How to Use the 4C Cap‐It Liquid Water Enhancer Product

When it comes to flavoring water for drinks, nothing compares to 4C than flavoring it with there own products. This article can help you flavor that jug of water by using their 4C Cap-it product.


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    Obtain a bottle of spring water that you can easily hold in your hand and that has a twist-on top. Don't try to get those huge milk jug-like containers of spring water that most stores sell.
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    Take out a fresh new 4C Cap-It product from it's clean fresh bag inside the product's box.
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    Take off the original cap that is on the water jug. If the jug has an additional inner rim/seal, you must remove that ring too (which can present a challenge to many).
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    Place the 4C Cap-It cap onto the water jug, and twist the cap to secure it in place.
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    Pull the clear plastic outer-covering cap up and off from the new 4C cap. Grip the cap in about the center with a tiny bit more force to remove the suction from the cap to the remainder of the product.
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    Make sure the jug is over a mat of some sort to prevent staining, as the next step is super important.
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    Press down on the cap. This will break the seal that formerly held the flavoring to the product. It'll feel like your pushing down on a hydraulic system, but don't let this fool you; there's no hydraulics at work here.
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    Repeat the up and down motions of the outer cap a few more times. Finish with the spout in the down position.
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    Replace the clear cap to the product. This will greatly help to prevent any extra staining from an upcoming step.
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    Shake the jug. The flavoring will spread over the entire jug, and that's what you are looking for.
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    Pull the spout until it's in the "up" position to drink the product, just like any other water jug sport cap would.


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    Don't worry about gaining weight or adding to a sugar/diabetes problem. They are sugar-, calorie-, fat-, cholesterol (and just about everything-) -free. However, the box does say that it contains 0% juice, so be warned!

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