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WikiAnswers is a Q&A wiki. It consists of thousands of questions, thousands of answers, and millions of unique visitors every day. Here's how to use this awesome website!

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    Go to WikiAnswers' website. If you're not wanting to make an account, that's perfectly fine; you can do a lot of what you'd do with an account as an anonymous user.
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    Search though questions. When you go to the website, it should have a big blue tab saying "Ask us anything". Ask whatever question you have and see if someone has already answered a similar question.
    • If no one answered the question you're thinking of, go ahead and write it. For example, if you're asking "How to use wikiHow", and they don't have an already answer, go to under "No? Post your question to the community!" and push "Submit question".
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    • Try to search to see if your question has already been answered. If it is, stick to that; they don't want duplicate questions.
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    Browse the site. Look around WikiAnswers and browse their questions/answers. They have thousands of questions to look at, maybe you were curious about something; you can probably find it on the site.
    • If you like the site enough, make an account. If you don't think you'll use it, that's fine, and if you think you'll use it, but not much, go ahead and make an account. They won't get mad; wikis are volunteer projects and there's no "set" amount of time you have to spend. Look at these wikiMyths for fun little myths about wikis.
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    Maybe you want to stay anonymous, but answer questions; no worries, you can still answer questions as an anonymous user. Go to "Unanswered Questions" at the top of any page and browse through their categories.
    • Choose "Find a Category" and enter some keywords.
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    • Look through the list of questions. When you see a question you think you can answer, click "Answer it!" and type what your answer is. Be sure to use good grammar and punctuation.
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  • If you want to make a WikiAnswers account, go to the blue side bar and put in the info they ask for. You then have made an account.


  • Wikis of any kind are not for vandalism, trolling, language, solicitation, grown-up content, etc. of any kind. Any kind of this act will probably get you banned from the site for a temporary amount of time. Read Understand What wikiHow Is Not for more (Usually applies to any wiki, you can read the Wikipedia version of it if you want another example).

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