How to Use the Method Guardian App on wikiHow

The Method Guardian is a tool for reviewing newly suggested methods for wikiHow articles. Here, you can decide whether to delete them forever (if they're not helpful at all) or whether to send them to editing (if, with a little editing, they could be great additions). Don't worry if you see mistakes or typos - clicking "Send to Editing" does not publish the method live to the article yet. Each method sent along to editing will be carefully integrated into the existing advice from the Method Editor.


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    Open the Method Guardian from the Community Dashboard.
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    Review the topic of the article shown. You can also scroll down to see what methods the current article contains.
    • If you don't know anything about the topic or method (and it isn't obvious junk to delete), you can always press "Skip" right away to move on to the next method.
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    Read the suggested method. Don't worry if the method is not perfect as is - it will be edited in Method Editor. Just ask yourself, "Is it helpful or not"?
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    Decide what to do with the method:
    • If it's a good and helpful addition, click 'Send to Editing'. The method will be sent to Method Editor for New Article Boosters and Admins to edit them. Within the Method Editor, the suggested methods can be fixed up, rearranged, or added as steps/tips rather than whole methods, if they don't merit their own section.
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    • If the method is no good, click 'Delete Forever'. Only do this when no part of the method is helpful at all.
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    Understand the flow of method additions. Method Guardian is only one step in the process when a new method is suggested on wikiHow. Knowing how the whole system works will help you make the best decisions in Method Guardian.
    • 1) A logged-out user writes up a suggested method in the Method Adder.
    • 2) A contributor reviews that method in Method Guardian, deleting it if it's not helpful at all and sending it to editing if it is (that's what you're doing with this tool!).
    • 3) A Booster or Admin processes the method in Method Editor. Here, they can edit the wording and either incorporate parts of it into the existing methods or other sections of the article or add it as a whole new method. When they click Publish, the method goes "live" to the article, but will still be reviewed in Recent Changes Patrol.
    • 4) A Recent Changes patroller checks over the edit, like all changes on wikiHow, to fix up any errors that might have slipped through.
    • 5) Once approved in Recent Changes, we can be pretty sure a method is in its most helpful form possible. It's now available to provide readers a new option in getting their task done!


  • If you are not sure if the method fits that article, press Skip and leave it in Method Guardian for another user to review.
  • With most browsers, you can also use keyboard shortcuts to navigate through the tool:
    • Skip: Ctrl+Alt+S
    • Delete: Ctrl+Alt+D
    • Send to Editing: Ctrl+Alt+E

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