How to Use Multi Purpose Mineral Makeup Pigments

There's a lot of confusion about what exactly is a mineral makeup pigment, and how it is different from other mineral makeup. There's also confusion on how to use multi purpose mineral makeup pigments. Basically, a mineral makeup pigment is a concentrated color consisting of mostly iron oxides, ultramarines, titanium dioxide and micas.


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    Decide which purposes you'd like to use multi- purpose mineral makeup pigments (MPMMP) for. In general, they are marketed for use on many areas of the body, including the eyes, lips, face, nails, and skin.
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    Read the label to know where your MPMMP can be used. If it says Not Lip Safe, then it is advisable to not put it on your lips.
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    Tint your lips. MPMMP can normally be used to add tint to your lips by simply brushing it on with a lip brush, then applying gloss or balm.
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    Use for the brows. Matte Multi Purpose Minerals can be used as a brow powder or to darken or lighten other pigment colors.
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    Use as an eyeshadow for deep, dramatic looks. However, keep in mind that some pigments do not include skin adhesion minerals, or minerals that help with "slip" (how it feels when applied-the smoothness of application).
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    Use as a nail color. Simply dip your clear nail polish into the MPMMP and paint your nails. (Note: repeated dipping will transfer some of your minerals into your polish.)
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    Use to highlight. Some MPMMP colors make beautiful cheek color or highlight. Simply apply with a fluffy brush.
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    Mix for a new color. MPMMPs can be mixed together to create a totally new color. Studying a color wheel will help you determine the outcome of color mixes. Be aware that opposite colors on the color wheel will result in a neutral color if mixed together––they cancel each other out.


  • Never add water directly to mineral pigments.
  • Sprinkle your mineral pigments in a lid or other container in order to not contaminate them.

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