and you really deserve the award


and keep ignoring those trolls ;)

On 23:49, October 25, 2008

OhioMikeOhioMike said:


On 15:15, 26 October 2008

TrippleHTrippleH said:

Hey Br can you take a look at be a true undertaker fan? Can you tell me what you think of the video I put in,and tell me if it goes with the article?Thanks


On 17:36, 26 October 2008

TrippleHTrippleH said:

Hey can you take a sook at HOW TO DO BOBBY LASHLEY"S DOMINATOR and improve it if you can?thanks


On 17:48, 26 October 2008

TrippleHTrippleH said:

That's okay but for someone who doesnt know a lot you sure did a superb job on How to be a true smackdown fan.I will start potrolling in a few minuets I potroll a lot every day and it's a lot funner than I thought at first.hey you know batista on wikihow well he is one of my best freinds and he is not really getting on wikihow because no one sends him any messages what should I do?

On 17:59, October 26, 2008

OhioMikeOhioMike said:

Did you and Honeygirl have a lovers spat. Hang in there I'm sure she will forgive you.

On 18:05, 26 October 2008

TrippleHTrippleH said:

Alright.Thats what I told him I told him about the chat room and I just might of found soumthing he will like the wikihow forums so he can make polls,generalchat,and projects because he loves all that stuff so I guess that is what I will tell him.

On 19:51, October 26, 2008

MeaghannElyne said:

You sure are popular lately :P

On 20:11, October 26, 2008

MeaghannElyne said:

Nice new pics you uploaded, got suddenly a crave for pecans now


On 20:22, October 26, 2008

MeaghannElyne said:

LOL, well can't wait to see them, going to check that article too


On 00:25, 27 October 2008

XxXsadheartXxXXxXsadheartXxX said:

i'm so sorry about my caps lock key! i'll be more careful next time. thanks for the heads up.

On 00:36, 27 October 2008

XxXsadheartXxXXxXsadheartXxX said:

thanks 4 telling me that! i like to scream, so thats how i show that on the internet :P j/k!

On 00:56, 27 October 2008

Mitch-and-Rick2Mitch and Rick2 said:

Sorry bout that.

On 17:10, October 27, 2008

KrystleKrystle said:

Hey Bob!!

I just finished reading Pick up Pecans (again) and now I REALLY miss my days working at the pecan orchards in New Mexico. =) I did a little homework on Google, which says that "how to harvest" pecans is more search engine friendly than "how to pick up pecans". What do you think about a title change?


On 22:05, 27 October 2008

TrippleHTrippleH said:

Hey BR did you did the edits on how to be a true undertaker fan?Because whoever did did a awesoume job.


On 23:50, 27 October 2008

Trudy-AnnTrudy Ann said:

how do i know if I was accepted in the writers free class ?

On 16:00, October 28, 2008

KrystleKrystle said:

Hey Bob!

Sorry to hear about the BIG husking job. At least now the weevils won't ruin the harvest. =)

I've never actually used the push type harvesters! At both of the orchards where I worked, commercial harvesters were used. Give me another year in New Mexico and I might've convinced someone to let me drive the harvesting machinery! =) I did do a lot of orchard cleanup in preparation for harvesting, and a lot of cleanup afterwards for all the branches that fell off when they trees were getting a good shaking. Handling and shelling were outsourced. Commercial pecan production can be so unromantic! =P

I added two videos - take a look and let me know what you think! I couldn't find any good footage of tree shaking.


On 01:30, 29 October 2008

General-JacksonGeneral Jackson said:

Sorry about that. Just add it again. Besides, I won't patrol for a while


On 11:00, 29 October 2008

AamayAamay said:

First of all, how do I know that I am accepted in the class, I have got a reply from you stating that I am welcome..

Secondly, if so, where are the lesson because I really want to participate, understand, and contribute afterward.

Thank you very much

On 16:12, 29 October 2008

D-raeD rae said:

You can't beat them mushrooms, Bob :P I really need to start paying attention when I'm on patrol..
Thank you for the laugh :D

On 04:14, October 30, 2008

KrystleKrystle said:

Hey Bob!

The new pictures look great! I added some captions based on your years of experience. =) I enthusiastically think that you should write an article on shelling pecans if you have the opportunity to do so! There doesn't need to be a HUGE audience, but we'll probably have the very best page on the web on shelling pecans, so please, go for it! Let me know if there's anything I can do to help!

Another crisp, sunny day here in Oregon, and I'm treating every one like it's the last for the season, which it very well might be. =)


On 09:42, October 30, 2008

TtrimmTeresa said:

Dude!! Aren't you supposed to be asleep!?

On 09:51, October 30, 2008

TtrimmTeresa said:

So tell me, is it hard to make yourself spell rong???

Have a good day at work. I am going to go try to sleep now.

On 14:30, 30 October 2008

EmmayoungEmmayoung said:

thanks for appreciating my page "how to turn a dream into a reality".i'm from Uganda, East Africa. its a beautiful country with hospitable people and a rich cultural heritage. what do you think is the best thing you can do for me?send an E-card?jokes!have a great day.God bless your for making the wikihow page worth visiting.

On 20:54, 30 October 2008

WikiaholicWikiaholic said:

Thanks for the welcome!

On 23:25, 30 October 2008 said:

well have u sent he one cuz she called me a jerk and a brat

On 09:50, 31 October 2008

EmmayoungEmmayoung said:

easy, i will continue writting on wikihow page.have a great day.

On 01:48, November 1, 2008

TtrimmTeresa said:

Elementenhain 8812.jpg
Thanks for some impressive edits!
You totally rock!

I want to say thank you for all of your notes and for your work that you do. I, and a lot of users, sincerely appreciate your work.

On 03:05, 1 November 2008 said:

BR, What is the reason for removing the wowdetox link from the WoW addiction entry? It's a fantastic website that has help hundreds of people overcome their addiction with WoW...doesn't that suit the nature of the article?

On 12:46, 1 November 2008

BusbyheadMartyn P said:

You do know that dates are automatically put into NFD tags when you save, don't you?

On 21:31, 1 November 2008

WikiaholicWikiaholic said:

BR, I want to start an article,but I don't know what to write about or how to make it the best it can be.Please help.

On 02:25, 2 November 2008

FlicketyFlickety said:

Ta for the nice award. Much appreciated.

On 05:41, 2 November 2008

Mash317MA said:

Been busy trying to get McCain elected. Always active with politics when the need arises.


On 16:09, 2 November 2008

WikiaholicWikiaholic said:

I could use a little help on what sort of article topic to write about. I am interested/experienced in:

  • Coin Collecting
  • Stamp Collecting
  • drawing
  • cooking
  • origami
  • writing
  • rocks
  • literature
  • math
  • zoology
  • business

Please reply. Thanks!

On 15:38, November 4, 2008

KrystleKrystle said:

On 20:56, November 4, 2008

TtrimmTeresa said:

As my ever resourceful 'go to' guy, I was wondering if you could take a look at this article and do some 'mechanical' type of cleanup...or any kind. I can finish it, but I hate to work on something completely alone that needs that much work on a topic I don't know about (of which I have to admit, there are a few).


On 03:06, 5 November 2008

WikiaholicWikiaholic said:

Ok, thanks for all the help!

On 13:24, 5 November 2008

SteiniSteini said:

I wasn't actually alive in the 60's/70's, but most of my family is still living in that era, and I have picked up quite a bit from them. I'm glad that you appreciate my edits!

On 19:54, 5 November 2008

TremendoTremendo said:

Thanks BR>>>

Sorry it took so long though I am working on several other projects.


PS:Please review my article on "How to be mindful when writing or editing here"and, help me develop it into creating awarness when we write here.

On 00:47, 6 November 2008

JackHerrickJack H said:

I think what you did there seemed like a good move. That guy looked like a spammer.

On 02:12, November 6, 2008

TtrimmTeresa said:

I am the one who tagged it. There was just WAY too much involved in fixing it and I didn't have the required knowledge. After pulling out the non-article stuff, little was going to be left.

On 02:24, November 6, 2008

Eric-WEric Wester said:

Your new article is looking great!

On 02:30, November 6, 2008

TtrimmTeresa said:

Is that guy in your article one of yours? He's a cutie!!!

On 02:32, November 6, 2008

TtrimmTeresa said:

Stellar quality, as usual. I think you make mistakes to make me feel useful!!

On 04:54, 6 November 2008

JackHerrickJack H said:

Cool. Looking article. I can assure you that I don't have anywhere near the skills to operate one of those. But hey, it sure looks cool!

On 05:49, 6 November 2008

Chijindu-EgbuneChijindu Egbune said:

what is the reward in joining this group that is, is there an income

On 18:19, 6 November 2008

FlicketyFlickety said:

I was tired last night and talk paged myself. This was meant for you:

You're most welcome and thanks for scurrying the spambots of this evening. It is odd how they pick on certain user pages and have done for years...

I think it'd be fantastic to see a series of power tool articles. I would love, love, love to see that here and if you're up for it, I'm cheering. More handyperson articles is precisely what will make wikiHow a really useful how-to. Thanks for continuing to add these super articles.

On 06:39, 7 November 2008

FlicketyFlickety said:

Oh I don't worry. I make mistakes for a calling. It is what makes life interesting. Adding worry would just slow me down. =)

I am looking forward to all your articles. You might give me a nudge so that I can read something decent in NAB. Tonight I have had crazy hair, lanky hair, imitation mango juice for baby dolls, scene queens, emo tweens, tech decks, wannabes... UP TO HERE! I like it when I find your articles, or Teresa's, or Lois' or LadyBlair's or one of the handful of other bright and brilliants who take the time to add material here that is interesting, readable, a joy to edit and useful. Sigh. NAB is hard work currently. So with that, maybe the NFD reviewers will excuse my grouchy comments.

You said this: Honestly, my vision is doing poorly, so my son may one day use these articles to begin a hobby/trade in woodworking. I think that is one of the most noble reasons I have read for why we add knowledge here. I think leaving knowledge for the next generation(s) is a very strong and compassionate reason that compels a few of us here and it really delighted me to read your touching and honest explanation of it. Thanks. =)

On 09:38, 7 November 2008

Mr-handsomeMr handsome said:

Oops I made a mistake.

On 02:48, November 8, 2008

KrystleKrystle said:

Whoa. You just improved the article 250 percent. That was fantastic information. I don't know what we'd do around here without your experienced eye!

It's now perpetually wet up here in Oregon, but the temperatures are still fluctuating. Still, after two years in the desert, I really don't mind all this moisture. But I do miss the pecans! =)


On 03:33, 8 November 2008 said:

Thanks for removing the bad word from my user page (even though I'm not supposed to have one).

On 12:32, 8 November 2008

Mr-handsomeMr handsome said:


Thanks for your valuable contributions that have helped wikiHow grow from a small project to a high quality website. Your words have educated thousands of viewers and thus you have qualified in all manner to be a High Quality wikiHowian. Again thanks for all your edits and hope you stick around wikiHow.

Mr handsome

On 14:02, 8 November 2008

D-raeD rae said:

LOL get off RC, Bob! :P

wikiHow Contributor with a Good Sense of Humor (GSOH)
For always looking on the funnier side of things -- wikiHow isn't as boring when you're around. Your sense of humour is *always* appreciated, Bob.

On 02:47, 9 November 2008

SimondoSimondo said:

Using PREVIEW sounds like a good idea. I didn't realise the proxy indicator nature and imposts downstream of those multiple saves, so thanks BR - will do! Simondo

On 13:47, November 9, 2008

MeaghannElyne said:

Thanks for your message ;) i will check that out , the last couple of days i've been bunching you :p

On 13:51, 9 November 2008

D-raeD rae said:

Glad you liked it :D
Do keep sending me those links, eh?

On 13:52, November 9, 2008

MeaghannElyne said:

Pretty cloud pictures, I like them a lot ^_^, nice colors too.

On 23:37, November 10, 2008

MeaghannElyne said:

Thank you so much for helping out patrolling, was kinda feeling lonely patrolling around today :S, thanks


On 23:47, November 10, 2008

MeaghannElyne said:

I think I stay up for a couple of more hours, holiday tomorrow ;) and help you out for a bit Nice to see you to btw :p

On 2008-11-11T01:23:19

Phy1729Phy1729 said:

On 01:59, November 11, 2008

MeaghannElyne said:

Thank you

looking forward to see more pics :P

On 02:12, 11 November 2008

ArakniD852ArakniD852 said:

Oh, OK. Thanks for telling me!

On 2008-11-11T02:17:46

Phy1729Phy1729 said:

Quite true. In that case I suggest Cnet be removed also.

On 14:35, 11 November 2008

TrippleHTrippleH said:

Hey thanks for the advice when I asked about batista it worked he is getting on now.Thanks I told him about the forums and he asked about how to give a response to people who leave a post on general chat I am not really sure I like doing polls more again thanks

On 00:05, 12 November 2008

TrippleHTrippleH said:

Hey BR you know the small templates such as this author is a member of the formating project well do you know the template name for this author is a dog lover?

On 01:37, November 12, 2008

MeaghannElyne said:

Cool looking forward to see them :) and I saw that :p well I like blocking them too so ;) anyways, I had a great holiday

,have fun on whatever you still going to do ;)

On 16:07, 13 November 2008

TrippleHTrippleH said:

what is the code for this author plays guitar?Thanks

High Quality wikiHow Contributor

you earned it


On 02:02, 14 November 2008

TremendoTremendo said:

Thank you BR,

PS: I will moving along to greater things know.

Sorry for the incomplete task. Not my style. Not my gig. Not my Motto. Christ in us will change that some day.

Take care, Tony

On 03:21, 14 November 2008 said:

wat son so u remove my comment cus u cant txt more dan me?! punk asses the web...

On 22:41, 15 November 2008

JackHerrickJack H said:

Ooh. Cool photos!

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