How to Use wikiHow

wikiHow is a very helpful website that can teach you how to do many different things. You can learn many things, such as how to "Cook a chicken" or to "Play Guitar Hero." So, if you'd like to learn more, follow along from Step 1 below.


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    First of all, you're using wikiHow right now. You might not have known that. Type in your web browser's search bar, or click on the link: " ." Or, type wikiHow into a search engine like google.
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    Go to the search box on the wikiHow website and type in the How-To what you want to find. (e.g., How to Write a book).
    • If you have enough knowledge on the subject, you can create the how-to yourself!
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    Click on the link to the how-to that best describes your question and read the how-to.
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    Do what the how-to page tells you to do. Be sure to read the tips and especially the warnings of the article, to make sure you don't get hurt.
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    Make an account. When you make an account, you will have your own user page and talk page that you can design and customize to fit you. Be sure that you are 13 or over, or your parents filled out a COPPA Form, before you register.
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    If you know how to do or make something, and there isn't already an article on wikiHow about it, you can write the article! Read the Writer's Guide and the article How to Format a wikiHow Article for help.
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    Contribute in the community through reverting edits that vandals made, categorize an article, or just improving stubs.
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    wikiHow is a great place to start if you aspire to become a journalist or an author. The best thing about wikiHow is that you can have fun while learning from your fellow users!
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    Most importantly, enjoy using wikiHow!


  • Welcome new users on the website. Give them a friendly welcome!
  • You have your own profile where you can change your picture, write a bit about yourself and do other things.
  • To edit and create pages on wikiHow, a good knowledge of MediaWiki syntax may be in order.
  • Praise and support other editors on their Talk Pages.
  • There is also a wikiHow community, where you can interact, talk, and collaborate with other people.


  • Check your spelling before you search for your question.
  • Make sure that if you are making an article, that the article is appropriate.
  • If editing a page, be sure not to vandalize. This will get you blocked for a period of time.

Things You'll Need

  • A computer
  • An Internet connection

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