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On 19:54, 18 September 2007

NickzekeNick said:


Greetings, AMIEE Welcome to wikiHow! As one of wikiHow's volunteers, I want to welcome you here. Now that I see you have registered, I am pressing some buttons to make sure you get this information-packed message. Don't be fooled into thinking this is a machine-generated response, however. I am quite real and I am very excited about the prospect of helping you to find your way around here.

  • About wikiHow
  • wikiHow Tour! - A place to learn how to use wikiHow and learn the community standards.
  • Writer's Guide - which explains the "how to" format
  • Community Portal - info on how to contribute and track our progress
  • Requested Topics - a good place to get ideas for new articles and help readers solve their problems
  • The Forums - a place to meet other authors and discuss how to improve wikiHow
  • Help pages

I hope you enjoy it here and decide to contribute to wikiHow frequently. Don't be afraid about making any mistakes - everything on wikiHow is editable and fixable and the other editors here are friendly and helpful. Please feel free to edit the work of previous editors as that is how our instructions will get better over time.

Again, welcome. Please feel free to contact me or any other of the volunteers on the help team. I hope you stick around here and contribute to wikiHow!

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On 19:10, 19 September 2007

D-raeD rae said:

Have You Heard About...

Behavior Saviors Project?

The wikiHow Behavior Saviors Project needs your help!

Our goal is to get all teenage subculture articles fixed to perfection and to help kids fit in with a certain group. It's a universal truth that teens want to fit in - as does everyone else. Many people are contributing to wikiHow through articles that teach how to fit into a specific "group" (e.g. Goth, Prep, Punk). While there is no need to expel such articles, we can always do more to improve their standards.

To offer your help...

Please contact D rae or Tugging Heartstrings for more information.

If you are a teen (or young adult)
take a look at our Project Page and help lead a category.

If you are not a teen, but would love to help, consider the
Behavior Saviors Copyediting Team.


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On 20:33, 1 October 2007

D-raeD rae said:

Thanks for the edits on the Emo Boys article :D

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On 20:08, 24 November 2007

AnabbyAnabby said:

ur welcome! keep in touch and talk anytime =]

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On 19:13, 25 November 2007

Damaster484Damaster484 said:

ummm.... u dont have to pay 4 this do u cuz if u do i dont wanna have a account on here emaill me back with a reply!!1 emidiatly!!!!plzzzzz

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On 19:48, 25 November 2007

Navydude75Adam said:

Hey. I noticed you like welcoming users. Have you considered joining the welcome team?

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On 21:13, 25 November 2007

Damaster484Damaster484 said:

ty 4 ansering!!

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On 19:13, 28 November 2007

Tomboy18Tomboy18 said:

who r u stop buggin me just kiddin lol

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On 23:25, 28 November 2007

JackHerrickJack H said:

wikiBeauty Award
Another Dandy 8974.jpg
A salute for your
random acts of beauty.

Your contributions are appreciated.
Thanks for making wikiHow a special place to be.

Your fantastic welcoming and categorizing is great to see. Thanks for sharing with wikiHow.

On 19:32, 1 December 2007 said:

ya, sry!

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On 18:15, 3 December 2007

D-raeD rae said:

Killer patrolling today :)

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On 19:26, 3 December 2007

JackHerrickJack H said:

Nice patrolling. :) Thanks!

BTW, I made a few small changes to your personal welcome. Feel free to change it back if you don't like the changes. It looks very nice.

On 20:34, 15 December 2007

Confederatemarine95Confederatemarine95 said:

Oh my gosh! Mine got nominated for deletion too!! What is happening here? How are they "Incomplete?"

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On 22:34, December 15, 2007

SomebodySomebody said:

I think a template got edited. I can fix this if you want me to, but I need permission from you first.

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On 23:17, December 16, 2007

SomebodySomebody said:

It's fixed now. Tell me if there are any problems with it.

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On 05:06, 21 December 2007

ElliandrisElliandris said:

Hello AIMEE! I am 13, in seventh grade, and I like to take pictures, do astronomy-related things, and spend time with my two dogs. Reading is also something I do often. Anyhow, I told you all this because I would be interested in starting (or finishing) a How-To Page, I just can't seem to find one that I could do... Any suggestions??? I sure would love to help. Thanks a million, Elli :)

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On 13:06, 1 January 2008

D-raeD rae said:

Nice job categorizing pages :D Ace!

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On 13:20, 1 January 2008

Dreamgal2Sondra C said:

Good Morning, and Happy New Year.

If you want an article to be deleted, you just tag it nfd on the talk page this way {{ }} with nfd inbetween... and a reason to delete it. These are the reasons for deletion. Deletion-Policy

Thank you for your contributions and helping wikiHow become the largest Howto in the world.

On 13:30, 1 January 2008

Dreamgal2Sondra C said:

You have been doing a great job on editing!

The discussion page, is where we support or do not support deletion and give our reasons.

Only the Policy reasons can be used for tagging deletion. No other reasons can be used.

On 13:35, 1 January 2008

D-raeD rae said:

Happy New Year to you, too :D x

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On 15:58, 1 January 2008

D-raeD rae said:

Hoy-hoy, cookie!
I hope you don't mind, but I've changed your BSP UIB to the standard one, as it makes it easier for me to keep track of users and such with that one. I have the different one, so I don't count meself by mistake.. yes, I can be that dense :P
And hey, very nice taste in music, my dear! XD

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On 16:58, 1 January 2008

Reilly-EardReilly Eard said:

Thanks for the welcome!

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On 00:16, 2 January 2008

DmklunkDmklunk said:

Dear AMIEE, Thanks for the info on wikiHow!

Sincerely, Dmklunk

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On 12:07, 2 January 2008

DavecrosbyDave Crosby said:

Americana Washington DC 3072.jpg
Thanks for riding along on patrol today!

On 11:55, 3 January 2008

BusbyheadBusbyhead said:

Great categorisation going on today! Thanks for sorting so many articles into their proper places.

On 14:42, 3 January 2008 said:

thanks for fixing up the how to make your friend fall in love with you text!:) i would like to get to know you better heres my email address add me on msn thanks again!

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On 18:07, 3 January 2008

Peter2219Peter2219 said:

Hey i'm Peter of course and i have a question about the photography, can you take your own pictures?

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On 19:14, 6 January 2008

DmklunkDmklunk said:

Thanks again and will do! :D -Dmklunk

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On 18:11, 1 April 2008

TheaxiomTheaxiom said:

Thanks for the welcome, it's much appreciated!

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On 18:24, 2 April 2008

XtreemXtreem said:


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On 22:54, 2 April 2008

Qt3.14Qt3.14 said:

Hi, can you help me with something?

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On 13:48, 5 April 2008

Qt3.14Qt3.14 said:

How do you do the archived thing?

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On 13:38, 17 April 2008

ShriniwasShriniwas said:

Thanks a lot for your message. Our mission is the same, though the details of activities may vary. So I shall be very happy to participate from time to time whole heartedly, in my own humble way.

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On 11:49, 20 April 2008

ShriniwasShriniwas said:

Thank you Amiee. I appreciate the content and essence in your message and shall surely respond to it in a positive manner.

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On 12:45, 20 April 2008

ShriniwasShriniwas said:

Thanks a lot.

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On 19:44, 18 July 2008 said:

AMIEE i don't care if you can't find a picture just type in blonde and black underneath and go to imigas and you will find a picture da.

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On 21:56, August 17, 2008

Waterlily16Ally F said:

Welcome Team Clearing

Hello AMIEE! Thank you for welcoming new users and answering their questions. In order to keep the welcome team helpful to new users and to weed out inactive users it has been cleared as of August 17th. Please re-add yourself to the team. Thanks! :)

Ally F

On 22:44, August 27, 2008

Mayor-MicBridgetMayor MicBridget said:

Have You Heard About...

The Knitting Project?

Our goal is to get all of the knitting articles fixed to perfection
by adding pictures and clear instructions.

Take a look at our Project Page,
and add your name if you'd like to join. Thank you!

On 01:13, 15 November 2008

RynRyn said:

Hi! Do you have an english accent? Also do you watch Dr. Who? I love that show. Plus I think British/English accents are cool! You should watch Dr. Who if you don't already. It's really cool and the characters (including the awesome Billie Piper) ROCK! Also, how do you know about american bands? And what country do you live in? Write me back! (I'm home schooled, are you?)

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On 01:13, 1 May 2009

ElliandrisElliandris said:

Hi Amiee! I doubt you remember, but back in Dec 2007, you sent me a message and helped me figure out how to share my knowledge with others. Anyhow, I just remembered I have an account on here, and, well here I am! In fact, I just finished writing a rough draft article on how to feed snails. Random, I know! Anywho, thanks for your help :D ~Elli

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On 21:46, 3 June 2009

Question-markQuestion mark said:

love ur user page!

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On 18:43, 20 July 2009

Chris-HChris Hadley said:

Nice edit here. It really improved the readability of that article :)

On 18:23, 27 September 2009

DmklunkDmklunk said:

Thanks Aimee! No problem!

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On 22:24, 7 November 2009

SuperspySupershadow said:

Great job categorizing pages!


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On 22:37, 7 November 2009 said:

Greetings, and welcome to wikiHow.

I noticed that one of your recent edits has not been conducive to the best interests of wikiHow.

Unfortunately, people frequently place spam, vandalism, and irrelevant or abusive information on wikiHow. This is lamentable because it detracts from our goal of creating a useful, free how-to manual.

You may have done this edit as a test or in error as you were learning how wikiHow works. If so, please stick with us and try to learn how to edit constructively. Take the wikiHow Tour, read our Writer's Guide and Understand What wikiHow Is Not to learn how you can best contribute here.

I would be happy to work with you directly to help you learn your way around wikiHow. Please feel free to contact me by replying to this message or contact an Administrator for help.

Thank you!

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On 00:38, 8 November 2009

DifuWuDifu Wu said:

Nice work on Make a Boy Like You in School. Thanks for the helpful edits!

On 00:39, 8 November 2009

DifuWuDifu Wu said:

Nice work on Help Your Child With Homework Without Doing It for Them. Thanks for the helpful edits!

On 23:11, 28 November 2009

Afgymnast96Afgymnast96 said:

r u from wales cuz i noticed you said u were from a country to the left of england

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On 06:54, 5 December 2009

TabiaTabia said:


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On 19:59, 21 December 2009

DifuWuDifu Wu said:

Thanks for improving Deal With A Horse That Takes Advantage Of You. I noticed and appreciated your contributions.

On 17:59, February 3, 2011

Isabelle-ZitaIsabelle Zita said:

Hello AMIEE!

Are you interested in joining WikiEquine?
We help to improve and expand horse related articles
ranging from how to train a horse, to how to groom a horse.
Want to join? Click here.


On 23:01, 24 July 2011

Little-dancer-girlLittle dancer girl said:

Hey AMIEE, What a great article you Wrote:" How to make bottle cap art" Congratulations!

From little dancer girl.

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On 23:44, 8 August 2012

Bibby-moraBibby mora said:

Hi amiee,I saw stuffs u updated abt friendship and I liked it buh av got some questions for yo.I can't keep friends,I loose dem always I guess it bcos of how av being raised from my childhood with violence and all dat damned stuff I really nid ur advice .

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At 11:32, 16 July 2013

Link%26Zelda968Link&Zelda968 said:


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