How to Use Herbs for Increased Energy

Your energy level often depends on your overall health, the amount of sleep you get, how you manage stress, what you eat and how much exercise you get. Many people find themselves lacking in energy, especially at certain times of the day. Some people fuel themselves with caffeine or energy drinks that are thought to increase your stamina and help you continue through your day but they can cause energy to rise and fall too rapidly resulting in more tiredness. Some people turn to herbal energy solutions instead of stimulants and other products. Use herbs for increased energy by identifying the types of herbs that promote higher energy levels and taking them as prescribed by natural health care providers.


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    Take Korean ginseng, also called Panax ginseng. This herb is considered an adaptogen. In addition to taking pressure off the adrenal system to boost your natural levels of energy, it also helps your body resist stress.
    • Look for Korean ginseng imported from Korea or other parts of Asia. The root of this flowering plant is used in supplements.
    • Take 100 milligrams (0.0035 ounces) of Korean ginseng in a capsule or a liquid form daily. You can find supplements at health food stores. The liquid can be added to anything you normally drink.
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    Try Eleuthero root to regulate hormones that contribute to your body's energy level. Also called Siberian ginseng, this herb is not actually a member of the ginseng family.
    • Take Eleuthero root over a steady period of time. The longer you take it, the more it will combat fatigue and stimulate the production of cortisol, keeping your body functioning at high energy levels.
    • Use capsules and tablets of this root, as a supplement. Many athletes find that taking it daily increases their stamina as well as their immunity.
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    Add Ashwagandha to your intake of ginseng or Eleuthero root. It combines with those other herbs to stabilize your blood sugar, eliminate inflammation and increase energy.
    • Find Ashwagandha in a powder or capsule form. It comes from a shrub root. Many natural medicine practitioners recommend 1 or 2 teaspoons (5 to 10 mL) twice daily, or 1 500 mg capsule 3 times per day.
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    Drink a tea with Yerba mate. Originating from a plant in the rainforest, this herb contains low levels of caffeine which can help you with your energy level. The plant also includes vitamins and nutrients which balance the caffeine.
    • Look for teas that already contain this herb. You can also buy the herb loosely and crush up the leaves to combine with your own favorite tea.
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    Try Maitake, an herb which comes from a Japanese mushroom. This herb has been used in treating people who suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome.
    • Eat Maitake in its original mushroom form, if you can find it. If not, take it as a capsule substance, which you can order online.
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    Consume licorice as a safe stimulant. The root of a licorice plant can be used to motivate the adrenal hormones your body naturally produces, giving your energy and metabolism a boost.
    • Limit the amount of licorice you take to 1 to 2 grams (0.034 ounces) daily for up to 6 weeks, and then reducing the dose for 2 more weeks. Prolonged use of licorice can cause fluid retention, high blood pressure and problems with stomach acid.
    • Take only a standard licorice extract in capsules or a liquid. Avoid this herb if you are pregnant.


  • Consider other energy boosting products, such as vitamin B and bee pollen. They have amino acids and other properties that can fight stress, increase your energy and regulate your blood sugar.
  • Remember to talk to your doctor or other healthcare practitioner before taking herbs, supplements or medications.


  • Avoid the herb ma huang, or any supplements that contain ephedra. While this herb does increase energy, it comes with many several side effects, including heart palpitations, anxiety and nervous system complications. in 2003, the U.S. government banned the sale of any products containing ephedra.

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