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Marissa said:


Runescapepro123 said:

when you write an article, how do you do the advanced search where you can change it to bold, or italics? please respond.

Janie said:

Hello I am new on here and just learning, if I knew how I would tell you. Perhaps we can both try to find out and the one that finds out first can tell the other one. said:

yes he is a wrestler, the current wwe champ

Horses4Ever said:

Just popping in to say thanks for your recent work on the horse articles :) It's about time someone cleaned those up

Cipher_nemo said:

Hello Ben,

You recently edited the article Speed up a Windows XP Computer. Please visit that discussion page to my message about that change. Thanks!

Sondra C said:

Ben, Create Your Own Cash Cow, the related I added were from the new system, and not ones that I myself chose...I could not imagine I using those wrong ones said:

How the heck can you have made 20,000 contributions to this? I couldn't even read 20,000 articles in 10 lifetimes!

Be Happy said:

Recently "Care for a Green Tree Frog" was nominated for deletion. The info seems okay. I know alot about frogs. Sondra C keeps saying that it will be merged or deleted because "Care for a Frog" has similar info. I disagree. There are many varieties of frog and the info is not similar. I contribute to the page and don't think it should be removed or merged. Please get back to me. Thanks

Be Happy said:

Thanks said:

FYI - in the FTP Picasa Photos in One Click wiki, the program FTP Syncronizer - Home edition doesn't seem to exist, at least at the creators page. COuld probably find it elsewhere though.


Shauzia said:

I find you on wikihow qutie a lot!

Shauzia said:

I meant Quite a lot

KnowItSome said:

Your help needed, Ben. Have you checked your email in the last few moments?

Blabla96 said:

The Powerpoint article that was most recently edited by you was mine in the first place. Thanks. I can't belive how much it's improved since it was first written!

Devin Dyspepsia said:

Hey, thank you for making my Apple Spice cake article much better and organized. I have a question. How do you get the ingredient box in there?

Devin Dyspepsia said:

Yup, thanks a bunch ben.

Flickety said:

Dedicated wikiHow Contributor
Awarded for tirelessly improving articles, contributing amazing amounts of professional edits and for adding terrific writing. Also for helping others and for quietly achieving the betterment of wikiHow. wikiHow's consummate professional

Jeanine said:

Thank you for simplifying the article and improving it. I have been thinking about the title also. I am not quite sure what to change the title to. It does bring in religion at the end, but that last step seems so essential. Do you have title ideas?

Jeanine said:

Ok I fixed the title, thank you for mentioning it. Here is a copy of my reason for doing it.

This title is shorter and seems to fit the article better. The word guilt implies that the person is doing something wrong. In this case I feel that self doubt is more what homeschooling mothers suffer from. So what they need is more confidence. Thus "How to Homeschool with more confidence and less stress" fits this how-to better.

Sondra C said:

Congratulations for the Award you received.

You certainly earned it. Without you, wiki would never be the same. Your edits are done without fanfare, but make so much of a difference in creating a better wikihow.

Jack H said:


Thanks for all your work on merging and new patrol and elsewhere. This barnstar is very well deserved. Thanks for making the wiki how to manual possible.

aj said:

Hello, I created an article called "How to Do a Sonic Pen Trick", it is up for a featured article honor. Could you please give me a second of your time and visit it. Please leave any comments or opions on the discuss page or contact me. Thank you AJ.

Master Tyler said:

anon user has made several disruptive edits. I believe they should be blocked. Thanks said:

dude, are you in a similar situation? this is nick. said:


Brandywine said:

Hey, check out the Speedy Category. I marked one, but wanted to get another opinion before I deleted it.

Brandywine said:

Thanks for checking! :) said:

Hi, Can you please delete the most recently modified version of the page "How to Avoid Colloquial (Informal) Writing"? Someone has gone to the trouble of making the text perverse. Hopefully you can block this malicious person as well. thx.


Nyx Abbing said:

Grüße! Sie sprechen Deutsches?

Mein name ist Nyx Abbing. Es ist nett, Sie zu treffen.

Rob S said:

The article was one of about 4 or 5 that was split from one huge article that needed formatting. It seems that the first character of each line there was cut off, for an unknown reason.

Most of the ingredient amounts are self-explanatory [i.e. "/3 cup sugar" is "1/3"], but others, I'm not entirely sure.

I may just have to evoke my nonexistent culinary judgment. :P

Brandywine said:

You know, I just happened to check out your BIO on Popmatters, and I knew I'd seen your name before wikiHow. You do great work! :)

Brandywine said:

PS - It is a tragic shame you do not like U2. ;)

Brandywine said:

You'll have to send me a link when you finish it. Oh, and for what it's worth, I wasn't aware "wrong" could be qualified. But as a fan of old school U2, I'll take what I can get. You must at least appreciate The Joshua Tree - that's a classic!

Nicole Willson said:

Thanks for helping wikiHow grow into something beautiful.

I know I haven't talked to you much in the past, but I just wanted to thank you for all the copyediting grunt work you do. It doesn't go unnoticed.

Alison King said:

Hi I know you are an administrator and I was wondering if you could answer a question I have. I was looking at the discussion page of "How to decorate your locker" and saw that there are many kids and pre teens giving out their emails which I am sure you know can be very dangerous. Is it WikiHows policy to remove these addresses? If so can anyone do it under the edit this page link, or should only an administrator do this? Thank you for your time. Alison King.

Alison King said:

Ok thanks a lot.

Horses4Ever said:

Hey, sorry to bother you, but the new, improved WI project needs your help. Please read this forum thread for more information. Thanks!

Bananapancakes101 said:

An easy way to know that you're producing your high notes correctly is to place a finger on your larynx (voice box or "Adam's apple"), then sing up a scale to see if your larynx moves up higher on your neck. If so, this is the INCORRECT method. This is the most common mistake made by ameatuer singers. To overcome this will take time, patience and a lot of staring in your mirror. My voice coach also made me hold my tongue with my fingers and sing to feel when my tounge was getting in the way of the sound. Don't take these methods overboard to "force" the correct sound to come out. Simply use this as a test like you would use a level to see if something is straight.

HI!! I READ THE ARTICLE ON THIS SITE ABOUT SINGING HIGH NOTES. I WAS TRYING Out the thing above and my larynx does move up. what do i do 2 overcome this??

Katie R. said:

Hi, Ben. Can you delete this? Get Music on Your Webby

Katie R. said:

Oops, I'm sorry...Get Songs to Put on Your's just advertising.

Katie R. said:

No problem. =) said:

ben ben ben didnt ya know i changed it its a 10 yearold sayin this is not wat u should be readin

Katie R. said:

Hi, Ben...I'm pretty sure Wtf isn't an acceptable article.

Katie R. said:

Hello, again...this probably isn't appropriate either.

Katie R. said:

Hi, Ben, long time no talk. How are you?

KnowItSome said:

You got a sunburn in DC? This time of year?

KnowItSome said:

I guess so......are the cherry blossoms out?

KnowItSome said: never know when they will pop out. Exactly ten years ago, they made an early appearance and were in full show on this date.

I hope you had a nice trip.

Craig Burrows MBE said:

I have just noticed that the article I wrote:

Has been removed and now points to the article:

Seeing as the article made many good points and was much more coprehensive that the article that now replaces it I thought I would ask how this was possible? Thank you for any help. Your original comments where what pushed me to keep polishing it.

Thanks, Craig.

JeanSlone said:


I was trying to add an external link which I thought was very relevant to Plasma TVs.

The topic was:

My link was: http://www. fixya. com/support/browse/flat_panel_televisions

Unfortunately for some reason the automatic spam reacted and did not allow me to add it.

Fixya is a Techsupport/troubleshooting and buying guide which can be use for free. I believe that this site is very relevant and will help the user of Wikihow!!!

Please see if you can help me

Thanks in advance


Katie R. said:

Hey, maybe you can help me...what does this log mean?

Katie R. said:

Oooh...thanks. =]

Katie R. said:

Oh, I used to live in D.C. Crazy traffic every morning. =P

Sondra C said:

Are you around? I need a title change please

Sondra C said:

thanks Ben...hey, its been along time since we keep hiding.)

David Bergstein said:

Hi Ben. I am asking if my page is now acceptable: How to appreciate George W. Bush. If not, please advise me on how to fix it. Thank you.


Craig Burrows MBE said:

Thank you Ben. However I never saw any discussion when I was monitoring, which I did frequently and the page that has replaced it lacks a lot of the essential points that had been made and also garnered a lot of positive comments. It also always came top when searching for stress which is not the case with the page that has replaced it.

I am loath to start a new page as I do not want to be argumentative but I suggest the wikihow Admins look into this.

Thank you for our kind response.

Craig. said:

"It's like a cartwheel but you don't put your hands down" said:

hi, First off i am the original auther of the page. If you dont believe that, oh well. Yes Japanese families do pass the bones of deseaced family members to each other with chopsticks.

Below is list of event that would happen at a japanese funeral. To se the original text go to

On the funeral day the body is cremated. The guests take a first meal during that time in the crematorium. Afterwards, the relatives pick the bones out of the ash and pass them from person to person by chopsticks.

The actual funeral ceremony is then held by Buddhist monks according to Buddhist rituals. Many guests are present at this ceremony. Each of them will pay about 20,000 Yen to the relatives and receive a small gift in return. At last, another meal is held.

The urn is put on an altar at the family's house and kept there for 35 days. Incense sticks (osenko) are burned there around the clock (special 12 hour sticks for the night exist). Many visitors will come to the house, burn a stick, and talk to the family. After 35 days, the urn is finally buried on a Buddhist cemetery.

The Japanese visit their ancestors' graves on many occasions during the year: especially during the obon week, the anniversaries, and the equinoctial weeks.

There are certain things (e.g. concerning chopsticks) one should not do in everyday life because they are linked to funeral rites and death, and are, therefore, suspected to cause bad luck.

Dirtbikes193 said:

hey I am wondering if you can delete the article that i made because i just kind of put camping and it wrote hot camping eitch it didnt make sense so I am wondering if you can delete this article. the article is hot to camping or camping. Thank you.

Katie R. said:

Heads up.

Ghgfyulu said:

Hi I am Michelle Tu. I like your comment. (giggle) said:

hey don't fix my articles. they are perfectly fine and accurate. so write your own damn article and stop fucking mine up!!!!

Adrian monk said:

Thank you for editing my article. Hopefully it will get better and better as time goes on!

Waited said:

Hey Ben, I was just checking out [this article], and I have to ask: was your edit to the last sentence of the intro meant to be as funny as it is?


D rae said:

Augh, I dunno, teen angst I suppose. But your version is much better, your right. Change it back, by all means.


Sondra C said:

are you around..?

Sondra C said:

This is a FA tomorrow, and needs a title change for misspelling of the words. Can you please do it now so that I can do the links...thanks

Sondra C said:

Thanks but Jack said the spelling is the default and cannot be changed. Look at the history.

Thanks anyway..;)

Horses4Ever said:

Can you please block this user and delete Template:Kill & Template:Unblock, created by that user. The anon was previously a registered user named Hellish Killer, but was blocked.

Mao said:

You are mean.

Mao said:

Why would you say a thing like that on Teach Yourself the Basics of Karate

Mdotley said:

Thanks for catching my silly spelling error in Save-Your-Home-from-Foreclosure. :-)

KnowItSome said:

Thanks for your question on Take a Shower. Steps 4, 7 and 9 do not begin per wikiHow format as indicated in The Writer's Guide, where steps 3 and 4 call for verbs:

3. Begin each step with an active verb. For example, "Check the gutter for obstructions," not "You need to ensure that the gutter is unclogged." 4. Avoid use of introductory phrases, such as "In the next step", "The next thing to do is", "Next." "Now that you have done Step 1, here is step 2."

I notice a ton of new articles come in out of format in this particular way, so I have recently written this.

KnowItSome said:

I tend to agree with you. I think I am just reacting to a torrent of articles which completely ignore the rule...

Flickety said: said:

Yes it is true. I have been to a japanese funeral for my grandfather

Sondra C said:

can you delete this please

Dachshundluver99 said:

do you have any pets? any dogs?

Hotinhollister said:

what do you mean by cleaning my srticle up?

Dachshundluver99 said:

I have dogs. They are mini dachshunds. said:

Hello everyone, wanna be part of some kind of community, possible here? anyone here?

Dachshundluver99 said:

Why were you afraid of scallops? I can understand outdoor showers.

Keithbennett said:

Hi.Could you tell me which part of my article on buying cheap specs needs altering.

Thank you.

Mdotley said:

See this:

Mdotley said:

New user -- I thought you might want to know about it, since the user seems to be implying an intimate relationship with you.

Dachshundluver99 said:

oh. Do you know anything about betta fish?

Keithbennett said:

O.K. Thanks.

1guitarhero2 said:

Hey Ben,

I don't think we've ever met before, but I've seen you around. I have a question. When you revert vandalism, and you click on the article that is good date, it says to click edit this page. When you do so, do you just leave something in the edit summary and then click save page? Or do you have to delete something before you click Save page? My question is probably a bit confusing. Please tell me if you don't get it.

Freunde said:

Hey Benrubes, will you please delete [1]? I accidently spelled the title incorrect and already started on the new article with the correct spelling. Thanks, Eric

Freunde said:

Nice edits today!

Heather said:

my inexpensive and comfortable garden seat article does need a title change-I typed the wrong title by accident.

You see, garden seats are like, metal, fancy seats to sit on, while gardening seats are to sit on when planting.

Freunde said:

Happy Birthday Belle! 3000.jpg
Thank you for doing what you do, as an administrator, to make wikiHow a better website and resource tool for everyone. Thanks again!
Blabla96 said:
Hey, no offense, but on the article 'How to Reduce allergies from metal' (I'm not sure if that's the excact title) doesn't the go see a doctor part undermime the whole article? (I don't mean to be rude, just a newbie and curious)
Slinkster said:

Hey, I noticed you read the article "How to choose an i-pod docking station" last year in august. I edited it-just wanted to know what you thought of it now.


Slinkster said:

Hey again!

Thanks for editing my fish article. It's much better now!

Tipset said:

About putting the format tag on the How to Use Microsoft Office Word 2007 Im working on it. its a long artical and I havent finished it yet (I do formatting last). So is it ok If I remove the formatting tag? Thanks

Tipset said:
Oh thanks I haven't looked at all that many tags.
R2d2 said:

How can i becaome a page designer? said:
Thanks for a good site with a very good info. I searched the whole web on this information in find your site! Good work
Dachshundluver99 said:
hey, how r u?
Freunde said:
Hey, do you know much about blocking people from accessing IRC? Ashley 11 is currently on IRC and she has been blocked for 3 months, thus she is circumventing a block. She is using the nickname preppyash on IRC. Thanks. =)
Nancy Shaw said:

Can you do a little admin magic with this person


They seem to be running rampant with vandalism.

Thanks, Nancy

Freunde said:
Hey, shortly after Flickety went into the IRC, but just as Flickety was logging in Ashley logged out. She is pretty good at circumventing blocks! Have a good day. =)
Freunde said:
Hello, could you please block Rah18. You can note my talk page for reasons why. Thank you!
Freunde said:
Never mind, I see Dave already took care of the problem. =)
Blabla96 said:
Hey, no offense, but is there any way that you can merge before you nfd? It might make a better wikiHow site. Why not take the two articles and take it to one? It seems like a better idea than deleting the duplicate topic. Please give me your feedback on this. I want to hear what you think. Maybe it would help me understand what the reason was for your duplicate topic NFD on some articles. Maybe I won't be like "Huh? Why NOT MERGE?" when I see one of those tags. Really, please help me understand the reasoning behind the tag in the first place.
Blabla96 said:
Thanks for the clarification. Do you do the "block users" or "malicious sockpuppets"? (I have some that the result of my message has not came back to my talk page, and I'd like to know if I'm correct in my thinking.)
Blabla96 said:
Are you still on? I did an NFD, and I think the user is mad. I think he might attack me, but I'm not sure. It's kind of a first, but.
Blabla96 said:
Sorry. That was a very stupid idea. said:

most ppl that u are going to trick won t read this page

TipSet said:
Congrats you have at least 10,000 edits! Put this {{High_Contributer}} on your main page to prove it!
B.D.23 said:

thanks for writing the article on how to climb out of your second story window it's really helpful!

your a good person

thanks again

B.D.23 said:
This is intended for a joke. However, there are numberous articles on WikiHow promoting activities such as excessive drinking which is far more dangerous. Not to mention alcohal can lead to more than just a simple smack.
Flynn Wood said:

Aloha Ben,

I noticed you mentioned the formatting had to be updated on my article. Could you be more specific so I can make the proper changes?

I put in verbs in the Step section.

Please let me know if there are any other changes that are necessary.



Axiom said:

Hey Ben,

In the future, can you please use {{nfd|dup|mo/day=date}} instead of nfdupe? We're in the process of phasing out the Nfdupe and Nfdinc tags as per the new dynamic NFD tag. Thanks ;)
Axiom said:
No problem, just letting you know ;)
Flynn Wood said:

Aloha Ben,

I placed the "*" after the "#" as you mentioned. Please check it out and let me know if there's anything else I need to correct.



Fashion chick said:

Hi! You seem to know Wikihow pretty well. Can you help explain things on Wikihow to me? I'm new to Wikihow and it's a bit confusing. Thanks!

Sincerly, Fashion-Chick
Freunde said:
Thanks for helping wikiHow grow into something beautiful.

Hey Ben, thanks for all the hard format work you do. Not very many people are as good as you are at it. Keep it up!

Sondra C said:

Ben, thanks for the clean up on this article I wrote.;)..I forgot to format it after I added the steps from the article itself....duh.

Glad you were watching my back.;)...

Carve a Watermelon into a Tiki Mask
Freunde said:
Hey Ben, just wondering why you put a format tag on How to Deal With Abusive Phone Calls? Thanks! said:
i've seen you everywhere on like nearly every post, nice job man keep up the great work!
Moshman said:
i'm not intirely sure but i have a record as is so i don't plan to find out
Moshman said:

they could try to get you for vandelizm

but you may win the case sence no harm is done to the light

Freunde said:
Do you think it would be safe to remove the {{format}} tag?
Freunde said:
Okay, thanks for your time. =)
Bennelliott said:

Hey Ben can I ask a question; you seem to be pretty "au fait" with wikiHow:

I added the merge template to Stop-Caring-About-What-People-Think-of-You. Do I have to add it to the one I suggested that it be merged in to, and when I have finished merging it am I supposed to redirect that page or leave it to an Admin like yourself to delete it or something?
Bennelliott said:
Thank you, I have almost finished merging it now; I have decided that the Not Care What People Think article suits it best. I shall redirect it if I can; is the syntax "#REDIRECT [[Not Care What People Think]]" ?
Bennelliott said:
Hi, I made the right decision; it turns out that four articles now redirect there anyway (I removed any double redirects :p)
Horses4Ever said:
Hey Ben, if you have a moment, can you please block this user, for an inappropriate username? It contains a "heart" symbol.
Mark R said:

Hello Ben, I noticed you put a formatting tag on the article I wrote How to Recover from a Corrupted Registry That Prevents Windows Xp from Starting Could you please explain what is wrong with the format? I really thought I had it the way it's supposed to be. I'm new here so I realize there are things I don't know yet, but I really thought I had it. Thanks,

~Mark R (MrStrype)
Blabla96 said:

Hi Ben, I just saw that you had done some work on the article, How to Build a Little Boat, which just underwent a major edit by me. I was trying to see if someone that had seen it's article in it's previous state would proofread me. Thanks-A-Million,

blabla said:
Ben, Peter Neilson here. I did a bit of editing on "how to ride a horse" and a few similar articles a while ago. Now I find that I've forgotten my password and cannot log in, and wikihow does not seem to have my e-mail address. Advice, please, to neilson/windstream/net (punctuation munged for s/e/c/u/r/i/t/y).
Mark R said:

Hello Ben, As for the formatting in the article How to Recover from a Corrupted Registry That Prevents Windows Xp from Starting, take a look at it now and tell me if this formatting is what you are looking for. Thanks,

~Mark R (MrStrype)
Beckie said:

greetings, i have noticed that a recent edit of yours has not been conductive to the best wishes of wikihow. unfortunately, people frequently place spam, irrelevant, or abusive information on wikihow. this is lamentable because it detracts from our goal of creating a useful, free how-to manual. the article "how to scare your little sister" has been nominated for deletion seeing as it is mean spirited and harmful to the victim. okay, that's the auto response thingy, but this is a warning. 'kay?

Harold R said:

An article you worked on, How to Do Multiplication a Different Way, is presently being considered for a title change.

Unfortunately, a good title has not been forthcoming, and I was wondering if you could offer some insight on the discussion page of the article.

The potential title needs to be concise and express action. It should also be accurate and express the intent of the article itself. If you have any questions, click below this message to reply to me directly, or talk it out on the article discussion page.

Thanks for your consideration!
Fashion chick said:
Um..Like how to put pictures on my page and make it colorful and how to edit well and what to do aobut vandals.
Medparadise said:

Random question about your xbmc post,

Will the Xbox "Action Replay Max" work? Some forums say I need the original non-max one. I've got it sitting right in front of me, but am not certain if this one will do the trick. Thanks!!

At 21:08, Aug 19, 2007

American-EagleAmerican Eagle said:

I've always wanted to go to Northwestern....

Reply to American Eagle

At 14:28, Aug 20, 2007

Eric-WFreunde said:

In touch with the outside 7822.jpg
The wikiHow Herald

I would just like to inform you that The wikiHow Herald is now live and in action. You can also get the latest edition of The wikiHow Herald sent right to your talk page! (More Details) If you have any suggestions of ways we could improve it feel free to drop me a line. Thanks!

At 01:51, Aug 27, 2007

Halcyon%7ESpiritHalcyon~Spirit said:

You're AWESOME! :)You've been in pretty much every article I've liked. ^_^



Reply to Halcyon~Spirit

At 19:06, Sep 03, 2007

Hbk_fan23Hbk_fan23 said:

hey i need your help i just made a iki page and it says title change and incomplete and it not (that i ) know and i need your help tp help me fix i thank you

Reply to Hbk_fan23

At 19:07, Sep 04, 2007

BennelliottBennelliott said:

Have You Heard About...

wikiProject LGBT?

Our goal is to get all LGBT articles fixed to perfection. Help contribute to these vast and complex topics. While many are well-written, some may be lacking in content or may have questionable accuracy. We can do so much more to improve existing articles and create new ones!

Visit our Project Page!

Reply to Bennelliott

At 06:29, Sep 24, 2007

HowartheHowarthe said:

How to sort and store LEGO toys is a current featured article candidate. You have contributed to LEGO articles before, please help this article reach featured article status by improving it or sharing ideas on the discussion page. Thanks!

Reply to Howarthe

At 00:12, Oct 26, 2007

DarkWhipDarkWhip said:

Crap man...this article has a word error: Avoid Scams in Runescape In...I think the second paragraph has the word "chance" it was supposed the be "change" It is NOT my article but I couldn't edit it... Plzzzz Help...thank's

=0 =)

Reply to DarkWhip

At 17:52, Oct 31, 2007

FactmagicFactmagic said:

Hey I have just (attemped to) fix a stub. Do you think you could un stub it for me? the article is "How to Learn Typing"


Reply to Factmagic

At 01:53, Dec 03, 2007

HollistergirlHollistergirl said:

Have you heard about the song-writing contest in the forum? Go check it out!

Duet 7324.jpg

At 22:34, Feb 09, 2008

XoxoariexoxoXoxoariexoxo said:

Ben Rubenstein,

Hey! Congrats to all your fame! Seems like everyone leaves you messages. Are you a part of the Wiki commitee?

Reply to Xoxoariexoxo

At 19:21, Mar 10, 2008 said:

I made a small change to the page about driving with no brakes. When rolling to a stop up a hill you won't begin to drive backward, you will simply accelerate up the hill (assuming your still conscious).

Reply to

At 03:35, Mar 21, 2008

GorioCraig Burrows MBE said:

Hi Ben,

Thank you for your help before, I hope I can lean on your good graces once again. I wrote an article awhile back that used to come out near the top on searches, it now never features in the search results. The page is still up at:

Try searching on any relevant key words. Thanks again for your help.



Reply to Craig Burrows MBE

At 15:19, Mar 26, 2008 said:


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At 16:27, May 14, 2008

Peter-grayPeter gray said:

i found the article Bathe a Small Rodent

it is made by anonymos and is inapropiate

thought you would want to know

Reply to Peter gray

At 21:49, May 22, 2008 said:

I agree with Ben R. Developing self-esteem has NOTHING to do with buying jeans! The white trash on trash talk shows don't seem to have no problem buying jeans! And a lot of people are shopaholics due to low self esteem.

Trash this post or rewrite it but it is insulting to readers' intelligence! Was this written by an imbecile or someone who thought his readers would be???

Reply to

At 17:19, May 25, 2008 said:

yeah definately

Reply to

At 07:46, May 26, 2008 said:


Reply to

At 16:31, Jun 08, 2008

ThomaspalmerThomas Palmer said:

Thank you, Benrubes!

we here at WikiHow thank you for all you've done. This may be a short message, but if we could put what all of WikiHow thought about you, it may take years to read! Thank-you for helping us build the 193,229 articles we have now! Once again, thank you.
Reply to Thomas Palmer

At 16:37, Jul 08, 2008

PancakepartyPancakeparty said:

VFDlogo 3155.png

The world is quiet here.

VFD needs your help!

Our mission is to keep wikiHow safe and extinguished.

Please respond with the correct response to this question to join VFD: (hint - it can be found on the VFD Homepage).

So, young lady/gentleman, have you been good to your mother?

Reply to Pancakeparty

At 00:41, Aug 07, 2008 said:

I totally agree with Ben!

Reply to

At 13:35, Aug 12, 2008 said:

no a wwe wresler

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At 01:49, Sep 12, 2008

Jolie1996Jolie1996 said:

Are you online

Reply to Jolie1996

At 21:09, Dec 22, 2008

Laptop123Laptop123 said:

3D Star.PNG
I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Keep up the great work!
3D Star.PNG
Reply to Laptop123

At 17:42, Feb 10, 2009 said:

yh but not proffesional

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At 03:01, Mar 01, 2009

Rangers31Matt B said:

sorry, I had to revert a kudos message because a kid said he's under 13.

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At 16:54, Mar 22, 2009 said:

Well, it is unlikely for a 2nd grader's book to get published I agree on that. Not impossible, but unlikely. Plus, the person didn't say how to get it published, just to WRITE it!

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At 00:01, Mar 30, 2009 said:

none of you guys make sence john cena is a perffesional wrestler.i know because im matt cena.i like my brother ba ecause he is my brother and i did not care if he was a wrestler. he wants to kill him self by wrestling he can i do not care what my own brother wants to be.i mean he can atleast get married he is 28 and turning 29 in april.randy orton is married and he is 25 and turning 26.what i am trying to say is my brother john cena is a looser.he lost the world heavy weat champion ship because he is weak.

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At 06:53, Apr 07, 2009 said:

hi iam new hear i want to join you

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At 22:57, May 27, 2009

Ilovepink123Ilovepink123 said:

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At 19:18, Jun 18, 2009 said:

Daisuke Matsuzaka can throw a gyroball and is practically the only one whou has the most break to it.

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At 19:04, Jul 19, 2009 said:

yes he is

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At 15:37, Jan 20, 2010

Trombone-playaTrombone playa said:

hey, thanks for your work on how to form a band, it has really helped me in my quest to have a band

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At 20:44, Feb 15, 2010

Goldie_522Goldie_522 said:

hey, i saw you contributed to the how to mke quiche. ive never made qucihe before or eaten it so i dont know how the end result should be like. But today i made quichee and when i cut it there was water on the bottom. Is that how it should be?

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At 15:01, Feb 25, 2010 said:

how about the twee men fashion? I don't know how to dress up myself like twee

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At 15:15, Jul 15, 2010 said:

Hey since you know so much about tomboy stuff, I'm writing a book with a girl whose a tomboy, do you have any more tips for me on her actions, please?

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At 20:30, Aug 02, 2010

XavierAJonesXavierAJones said:

Hi, are you Jewish?

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At 19:33, Feb 03, 2011

Isabelle-ZitaIsabelle Zita said:

Hello Benrubes!

Are you interested in joining WikiEquine?
We help to improve and expand horse related articles
ranging from how to train a horse, to how to groom a horse.
Want to join? Click here.


At 04:48, Mar 01, 2011

Bbyrd009bbyrd009 said:

Hello. Just went to write, um, this; and it was already written...How to Find God. I'm pretty new here (only really active for the last six weeks), but this was a first. I'm proudest of "Interpret the Battle of Armageddon", probably~an article your dad prolly wouldn't be very comfy with. Ntmy, Mark.

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At 20:25, Apr 23, 2011

JKL1234JKL1234 said:

Hi, Ben!

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At 21:28, Jun 28, 2011 said:

Do you speak Hebrew?

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At 02:33, Jul 19, 2011

Thomas-Lee-BuntingThomas Lee Bunting said:

Hello, you helped at least edit an article on how to create origional characters... I was wondering if there was a way for me to show you the main character of a story I am writing. Any help and advice giving during your busy life would be most apprecianted, thank you.

Email me if your willing

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At 09:34, Jan 03, 2012

Shadman-ahmadShadman ahmad said:

hey great job i have really learnt to gleek and it your time to learn how to spin a book on your finger tip.

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At 06:51, Jan 26, 2012 said:

hello. i read your article on "how to ask a guy out". and thought it was great the ideas you talked about. i was hoping to email you on a personal note on a similar situation. hope to hear from you soon thanks. G.A

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At 11:07, Mar 31, 2012

PeachyogurtPeachyogurt said:

Hi! I was just wondering if you started the article on "How to be a Girly Girl". If you did, I really, really, like it!! :)


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At 00:11, Apr 24, 2012

JessiehartmanTVJessica Hartman said:

Hi. I was reading 3 Ways To Convince Your Parents To Let You Do Almost Anything and I liked it but my mother is strict. VERY STRICT! How am I gonna deal with that?

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At 03:10, Jul 17, 2012

A1_b2jewa1_b2jew said:

hey r u a jew

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At 17:27, Aug 09, 2012

Genius_knightGenius_knight said:

Are you a movie director? You are so cool! :)

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At 11:28, Aug 25, 2012

BritianNoorNoor Fatima said:

I love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

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At 07:24, Feb 27, 2013

Jackie%27s-AdviceJackie Mena said:

thank you so much. i hope i have fun and learn a lot from you all :)

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At 12:23, Mar 15, 2013

OberoiOberoi said:


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At 12:28, Mar 15, 2013

OberoiOberoi said:

Hi I am oberoirk. I wish to gather as much as possible information on production of a Hollywood movie on profit sharing basis. This is a requirement and resposibilty given to me by one of the people from the states.can anyone help how to take the next step in the direction. My email is Thanks

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At 06:47, Aug 02, 2013

Darcy-stewartdarcy stewart said:

Hey i think we both have music in common and i love your articles keep up the good word:)

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At 05:50, Aug 04, 2013

FaabFaab said:

Dear, Hope you doing good, (i) I want to know is there is any way to hide iphone device from the wifi router? Am using wifi of my dad some time he is using and he find me using.So i want to hide my iphone device from the wifi server. (ii) If my dad came i will reset my wireless in iphone,But i had a heavy doubt he can able to see my Iphone device after my reset? Please reply me.

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At 00:00, Nov 15, 2013

Yellowfang101Yellowfang101 said:

I read your edited articale, How to Dig a Hole. It was very inresting, so could you please go to requested articels, and write the articale I requested called How to Dig a Huge Hole with Bare Hands? It would really help out me and my friends!

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At 12:09, Nov 19, 2013

Scarlett_sssScarlett_sss said:


Your article about positive thinking is great & inspiring

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At 10:07, Feb 23, 2014

Littlemisscherry82Christina Travers said:

Hi, I really need help. Our uniforms are baggy and yellow and everything. Ugh! Can you tell me how to be girly like that??

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