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Just because Neopets is a game that revolves around you surviving with your pets, it doesn't mean you can't meet players from around the world. Once you turn thirteen or your parents decide to fill out the consent form so you can chat on the NeoBoards, this guide may come in handy.


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    Don't spam. This is perhaps the most important rule in NeoPian history. For example, you should not make a stupid topic on the Help Board that mentions your dog or anything on a topic besides Neopets.
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    Avoid using 'chatspeak'; it may irritate people. Simply put, it is hard to read. Make sure you use Capitalization when necessary and use punctuation appropriately (! ? .). 7h15 15 h4rd 2 r33d!
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    Try not to use ALL CAPITALS! All capitals is the online equivalent of screaming. Are you really screaming about how many neopoints you need, or do you just want to get people's attention? Try using bold type as an alternative.
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    Begging, scamming, stealing, or anything along those lines are against the rules. The Neopets Team (TNT) only wants to keep the site safe for us.
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    Play fair. That's self explanatory.
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    Don't harass other users Harassing people will only get you frozen. Don't post anyone else's username (besides your own) or their pets (besides your own) on the Neoboards, as this may count as harassment.
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    Use the same language as you would in a polite conversation with your mother. Cursing is a no no. Don't use curses or try to hid offensive material from TNT because there are monitors watching 24/7. Also, don't use words that may be considered offensive such as racial slurs or sexual terms.


  • Read the NeoRules and Terms and Conditions before you begin posting.
  • Don't make more then 5 accounts including your main. If you do, do NOT earn NeoPoints or get anything that you can sell for NeoPoints on your side accounts. This is called making "sock puppets" and can get you frozen for it.
  • False reporting is reportable and will result in frozen accounts, warnings or suspensions. The more suspensions you have, the longer each one will get.
  • We, older NeoPians don't stress this enough that "newbies" are making boards from it, if you get a warning from TNT, do not fret it. Just never did whatever you did ever again.

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