How to Use Eyelet Pliers

Eyelet pliers are an easy way to put eyelets into materials. This article will show you how to use them.


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    Cut a hole in your material where you want the eyelet to go. This hole needs to be just big enough to push your eyelet through. If it is too big the eyelet will fall out.
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    Use a pad under the cloth to make a clean cut. The pad may be: a piece of hard leather ( see next photo ), an acrylic block like the cutting boards used in kitchens, a plastic floor tile or even a sheet of paper folded many times. Make sure you keep everything in place while making the hole !
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    To cut the hole always put the pad under the "bad side" of the cloth. Exert strong pressure with the pliers or use a hammer to drive a hole with the eyelet punch.
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    Push the eyelet through the hole you have made. Do this from the right side of your material so the flat part of the eyelet is on the good side.
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    Tuck any loose threads under the flat part of the eyelet so they are not visible.
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    Align your eyelet pliers. The flat (good) side of your eyelet should sit in the slightly curved side of the pliers, while the tube (bad) side of the eyelet should be aligned with the "pointed" side of the pliers.
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    Squeeze the pliers together.
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    Take the pliers away and check that the eyelet is set as you want it. If it can be rotated in the material you will need to repeat the previous step with a little more force until it holds the material tightly.

Things You'll Need

  • Eyelet pliers
  • Eyelets
  • Material
  • Scissors

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