How to Use Technology to Teach Your Toddler the Alphabet

A knowledge of the alphabet is required to survive in the modern world - and that knowledge is best sparked in toddlerhood. Helping your children does not have to be exhausting; technology can help make the process much easier.


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    Use apps. Smartphones already outnumber "dumbphones". If we stay conservative, there is at least one smartphone in every American family. You are probably reading this guide on your smart device - a phone or a tablet computer. If you have a smartphone, you are in luck. There are hundreds - if not thousands - of apps available on the Google Play Store, Apple Store, and Windows Phone store, which you can utilize to educate your children.
    • Of the several hundred thousand apps in the Play Store or iTunes App Store, there are many dedicated to alphabet teaching. You can use an app, that has good reviews on the store, download it, and start using it with your children.
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    Watch online videos. If you find apps to geeky, or hard, you can turn to popular video hosting websites such as YouTube, DailyMotion, and Vimeo. There are hundreds of videos - a few of them created by child education specialists - that you can play on your computer. These videos are usually accompanied by a pleasant music. Your children will love the music, and sounds will keep them engaged.
    • Videos are a great way to learn the sounds of the alphabet. Your children not only learn the shapes, but they also learn to associate those shapes with sounds. This improves their oral comprehension of the alphabet, along with their visual comprehension.
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    Read electronic books with your child. Paper books have been the humanity’s best friend since Gutenberg founded the first printing press in the Western World. This is going to change. The arrival of Kindle, Nook, and other ebook readers is changing the entire popular perception about books. Books no longer have to be heavy and dull. You can use electronic primers to help you children learn the alphabet. Advantages of using electronic books are manifold.
    • First, these books are lighter and more child-friendly. There are more than few Kindle books with impressive and engaging illustrations. Pictures make the parents’ job easier, and they encourage children to read more.
    • Second, these books are usually less expensive than traditional paper books.
    • Third, they are portable. You can carry hundreds of them. Variety is an effective antidote against boredom. When children see many books, they are inspired to read more.

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