How to Use Freedom of Speech

Have you ever wanted to say whatever you wanted to without worrying about what other people think? Of course you have! There is a thing called Freedom of Speech, guaranteed by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution, and this page will show you how to use it.


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    Know what you want to say. You could speak freely when you know what you have to say. To know what you want to say, you must be aware of matters that relate to your concern. There's no use of having freedom of speech if all you want to do is talk randomly (you can still do that, but more important things can be done with the time). Freedom of speech is meant for you to be able to freely speak your mind and say whatever you want without getting in trouble for it.
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    Know how to speak your mind. How do you want to use this right? You can use it by talking, a speech, in writing, on the phone, or any other way you can think of. If you have problems doing this, watch Mind of Mencia. You could speak your mind and send across your message in the right way with tact.
    • Try not to appear angry. While having someone pay attention to you, you may consider looking clear and undisturbed. If you appear prejudiced, you may be misunderstood by others.
    • Smile and listen to what others have to say.
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    Listen. Freedom or the right to speak walks hand in hand with the duty to listen. When you expect others to listen to you, you must give them the space to speak their mind too. This way you will have a fair conversation.
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    Be quick at understanding. When there is a conversation going on, you must be alert of what is being said. You may have to give your input in it. You may have to deal with their questions in order to put across your say. A healthy and free speech in two-sided where both parties understand what the other says and how to respond to it.
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    Stay calm. There may come a time when you may not have anything to say. It is best practice not to rattle unnecessarily just to use your freedom of speech or to keep saying something. Being quiet is also considered valuable when you have understood that there is nothing worthwhile you have to contribute.
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    Use it, go out and say something. Have fun doing it and know that nothing can stop you from doing this. So long as you don't look and act like an idiot in the process, most people will listen if you talk loud enough.


  • Make sure what you're saying is accurate. You would be more credible doing this.
  • Don't let political correctness stop you. Nobody should be offended by you for using your basic freedoms. If someone is, explain how they shouldn't and that they can say whatever they want also. However, don't forget to be respectful.
  • Not everything that claims to be freedom of speech really is. Brian Krassenstein, an advocate of online freedom once said, "if you don't feel free, then you don't have the freedom".


  • Some people might disagree with you. That's just fine; don't worry about it too much. Also, don't try to force your beliefs on people that don't agree with you; they believe in what they want to and you believe in what you want to. People have a right to disagree with you.
  • Don't take the freedom to say what you want too far (i.e. hate speech). Using freedom of speech to get back at someone or anything personal can be damaging, and in some cases, you may even be sued for slander or libel. In most countries there is a limit to freedom of speech, and hate speech is outside the limit.
  • This was written primarily for countries which have a freedom of speech. Some countries don't have a Freedom of Speech law. If you try this in a country without one, you could be jailed or even killed, depending on what you've said. The |"town square test" (see the Wikipedia article) is often used as the threshold to determine countries that are free or not, if you are unsure.

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