How to Use Cutlery

Good table manners say a lot about an individuals' personality and upbringing.It is important to know the right way to use the cutlery.


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    When you use knife and fork, the knife is held in the right hand for cutting and the fork in the left hand.
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    While using a fork with a knife, the prongs face downwards.
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    Eating just with the fork, one must hold the upper part of the handle between the index and the middle finger and the thumb holds the fork steady.The prongs of the fork face upwards and the ring and the small fingers support the other fingers.
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    When you hold the knife, cover the end of the knife with your palm and rest the index finger about an inch down the handle to help you press firmly.
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    Cut a portion of the food for a mouthful, do not cut the entire food into small portions before eating.
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    For a sit down meal other pieces of cutlery are also laid but only two pieces are used at a time.
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    When eating do not wave your cutlery in the air to emphasise a point.
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    Put the knife and fork straight on the plate after use with the blade of the knife facing inwards.


  • If you have dropped a piece of cutlery do not bend to pick it up but ask for another one.

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