How to Use Promotional Materials Effectively

Promotional materials can be a great way to educate potential customers or vendors about your company and the services you offer and increase public awareness of your business. Know how to use promotional materials effectively to make these giveaway items benefit your business.


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    Structure your giveaways.
    • A big component of using promotional materials effectively is determining how your materials will be given away or distributed. Decide if you want items to be free to every attendee of a show or conference, or if items will be given only to repeat clients or new clients that sign up. This will help you decide how valuable or detailed to make your promotional materials.
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    Know what you want to accomplish.
    • Decide what your purpose is for using promotional materials for business. Promotional materials can advertise your business, but they can also educate clients or vendors about your industry or why specific products are beneficial. Determine whether you want recipients of your promotional materials to be educated, thanked for their business or made aware of your business in the industry.
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    Utilize color.
    • Bright colors attract attention, so incorporate bold, bright colors into the items you choose when using promotional giveaways for business. The more attractive and eye-catching your promotional materials are, the more likely their recipients are to remember your company.
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    Give different products to different people.
    • Consider using different promotional materials for different levels of clients. Give long-standing clients premium giveaways to thank them for their business. Give prospective new clients promotional materials that include educational materials or samples to effectively advertise your business to them.
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    Work with a specialist.
    • Consult a promotional specialist to determine the best promotional materials to use to effectively advertise your business. A specialist will help you determine the best products to use for your specific business and how to utilize them to promote your business.
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    Make your company name memorable.
    • Feature your company name and logo prominently on promotional materials so your business is memorable with the clients that receive them. Make your company name a different color so it stands out and be sure to use materials or giveaways that are large enough that your company logo or slogan can be clearly read.
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    Change it up.
    • Alternate the promotional materials you use to keep giveaways interesting and to continuously educate clients about new or improved services your business offers. Clients will respond positively to new promotional materials with information about new products they can use.
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    Connect it to your business.
    • Coordinate promotional materials with the type of business you're promoting or the corresponding industry. Pharmaceutical representatives often give away tablet splitters or counting trays with their company or drug name, while health food companies give out reusable water bottles. Gear your promotional materials toward your target audience, as they are the clients that will benefit most from your business and your giveaways.

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