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Facebook Chat is a feature on Facebook that allows you to talk to your friends in real time. This application is free to all Facebook users, and is open for use at anytime.


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    Log into your Facebook account. Extend your browser to the end of your screen to get the most out of Facebook Chat. If your window is too small, your chat application will look like the following picture.
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    Open the Chat sidebar. To do this, click on the "Chat" icon in the lower right corner of your window. When you click on the icon, a list will open along the right side of the window with a list of your friends and their Chat statuses (online, offline, etc.).
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    Familiarize yourself with the application.
    • A list of friends to chat with is on the right sidebar.
    • A green dot means that your friend is online and available to chat.
    • A symbol of a cellphone means that your friend is available on mobile.
    • If your friend's name appears without either a green dot or a phone, they are offline and unavailable to chat. However, you can still click on their name to open up a Chat window, but anything you write to them will be sent to them as a Message.
    • Facebook now divides your friends into different categories on Chat. The top part of your Chat sidebar has a mix of online, offline, and mobile friends who you are likely to want to talk to. The bottom part lists "More Online Friends" with a number in parentheses, which is the number of your friends who are online. All of these friends will have a green dot. You can also use the "Search" bar at the bottom to look for a specific friend.
    • When you click on a friend's name to start a Chat or they message you to start a Chat, their name will appear in a box along the bottom of your screen. The first box will appear directly to the left of the "Chat" icon, and new conversations will be added to the left of that. Type your text into the white box at the bottom of the screen and press Enter to send it.
      • A gray box indicates that you have read all the messages that your friend has sent to you since starting the Chat.
      • A blue box with a red number indicates that you have unread messages from that friend. The red number tells you how many messages from that friend are unread.
    • Scroll over a friend's name in the Chat sidebar and an icon will appear of a silhouetted face. Click on this icon to go directly to that friend's Facebook Timeline.
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    Change your chat settings by clicking on the gear in the top right corner of the open Chat sidebar. Here, you can turn off chat sounds, which will alert you to a new chat. You can also appear offline, or edit your advanced options.
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    Advanced options will allow you to control who can see that you are online. You can block specific people or lists of people from chatting with you, or prevent everyone from being able to tell that you are online.
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    View past messages by clicking on the messages icon on the top left.
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    Click the name of the person to view past messages, or send a new message.
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    In the messages tab, you can attach a file, such as a picture, to your message or even take a photo with your webcam right now.

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  • If your internet strength is too low to handle Facebook Chat, you may see a yellow triangle with an exclamation point. It also appears when the chat can't connect due to the site issues.
  • Unlike other chat messengers, Facebook chat does not let you save complete chat history.

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