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One Methods:Searching for Topics to Write About

As wikiHow continually grows, contributors often ask the question, "Well, since all the main topics have already been written, what can I write about?" Actually, there are still many topics for writing about, and to find them, you can take advantage of wikiHow's "Answer a Request" system. This feature lets you search for potential articles to write about, across a range of subject areas. See Step 1 to find out how you can give it a try so that you too can become a part of the large and dedicated wikiHow community.


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    Access the app. You can get to it from either the "Answer Requests" tab on the Community Dashboard or you may click the "Answer a Request" link from the right sidebar of the page. Either way, you'll arrive at this page.

Searching for Topics to Write About

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    Locate the box labelled "Find a Suggested Topic to Write About". This is where you can type a keyword or two that best represents the topic that you would like to write about.
    • To narrow your search, you can click on a category name and use the search bar in there. This way, you can search for potential article titles that are relevant to the category you chose.
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    Click or tap (depending on your device) the "Search" button to the right of this box, to submit the search.
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    Browse through the list.
    • You may have to retrieve more results if the keyword is broad enough. There is a link in the lower right corner of the page labelled "Next __" if there are more than 50 to 200 results that include the specific keywords you suggested.
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    Select the Write link to the left of the article's title.
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    Select the radio checkbox to the left of the article name that means the same thing as the title you wanted to write, if you are presented with a list of possible duplicates. wikiHow allows only one page per topic so that people collaborate to make one very high-quality article.
    • Click the "Next" button. Check out the article that we already have on the topic and see if you can edit it to make it better!
    • If none of the titles presented are the same as the one you want to write, continue to the next step.
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    Leave the button labelled "None of these are duplicates. I am ready to create the article" radio-checkmarked. Then, click the "Next" button to create your article.
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    Write your article, following the Writer's Guide.


  • If you come across an article title that does go against wikiHow's Deletion Policy, please copy and paste the title in the wikiHow:Suggested Topics to Delete page for an administrator to take care of. Follow the instructions there to list the articles that need to be removed from the list.
  • Everything on wikiHow is reversible. Even if you create an article that should really be deleted (for various reasons), it too can be changed, improved or have its direction refined.
  • On the Answer Requests page, you'll have several buttons from which to choose your topic. These are the top-level categories that you may use to search for your topic to write too. Click them, if typing a topic doesn't produce any results, or the returns are of such low-quality that you don't understand the topic at hand.
  • There are two types of editors on wikiHow called Advanced and Guided, along with one type of editor that doesn't need wiki-markup to use (but is only for creation of the article) called the Article Creation Tool page.
  • Trying to make sure not to write an article that isn't a duplicate, might be confusing, but taking some time to search the web for wikiHow article links, is always a good backup decision.
  • Avoid any copy and pasting from any website if you do not have the explicit permission from the original author. There are specific websites that cannot be used per the content farm policy.
  • If you ever have a request you'd like to make for someone else to write another article, browse the list and the site for articles/article-requests, then click the "Request a New Article" link at the top right corner of the Answer Requests app, or you can select the "Request a New Article" in the right sidebar of almost any wikiHow page. You'll be diverted to this page instead.
  • On some articles (a good selection), you'll find an area where you can choose from articles the systems thinks might be similar for you to write. It'll give you the same (proposed redirect) choices with the "is this article... or this article... or this article (all different article names)" the same, as stated from above.


  • Don't try to tackle too many articles all at once. Shoot for quality; not for quantity!

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