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Mashable is a news blog focusing on social media and technology news. The site has become well known for providing in-depth social media guides and resources. The site has more than 40 million monthly page views and readers from all over the globe. This article will teach you how to use Mashable and make the process of organizing the site’s content more manageable.


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    Visit the Mashable follow channels page. From here you will be able to view and select all of the available channels and feeds that you can follow using different services.
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    You can use Mashable via one of many social networks and services by clicking the follow link for the service you want to use and following the onscreen instructions. For example, clicking the follow on Facebook link will allow you to follow Mashable’s Facebook page and view content via your Facebook account. This is one of the best ways of using Mashable efficiently.
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    Clicking the Follow via RSS link will allow you to subscribe to Mashable’s RSS feed with the service of your choice.
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    Scroll further down the page to view Mashable deeds and channels by category. If you are only interested in Tech news from Mashable, it’s advisable to follow only the feeds and channels in the Tech Channel section. Following the full feed will provide you with all content, from every category of the site.
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    Download the Mashable app for your mobile device. The service offers applications for a number of mobile devices including iPhone, iPad, Android devices, and Amazon Kindle.
    • Alternatively, you can use Mashable via your mobile device’s web browser by visiting the Mashable mobile site.



  • Mashable posts a lot of content on a daily basis making the full feed a little bit too much for some people to handle. Try following a separate feed organized by a specific category on the site.

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