How to Use the LimeChat IRC Client App for iOS

Want to access IRC conveniently, but would rather use an IRC Client, rather than go to a website like, itself? This article offers some tips on using the LimeChat IRC client app. It's available on all iOS devices - iPad, iPod and iPhone, and has a variety of features.


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    Go to your device's app store and search for "LimeChat," "lime chat" or something like that. Once you've found results, locate the green icon with "LimeChat - IRC Client" next to it. Click "$2.99," and the app will start installing.
    • Enter your billing information associated with your Apple account if you haven't already (credit card, credit card number, billing address, etc.)
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    Open the app once it is finished installing (you can do this by clicking on it). You will automatically be directed to a form where you can connect to an IRC channel.
    • For the form, type in the description of the channel (optional, and that will make it show up on the list of channels you're connected to, instead of the channel's name), server (,,,,,,, or, nickname, encoding (which will be in effect after reconnecting), and decide if Connect on Launch will be on. Also, click on the + button next to "New Channel," and type in the name of the channel you want to join.

    • Click on Advanced for some more advanced features. This is for customizing your IRC server - server port, password (which is optional), and deciding whether SSL (Secure Socket Layer) will be on or off, as well as your information - username, real name, NickServ password (which is optional), deciding whether SASL Authentication will be on or off, and adding any alternative nicknames (if any).
      • Click on "Commands," to make a command that an IRC user can perform upon login. Just click on that option, then the "+" button next to "New Command."
        • The commands are as follows: /me, which is an action message of what a person is doing (for example, if your username was Adelaide_, and you wrote "/me waves hello," it would look like "Adelaide_ waves hello,"), /msg nickname (which starts a private chat), /nick to change your nickname, and many others. Remember that they always begin with a slash. [1]
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    Click on "Done." This will direct you to the IRC channel you connected to, so you should see your nickname on the list. Remember that the list of nicknames is ordered alphabetically.
    • Write your message in the message field at the bottom, and click on "Send" when you're done.

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    Understand what you can do when you click on someone's name. There are a few buttons you can click on:
    • Whois: This gives you information on that user's identity - their username, address, real name, channels, server, server information, away message, time when they're idle, and their sign-on.
    • Talk: This opens up a window to privately chat with that user. Use if you want to talk to someone privately about an issue, or just chat in private as you wish.
      • If another user tries to open up a private message window with you, there will be orange arrows, and you can find the PM window and click on that user's name. The orange arrows should disappear afterwards; if they don't, try again until they do.
    • Paste Nickname: This pastes their nickname into your message, followed by a colon. Write your message after the colon.
    • If you're an Op of the channel, you'll get some extra buttons: Op/Deop, and Kick Out.
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    Disconnect when you're done chatting. Just click on "Off" next to the channel name on the left, and you'll be disconnected from the channel. Another thing is, a "Disconnected" message will appear after you click on "Off," to show that you're disconnected from the channel.


  • The "Disconnected" button also shows up when a ping timeout happens. A ping timeout is when the IRC server sends what's called a ping request, to see if the connection is still around. If LimeChat doesn't answer the request in a certain amount of time, you'll be automatically disconnected from the channel. [2]

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