How to Use the wikiHow Log Page

Ever wanted to see every edit that was made on the wikiHow site? You'll sure see them on the wikiHow log page. This article can tell you how to use it.


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    Visit the wikiHow Log page in a web browser. Although the log page can be found in one place, not many places will tell you where to get to it.
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    Look at the page. You'll see several sections and buttons that are devoted just to narrowing down the list quite a bit, along with a little reminder reading.
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    Choose from a variety of different edits. Search through the "Logs" drop-down list near the left side of all the options on the page.
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    Narrow the list down even more, by typing in either the user or a title of an article. This step is optional, but can help, when there are a lot of edits to look through.
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    Click the "Go" button to run your search.
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    Click the "r######" link, when an edit has been patrolled by a user, to see what the patrolled edit looked like when it was patrolled.
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    Click the article title to see the article in its newest form.
    • Realize that you can also see edits that are in different namespaces in the log.
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    Click the "next(#)" and "previous(#)" when you need to move forward to even older edits or back to newer edits, as they are all listed from newest to oldest.


  • Each edit's time and date is listed in reference to the time that is listed in your preferences.
  • Look to find a link to the user who made the edit's Talk page and list of contributions where you can ask them about their contribution, and see what other edits they've made.
  • Any editor can see any log of edits being made. Only some "projects" can actually perform reverts of wrongfully-done edits.
  • Sometimes, there may be a two-letter abbreviation appearing after the username that has made the edit. Sometimes they can even be as simple as "qc," "nap" or a variety of other abbreviations. This can narrow down what the edit is/was for and help you distinguish between the types of apps that made this edit, if an app was used.
  • The wikiHow logs are a good place to find out if a single editor actually has the rights that they "claim" to have, if they write something on their Userpage when they aren't actually a user. Just click the "User rights log" in the "Log type" drop-down section of the page.
  • For those who have New Article Booster or Admin rights, you are the only ones who can revert a "Move" with a link from this part of the log (the correct way). Select the "Move log" from the drop down, find the Move item and click the "revert" button. Ensure its back to it's former self and perform the title change from the former Movepage move.


  • Recognize that some sections of the "Log types" drop-down have no edits or very few edits at this time. Both the "Hillary/Stubs" and "Starter Tool" both have few to little edits (and what edits they do have, are from a long time ago).
  • Realize that there is no log for when an requested article's request is accepted(for when it's ready to be added to the Answer Requests link).
  • If you are just checking the logs to see what a single user has done, stop! There is a much more revised place to do this from. Go to the Contributions page, revise the title in the username box, and click the "Search" box.

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