How to Use Paver Sealer

Paver sealer will help you to prevent stains, keep the ants away, prevent grass from growing in between your paving stones, and make pavers easier to clean. Once you install it you can clean your pavers using water only. Even oil stains will be repelled.


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    Clean your paving stones. Clean your existing pavers by sweeping them and rinsing with water.
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    Remove existing stains. If any stains have formed on your paving stones you can typically remove them using a solution made of water and detergent. Soak your rag and scrub to remove the stain.
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    Remove oil stain. Before you use the paver sealer remove any lingering oil stains with oil stain remover solution. This can be bought online or at the hardware store.
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    Replace any damaged pavers. If any of your paving stones are cracked, chipped, or severely stained, replace them. This can be done without damaging the surrounding paving stones.
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    Replenish your sand filler. Inspect the sand filler in between your pavers and if it is running low or has been washed away, pour more in prior to using the paver sealer.
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    Clean again. After replenishing your sand filler you will need to sweep and rinse your paving stones again.
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    Apply paver sealer. It comes in a large plastic tub that looks similar to a large tub of paint. You can pour it into a paint tray and use a roller brush to apply it on your freshly cleaned and dry pavers.
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    Let it dry. It needs to dry before you can walk or drive on your paving stones. This should take less than a day.


  • For ongoing maintenance apply paver sealer every year or every other year. It will keep your paving stones looking brand new while making them easier to clean and maintain. The process is simple and will save you a lot of time later on.

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