How to Use the My Drafts Feature on wikiHow

Because nothing on a wiki is ever irreversible, drafts aren't a huge necessity; you're welcome to just publish your edits, see how they look, and undo or change them if they aren't what you intended. You can even add an {{inuse}} template to the article to allow yourself to edit over the course of a few days, if needed. However, if you want to save a draft because you aren't ready to publish your edit or article live for readers, yet, there is an option for that. The My Drafts feature works in Advanced or Guided Editor, but not in the Article Creation Tool.


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    Click "Edit" in an article and edit. Make any changes you wanted to the text.
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    Click on "Save Draft" at the bottom of the Edit page.
    • The "Save Draft" button should then turn gray and display the word "Saved".
    • If you don't see the button for drafts, make sure you're not in the Article Creator (the non wiki-text tool for starting new articles). Drafts don't work in this tool.
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    Re-access your draft when you want. Click on "My Drafts" under "My Profile" in the green header on any wikiHow page. This will lead you to a list of all your saved drafts. Alternatively, you can click into edit mode on the article you have a draft of, and choose "edit" for the draft you want under your "Existing Drafts".
    • Be sure you pick the right one, if you have several drafts saved. After you click "Edit," make sure you're actually editing the draft, not the current article revision.
    • The title of the article, in the "existing drafts" box, will be bold-faced when in the draft mode. If the title in the existing drafts box is not bold, you are editing the actual article, not your draft.
    • You can also check the URL in your browser to see if you're editing the draft. If the URL has something like "&draft=505848" at the end, it's a draft. If not, it's a published version of the article.
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    Make sure you're not overriding any good changes. Review the History page of the article, or click "Show changes" to amend, before "Publish". Any differences in your draft and the current published version will be highlighted, allowing you to insert good edits since you saved your last draft.
    • When you click "publish" on a draft, it publishes that exact version live, overwriting existing published edits. So if someone has made changes to the article since you last saved your draft, you'll be undoing them. Reviewing the history of the article or the "Show changes" option allows you to make sure you're not making changes you didn't realize.
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    Publish your draft when you're ready. Your version of the article should now be live! You can check your edits went through from the history tab.


  • Drafts are saved for 365 days.
  • Click on Discard to remove a draft from the list.
  • Drafts can also be saved in Microsoft Word or the WordPad of your computer.
    • Saved in this way, you can still work on an article while remaining offline.
    • Copy and paste your article onto the appropriate Edit page at a later time; if you published an "inuse" on the article, no "amend" should be needed; if not, you can immediately amend. There may have been some good stuff just overwritten by your copy/paste in, and "Show changes" will highlight it.

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