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At 19:41, 30 March 2014

DvortygirlDvortygirl said:

Hi AnimeloverCx,

Thanks for joining our community.

Since you're new, feel free to take the wikiHow tour to learn about how things work around here.

Please leave a message on my talk page if you have any questions about contributing to wikiHow!

At 30 March 2014

Patrol-CoachPatrol Coach said:

Oops! It looks like you accidentally added a less helpful tip while working on Tips Patrol just now. That's okay though; you're still learning, and it can be tricky at first!

If you haven't already, read our article on How to Use the Tips Patrol Tool on wikiHow and give it another try! If you have any questions about adding tips, don't hesitate to reach out to the Help Team. And remember, if you're not sure what to do, just press the "skip" button and you'll do fine :)

The Patrol Coach

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At 23:53, 30 March 2014

BRBR said:

Hey! I have a question about the edit you made to Make an Infinite Cobblestone Generator. I wasn't sure if you were trying to make the page better, or just experimenting, so I changed the page back for now. Either way, maybe I can help you find a better way to contribute here. Let me know if you'd like to discuss it!

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At 02:24, 31 March 2014

AnnaAnna said:

Hey there,

I saw you got the ball rolling on a new topic with How to Raise an Only Child to Be Healthy and Honest - that's great! I'm glad you're looking to contribute more advice here - that's awesome :)

I did notice, though, a lot of similarities between your wording and the steps to Raise an Only Child. Did you use some of the same advice there as inspiration? While it's totally okay to take some ideas from existing wikiHow articles and rework them for new titles, copying the exact steps word for word isn't the best idea - the problem is that it takes credit away from the community members who originally wrote up those steps, and it also creates a duplicate topic, rather than making the existing advice more helpful or comprehensive.

So I wanted to sent you a note and let you know I nominated it as a possible duplicate for now - the titles themselves could stand to be separate articles, but since the content is duplicated, I don't know that it's totally legitimate as a new article right now. Maybe you could try editing and expanding the information with some new ideas? Let me know your thoughts, and if you have questions, I'd be happy to help!

At 18:37, Aug 01, 2014

Jayden-KimJayden Kim said:


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At 20:11, Aug 01, 2014

GeGeGeLLGeGeGeLL said:

wikiBeauty Award
Another Dandy 8974.jpg
A salute for your
random acts of beauty.

Your contributions are appreciated.
Thanks for making wikiHow a special place to be.

You've got some good articles there.Keep writing and do your best! :)

GeGe :)

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At 04:07, Jan 09, 2016

Ally-gregoryEllie said:



An ancient and universal expression of affection, support, comfort, or love.

Here's a hug
from me!
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